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Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world. In all of North and South America, Mexico is second only to the United States as a tourism destination. Most tourists come to Mexico from the United States and Mexico. Nevertheless, Mexico's colonial cities, ancient ruins, as well as popular beaches and resorts are attractive tourists from around the world.

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Is Mexico an overrated travel destination?

Cancun is. Other destinations such as Tulum, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or Huatulco are much less expensive and very enjoyable.

Do you need a passport to travel between the US and Mexico?

U.S. citizens do not need a passport to enter Mexico by land or sea and they do not need one to return home. Mexican citizens need a "WHTI-compliant document" to enter the U.S. and they may enter Mexico with nothing.

The Mexican officials at the border do not ask for any identification from anyone. On your return home, the U.S. officials would like you to carry a current passport but they can't obligate U.S. citizens to do so. Every day hundreds of people cross from Tijuana to San Diego with only a driver's license.

The passport question is controversial and confusing. Because of that, a group of people at the San Diego-Tijuana border put together a FAQ on the subject, see related links.

What direction would you travel if you were taking the shortest way from Canada to Mexico?

Going South would be the simplest answer.

You should be aware that Canada is so big, the actual direction goes from "South-East" to "South" to "SouthWest", depending on your starting and ending points. For example, that North-South pattern would be followed by Roosville (BC) and Los Algodones, Mexico. The counter-example would be Toronto and its closest point in Mexico, Matamoros: in order to reach Mexico from Toronto you would travel Southwest by 2566 Km (1595 mi) to reach your destination.

Name the mountains you would travel through by driving from San Diego to Mexico City?

If driving south on highway 2 to highway 15 into Mexico City, you will pass through the Sierra Madre Mountains, which are also an extension of the Rocky Mountains.

Do Mexican Citizens with permanent residency in the US need a Mexican passport to travel to Mexico and back to the US?

Yes they do, they will need a passport in which they can obtain from the Mexican Consulate (Consulado de Mexico). Below is the website in which you can find the nearest location to you. Hope this helped

Is travel to Mexico considered international travel?

From the US? Yes it is, if your destination is Mexico (capital: Mexico City), the country which lies south of the United States.

If you mean New Mexico (capital: Santa Fe), that would be considered as domestic travel.

What are some misconceptions typical tourists have about Mexico?

1. Mexico is small, underpopulated and hot. It is neither:

  • It has the same size of Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany combined.
  • It has a population of 114 million people (11th in the world).
  • Of course there are deserts and jungles in Mexico, but the Mexican plateau is mostly temperate, and some regions on northern Mexico and along the Sierra Madre mountain ranges have seasonal snowfalls.

2. All Mexicans look like Speedy Gonzalez. That is a laughable stereotype: there are white, black, mestizo, Asian and even middle-eastern Mexicanos.

3. Mexico is a backward, undeveloped country with adobe houses, burritos and sombreros. Farther from the truth: Mexico has poor regions, but there are areas with a development on par to countries such as Norway, the United States or Japan. One instance is Mexico City, with a GDP Per Capita on par to Portugal and South Korea.

4. Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. The "Cinco de Mayo" celebration commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza. The Battle was important because 4,000 Mexican soldiers defeated a much better-equipped French army composed of 8,000 men that had not been defeated for almost 50 years. Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated on September 15th on Mexico City's zocalo. A military parade takes place on September 16.

How do you obtain a passport for your mother and father-in-law to travel from Mexico and stay for about two weeks?

They must get their passport in the country they are in. There is no way for you to get someone else's passport. Sending them the money to get it would be the only way you can help. As far a visa is concerned (which you didn't mention) It is helpful if you write a letter inviting them so they can take the letter to the US Embassy and apply for a tourist visa in Mexico.

How long does it take a ship to travel from England to Mexico?

It will depend on the type of boat/ship and origin/destination. For example, distance between the ports of London and Cancun is approximately 8,000 Kilometers (4,972 miles). At an average speed of 21-25 knots (40-45 km/h or 24-29 mph), a cargo container will require some 8 days and 8 hours to travel such distance.

When is the cheapest time of the year to travel to Cancun Mexico?

From January to early April (before Holly Week) and from Mid-September (after September 16, Mexican independence day) until early December (before December 12, day of the Virgin of Guadalupe). This is considered as low season in Mexico.

Keep in mind that June-November is hurricane season, so you may consider trip insurance.

What vaccines are needed to travel to Mexico?

Most travelers should have vaccines against measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, chickenpox, polio, and flu.

If you are staying on rural areas in Mexico, you should also include hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines.

If you are going for the less-beaten path (i.e. extreme environments such as rainforests and swamps), you may also need shots against hepatitis B, malaria and rabies.

Do children need passports to travel to Mexico?

To travel to Mexico from the United States by land or by sea, no passport is required. Traveling by air has its own requirements imposed by the FAA: you should check with your air carrier.

Children under 16 need only show a birth certificate or copy of a birth certificate to return to the US from Mexico.

What are some fun things to do in Mexico City?

Mexico City is the Mexican version of New York, London or Paris: by virtue of being the economic, political and cultural capital of the country, and boasting a population of 21.16 million in the greater metropolitan area, you can expect to find all kinds of people, places and things to do. Some attractions to visit include:

Downtown Mexico City, filled with historical buildings and landmarks, such as the Aztec Main Temple, the Mexico City Cathedral, the Fine Arts Palace Museum, the Plaza Garibaldi (home of several mariachi bands) and the Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo.

Going to the Chapultepec Park, which includes the Zoo, the National History Museum atop the Chapultepec hill, and has both the National Anthropology Museum as well as the Modern Art Museum close by.

The Xochimilco Park, which has all that remains of the ancient Xochimilco lake. You can hire a trajinera(vividly-colored boat) where you can also eat and drink.

Coyoacan, which is a historic Colonial Arts district, home to Frida Kahlo, Leon Trotsky, and Diego Rivera, amongst other Mexican and foreign artists. It includes several museums, as well as a "colonial town" feel, with cafés and restaurants much favored by tourists.

If you are more interested in sports and spectacles, you can go to the Estadio Azteca, home to the America Eagles team; the Arena Ciudad de Mexico hosts several indoor sports and concerts, as well as shows, festivals and expos. On the other hand, the Arena Mexico is where "lucha libre" (Mexican free wrestling) occurs every week. The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is where NASCAR and F1 races are run.

If shopping is your thing, there are also many shopping districts, including Polanco, Altavista and Condesa, with streets lined up with upscale shops, restaurants and cafés. Shopping centers (malls) would include Reforma 222, Parque Delta, Centro Comercial Santa Fe, Antara or Plaza Universidad; these however can sell expensive brands that are cheaper in the United States or Europe. Arts and crafts, as well as flea and antique markets can be found in Zona Rosa, Mercado Alvaro Obregon, or the Bazar del Sabado in the San Angel district.

One thing you have to do in Mexico city, is to taste the Mexican cuisine, which has nothing to do with the Mexican food found outside of Mexico. Some places to visit include El Cardenal, Café Tacuba, San Angel Inn, Los Girasoles or Izote. You should try tacos al pastor, enchiladas suizas, pozole, arrachera, alambre, gringas and tortas.

For drinking an club dancing, your best bets include Polanco, Zona Rosa and Condesa districts, with many types of bars, restaurants and dance clubs; Zona Rosa is known to cater the LGBT community. Note that drinking age is 18 and it is illegal to consume in public ("open container").

How long to Mexico from England in plane?

Non-stop flights from England to Mexico take about 12 hours to be completed.

How can someone travel to Mexico?

Just pick a date and make a call to OscarCancunShuttle and get ready to experience the amaze Mexico. There are a tons of things to enjoy in Mexico. The beaches are really good and also very entertaining. You will really have a nice time there.

Why does the sand in Nuevo Vallarta glitter like gold?

Because Nuevo Vallarta's sand has a considerable amount of pyrite (iron disulfide) which sometimes is called as Fool's Gold because it glitters just like real gold.

What are some modes of travel in Mexico?

Airplane, bus, private car, railroad (scenic), boat. All of them are some modes of transportation in Mexico.

Can you travel to Mexico with a felony charge?

Yes, Mexico doesn't really seem to care who comes into their country. As a matter of fact, at the Mexican border in Tijuana and San Diego, you can just walk to a rotary gate into Mexico as if you were crossing a street.

Problem will be on your return to the United States; if you have any active warrants you WILL get arrested on the US side.