Microsoft Windows

Windows is a consumer and enterprise grade family of operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation. First released in 1985, it has become the best-selling operating system in computer history, and has 90% of the total operating system market.

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Microsoft Windows

How many windows were on Titanic?

I believe there was 9,365 windows throughout the Titanic.

Microsoft Windows
The Difference Between

What is the difference between internal and external commands in MS-DOS?


  1. These are those commands which are contained in files of MS-DOS.
  2. These are those functions that are built into the command interpreter.
  3. There is no need of any external file in computer to read internal MS-DOS command.
  4. These commands can be used as long as DOS is running on the system.
  5. Internal commands do not vary from system to system.
  6. These are ver, time, del, md, cd, copy con, cls, date, vol, ren, copy etc.


  1. These are those commands which are not in-built in MS-DOS.
  2. External commands are those which are not included in the interpreter.
  3. There is a need of an internal file in the computer to read external MS-DOS command.
  4. External command may vary from system to system. This means any two computers with same version of MS-DOS may have same internal commands, but may have different external commands.
  5. These are tree, xcopy, diskcopy, more, print etc.

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Word

What is the difference between copy and paste?

Copying makes another copy without deleting the text or picture, paste prints the copyed text or inage onto whatever you put it on unless the program cannot hold it.

Microsoft Windows
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer

What statement about the Internet is correct?

What is the correct statement about internet

Microsoft Windows
Mac OS

How much did a Big Mac cost in 1990?

How much has a whopper cost in 1995

Microsoft Windows

What is the purpose of the START key which appears on many IBM compatible keyboards?

when u pressed a start key,which appears in ibm compatible computer the new window will be appear in the computer screen in which u have all program files save.

Database Programming
Microsoft Windows

What is logical file?

Logical file is a type of file that provides a view of the data stored into the Physical file. It does not contain data. A logical file contains only an index to the data stored into the physical file.

Microsoft Windows
Windows XP
Windows Vista

What is two ways in which a user can input a command using a graphical user interface?

1)Use fingers to move things

2)Use mouse

Microsoft Windows
Word and Phrase Origins

Both a clause and a phrase are but a clause must include?

a group of related words in a sentence; a subject and a predicate

Microsoft Windows
Windows Vista
Operating Systems

What is the relationship between a guest operating system and a host operating system in a system like VMware what factors need to be considered in choosing the host operating system?

A host operating system is the operating system that is in direct communication with the hardware. It has direct hardware access to kernel mode and all of the devices on the physical machine. The guest operating system runs on top of a virtualization layer and all of the physical devices are virtualized. A host operating system should be as modular and thin as possible to allow the virtualization of the hardware to be as close to the physical hardware as possible, and so that dependencies that exist in the host operating don't restrict operation in the guest operating system.

Microsoft Windows

Which bar displays the name of the current document?

The title will be in the bar at the top of the window or if you hover your mouse over the document in your task bar it will show the name of your document.

Software and Applications (non-game)
Microsoft Windows
Computer Programming

List three situations in which you might want to create a restore point?

1. Before you make major chages 2. Before you install a new program (incase it doesn't run, that way u can go back to the way the coputer was be for program was installed) 3. Before you replace a old program with a new one (the new one may not work as well as the old one)

Software and Applications (non-game)
Microsoft Windows

What is the process of moving different portions of a document on the screen into view?


Microsoft Windows
Factoring and Multiples

Lcm of 14 21 and 35?


Microsoft Windows

How do you type a tilde?

The tilde is usually the upper left key of the first line of a keyboard (` or ~).

To type a tilde, hold shift and press that key.

Spanish tilde N

To type a tilde n, hold down the ALT key and press the number 0241, which is ñ.

To type a tilde capital N, hold down the ALT key and press 0209, which is Ñ.

Microsoft Windows
Mac OS

How do you change the font of a bulleted number in Pages on a Mac?

The font used for the numbers in a Pages numbered bullet point list is set as the same as the text in the list. To change this you can create a list item in the font required for the numbers and then replace the font for the text with your normal font.

Microsoft Windows
Java Programming

What is the minimum number of times a do- while loop is executed?

A do while loop is executed at least one time.

Software and Applications (non-game)
Microsoft Windows

How do you open password protected rar file?

Google a software called Advanced Rar Password Recovery or similar softwares, this will recover lost or forgotten password on rar files.

Microsoft Windows
Math and Arithmetic
Office Supplies

Rehan buys a book and a pen and pays Rs 50 for both the book costs Rs 8 more than twice the cost of the pen find the cost of the book?



b-2p = 8

b+p = 50

(multiply bottom by two)

b - 2p = 8

2b + 2p = 100


3b = 108

108/3 = 36 = b

Book = 36 Rs

Microsoft Windows
Windows XP
Operating Systems

Which operating system does NOT have a graphical user interface?

It in UNIX the GUI is separate from the operating system itself. You can uninstall the GUI and still have a completely working UNIX system.

Microsoft Windows
Domain Names
Web Hosting

Where can you buy best webhosting?

if you are searching best DEDICATED hosting deal on Black Friday so visit ARZHOST for get one of the most amazing deals.

Digital Cameras
Microsoft Windows
Math and Arithmetic
Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

A picture on a page was reduced on a copier to 60 of its original size and this copy was then reduced by 20. What percent of the size of the original picture was the final copy?

Let size of paper = 100 m2 100 * 0.60 = 60 m2 Now the problem says the copy is reduced by 20%. Not 20% of the 60. Thus, we should subtract the dimension against the whole (one): 60 m2 * (1-0.20) = 60 m2 * 0.80 = 0.48 m2 So the answer is 48%. Tricky...

Microsoft Windows

What happens if you eat a eraser?

You will start to feel light on your feet, and after a few hours you will start floating, and you will have to tie your hand to your bed if you want to sleep, as you will wake up on the ceiling. This is because an eraser is made of rubber, which contains turpentine, and it releases all the air in your cells, so you will eventually be lighter than air and start to float around, this is pretty cool, but don't do it outdoors as you will die as you will end up in space pretty soon.


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