Migraine Headaches

A migraine headache is a recurring headache affecting only a portion of the head, which is coupled by nausea, sleep disruption, vomiting, visual disturbances and depression. It is approximately 3 times more common in women than in men.

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Migraine Headaches
Cramping During Pregnancy

Is cramping an early sign of pregnancy?

Yes, cramping *without bleeding* can be an early sign of pregnancy. Below, several women tell their personal experience with cramping and pregnancy:

  • Cramping can be a sign of implantation, which occurs very early in pregnancy. Also, your uterus gets crampy as things start growing! If your period is late, it's time to test.
  • Yes, cramping can be a normal sign of pregnancy. I asked my doctor about it and he said it is the body's way of preparing for the baby.
  • It could be. I was sure I would get my period since I was cramping a lot, but all the cramping was because my uterus was preparing for the baby.
  • I'm about 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and have just started experiencing some cramping that seems to come and go, but no bleeding whatsoever. My doctor says cramping in early pregnancy (unless accompanied by other symptoms like bleeding, fever, etc.) is completely normal.
  • I am six weeks pregnant. I have been having period like cramping for the last 2 weeks. I thought I was going to have my period, but instead I found out that I am pregnant. Don't worry unless the cramping is accompanied by bleeding.
  • Last month on cycle day 27, I took a pregnancy test and it was a very faint positive. Then several tests after that one were negative. Then I began to feel cramps like my period was coming, only lighter in intensity and of less duration, but my period didn't come until 2 weeks later and was heavy with clots. My doctor said that I had a chemical pregnancy - which is basically an early miscarriage, happens in up to 50% of pregnancies, most women don't even know they were pregnant. So while cramping could be a sign of pregnancy, it can also be a sign of your menstrual cycles following an early miscarriage.
  • I am in my first-trimester and cramping as we speak. For about 2 weeks before AF was due, I was experiencing abdominal cramps and discomfort. I think I ran to the bathroom tampon in hand for a week. My normally regular period never showed. I took a EPT and to my excitement, these cramps are just my little one making room.
  • I had cramping as if my period was going to start for a week. I was due for a period on May 3. I decided to take a pregnancy test on April 30th and to my surprise it was positive. So cramping could be a sign of pregnancy.
  • It seems that cramping in a lot of cases is normal but in my case it wasn't. Both times I have been pregnant I had cramping similar to my period. I took HPT that came out positive but when I went to the doctor my bloodwork was not normal and I had miscarriages both times around weeks 7-8. So while cramping can be perfectly normal, sometimes it isn't. Go to the doctor and have them do a blood test so you can have peace of mind.
  • I have a four year old and with my pregnancy with him I had pretty severe cramping from about the week before I found out I was pregnant until I was about 6-8 weeks pregnant and everything was perfectly normal. So try not to stress about it too bad. I worried myself sick and everything was fine.
  • Go to your doctor and get a blood test to make sure everything is perfectly fine, but cramping is probably just your body making room for your child.
  • I had bad cramping with this pregnancy (my second, first was a miscarriage) until I was almost 10 weeks. My OBGYN said he never worries about cramping unless you are also having spotting and/or bleeding. He said in most cases cramping is a very normal sign of pregnancy. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and everything is fine.
  • I just found out I was pregnant today. I was expecting my period 2 weeks ago. I had period-like cramps and the whole time and I had a pad on but nothing. So today my husband and I decided to get a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. So cramps but no bleeding is perfectly fine.
  • Yes - it certainly does. I thought I was getting my period, cramping and lower back ache for a few days. Just done a test and it's positive!
  • I told my husband for over a week that I would be starting my period that day because I was having cramping just like I would for my periods, now my pregnancy test is positive, with the cramping! Who would have thought that cramping could be a good thing?
Migraine Headaches

Why do you get migraine headaches?

It used to be thought that when you get a migraine attack, the blood vessels in your head expand, causing unbearable pain in the head. This was called the Vascular Theory. We now know through recent research that Migraine is a genetic neurological disease that may or may not involve a vascular component.

Many people don't know why they get migraines, but there can be many triggers which make it more likely for an attack to begin.

Some triggers are:


2. Foods such as cheese, chocolate, coconut, processed meats, etc.

3. Lack of exercise

4. Changing sleeping patterns

5. Skipping meals

6. Weather

7. Hormonal fluctuations

Stress an anxiety were removed from the International Criteria for Headache Diagnosis (ICHD II), however they are still considered contributing factors.

There are everyday things you can do to PREVENT Migraine attacks including taking preventive therapies.

For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.

Migraine Headaches
Medications and Vaccination During Pregnancy

What can pregnant women take for migraines?

If you are pregnant, do not take any medications, over the counter preparations, supplements or herbal preparations without talking to your doctor first about your specific situation and health history. Even peppermint oil, which can be effective for those who are not pregnant, can be very dangerous during pregnancy.

For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.

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Migraine Headaches

How do you get a headache?

You can get a headache for many, many different reasons, including being too hot, hearing loud noises, being hungry, being thirsty, or being tired.

If you have back problems it can cause you to have a headache if something is out of place. Also if you don't have enough sleep and stay up really late for a few days it can cause you to have a headache. If you get hit in the head with an object it could cause one too.

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Migraine Headaches

Is constipation an early sign of pregnancy?

Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * Yes, I was constipated with all 5 of my pregnancies from the very start. * Constipation is a symptom, but for most women, this problem doesn't get really bad until about 12 weeks. * Many women are constipated from early in pregnancy, but some (including me) have the opposite problem.

Migraine Headaches

Does taking chantix cause migraines?

Migraine is a genetic neurological disease. The cause is in your genetic makeup. That said, Migraine attacks are often influenced by triggers. Triggers are things that change your natural physiology and make it more likely for a Migraine to start. Chantix may be a possible trigger for Migraine, especially when you consider that smoking is also a known trigger for Migraine attacks.

For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.


Considering I just started taking Chantix again and it feels like my eyeball is about to pop out of my head I would have to say YES!

Migraine Headaches

Can hernias cause migraines?

Migraine is a genetic neurologic disease - the cause is in your genetic makeup. Migraines are often triggered by things that may change your normal physiologic makeup, making it more likely a Migraine attack will start. A hernia is certainly not a frequently observed Migraine trigger, however there may be things associated with the a hernia which may be acting as a Migraine trigger. Foods are a powerful Migraine trigger however, and it is much more likely that patients are being triggered when they eat an ingredient such as MSG which is difficult to avoid.

For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.


I'm not sure but I have an umbilical hernia and I've been having migraines everytime I eat something...

Migraine Headaches
Drug Allergies

Can migraine-like headaches or other allergy symptoms be a reaction to Aceslfame Potassium?

Reaction to Aceslfame PotassiumMigraines and other allergy symptoms have been experienced by others. Here are some of their stories:
  • I, too, am allergic to sulfa drugs. I have arthritis in my upper back and neck, and the doctors have diligently been trying different non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the arthritis. I have had about 15 bouts with an allergic reaction that causes (1) redness and itching in the neck area, spreading to the entire facial area, (2) severe headaches, (3) severe swelling in the eye areas, (4) eventual flaking of the skin in the affected areas as the swelling goes down. We kept thinking these reactions were the result of the Celebrex, Viox, etc. Then I took a steroid drug to get rid of the swelling and inflammation and then I didn't take any of the NSAID drugs for two weeks. During that time the whole thing started over again, so I began to suspect something else. I realized that this problem began when I started drinking Diet Cherry Coke as opposed to regular Diet Coke. I checked the labels on the two beverages, and the only difference is that the Diet Cherry Coke contains Acesulfame Potassium. So I am going back to my doctor to see if this could be the cause. I quit drinking the Diet Cherry Cokes, and my allergic reaction is beginning to clear up, but I will have to wait and see if it comes back again.
  • A couple of weeks ago on the day before my sister's wedding I, too, had a SEVERE reaction to what I believe to be from drinking Diet Cherry Coke.

Small, circular and sometimes spotted welts developed on my hands, and then a few days later on the sides of my thighs, and them over a course of 2 hours spread over my entire body (red, itchy, inflamed protutions of flesh). I didn't know what was wrong (and neither did my doctor). I had been drinking Diet Cherry Cokes and Diet Lime Cokes) over a period of a couple of weeks, and I guess the allergen had built up over time in my system.

What was I to do!? I was the maid of honor, and had to drive 7 hours with the groomsmen to the S.C. coast!! The night before leaving my doctor gave me a steroid shot, and a prescription for a 6 days of oral steroids. I was ALSO on Benedryl, Pepcid AC (!), and using topical medication. The shot was still taking affect the next day, and my swellings and rashes continued to spread up from my legs and to my chest, back, and eventullay to my nose and around my mouth. I looked in the mirror and was a horror of horrors. During the wedding rehearsal, I was given something that FINALLY caused the swelling to subside. What eventually helped me was simple-- (ALLEGRA)! Who would have known? If anyone else has had this reaction to Diet Cherry Coke, I'd appreciate knowing what helped them.

  • Absolutely! I have been drinking diet A&W Root Beer, and diet Pepsi, both of which contain acesulfame potassium. I have been having mild sulfa allergy symptons, such as severe itching. Even though the companies claim it is not the same form that causes sulfa allergies, it certainly causes a sulfa reaction to me! Stay away from all diet products with acesulfame potassium is you react to sulfa! Also, there is sulfa in celebrex, so if you are allergic to sulfa, stay away from Celebrex!
Migraine Headaches

What are the effects of Depakote on a person misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder?

Well, for starters..if you feel like you were misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder then you really need to talk to your dr. Depakote is a very strong medication, and if you don't need it then you shouldn't take it. That's like someone taking medicine for high blood pressure when they don't even have hypertension. Depakote is used for many things like migraines, bipolar disorder, and to control seizures in people with epilepsy. I have taken Depakote since I was 15 and am now 25 and never had any "severe" side effects. I did have some sensitivity to sunlight in the beginning and some drowsiness, but those symptoms passed once the medicine got in my system and my levels were where they were supposed to be. You really should talk to your dr though and just explain to him/her that you feel like you were misdiagnosed. Hope this helps some:)

(heres a new person writing in:)

Also, you could have a lesion in the right temporal lobe have you ever had any neurologist test you for epilepsy, this is another disorder for which depakote is prescribed.. Often behavioral symptoms coming from righ temp lobe are misdiagnosed as stemming from manic depression and then one can be prescribed lithium which wont work--but Depakote does. Tgretol also may work, but its best to stick with what you know --and where the side effects are bearable-- rather than try a new med and risk bad discomfort. I have been thru all this.

Symptoms from lef temporal lobe can be misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. Yerachmiel

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Migraine Headaches

Do a head cold cause shoulder pain?

I have had a head cold that turned into a sinus infection and shoulder/neck pian for four days. It there a correlation with the two?

Pica Disorder
Migraine Headaches
Sinus Infections

What causes numbness on your head?

  • I'm actually 15 and my entire head is numb right now, i have no neck problems or anything that my doctor and i know of. I can feel when something's touching my ears, but i have no idea if it hurts or not. there will be some brief periods during the week when i can suddenly feel things around my head. i wake up at 4:00-4:30 every day. i hate my german teacher:), and i have a 6 page paper due in 12 hours and im screwed. Hope i helped
  • Numbness on your head may be caused by twisting the neck while the body is flat on its back. This position is achieved most often while asleep; the head lolls to the side with the face facing the left shoulder, or when attempting to watch television in the same position. Blood is not allowed to flow through the neck's artery causing the numbness. The numbness generally goes away when the body is righted, that is, one trains themselves to sleep on their backs with the head in alignment, or the entire body is twisted to face the television when in a lying position. Numbness may also occur when the head rests upon the arm near the temple, but does not occur if the cheek, for example, rests on the same arm. The numbness generally happens within 10 to 15 minutes and the entire right side of the head at the top is without feeling until circulation improves. Circulation is achieved within 5 minutes.
  • I am a 24 years old male and it has been many years since my head started getting numb sometimes. I usually get it when I am under a lot of stress and or I fear of something bad going to happen. Mostly it lasts for days but sometimes it goes away in a few hours. And each time my head gets numb I think I have a tumor or something and then it makes it even worse till I see a doctor about it, and be told that its only the anxiety.
  • I also suffer from head numbness but it did not start till my car accident 6 years ago. Ever since then, every now and then I get the numbness and the doctors keep telling me it's a migraine What's Going On????? I went to several different doctors and they just don't get it it's not a migraine I can feel it.
  • I am a 23 year old male and I frequently experience numbness and tingling in my head, specifically near the back and on the right. It also causes a flight numbness or ache in my right ear. I sincerely worry this is a problem related to cell phone use as I've stupidly had one since I was 11. It seems to get worse when I think about it thought which makes me think I'm just being a hypochondriac, but there are other times I notice it out of no where. It's very weird that there are so many young people around my age with this problem.............
  • I GET THE SAME THINGS. i was cutting hair and i had to leave my client because i thought i was about to have a stroke, I'm only 24 years old... i had to get another girl to finish my hair cut as my forehead temple and cheek were all tight and numb feeling went to the doctor and she was like its a migraine. i have migraines a lot and i said no that's not what it is she says its called a Ora migraine. I'm going to look it up however i am still scared for tumors or brain cancer... and same thing as you i was in a car accident and it never happened before that....sometimes the back of my head goes numb and the center of my spine too... always on the left side i am booked in with a nuerologist!!!
  • Dude this is freakin' weird! I AM 24 ALSO and have the same problem with the numbness!!! Though I was not in a car accident I woke up one morning and my whole head was numb and I could feel the blood rushing back to it as I got up but tingling and pain was still there for the rest of the day! Then I figured it was me cutting off my circulation while I slept until it started randomly happening during the day and other random times! It never stopped and even as I type this my the whole back of my head is about to be numb now. . . THIS SUCKS AZZ!!! I have always had problems with my scalp cause it is tender in the center and ridiculously painful sometimes (sensitive) hair dressers call it acute tender head-a- something or other but the numbness is new and gotta go!!! I thinking Im about to have a stroke or heart attack or something!!! What the hell are we supposed to do?

I am a 24 year old female and am shocked to discover there are other people the same age with the same problem with numbness and tingling of the head. I too get anxious when I have symptoms of any sort and it took me a while to gather the nerve to even look up what might be the cause of the symptoms. I too was in a car accident when I was nineteen and suffered whip lash, but only recently started experiencing these symptoms. I am relieved to hear that what I am experiencing might be less severe then a brain hemorrhage or cancer. I really scared of going to the doctor. Please keep updating your posts about what the doctors say so I can also know what might be wrong with me.

How weird, I am also 24 and a hair stylist. I suffer from migraines, neck & shoulder pain from my job etc. For the first time today the back of my head went numb and very cold feeling, which to me was a bit strange. I have had a pretty medium headache all day today. I went home and went to bed and somewhat later my head started going numb and down my back in the middle around my spine with the cold feeling again. Prehaps my spine is out and pinching on some nerves??I have not been in a car accident before but have slipped and fallen straight onto my back hitting my head on wooden floor receiving whiplash then.

Finding a Neurologist and requesting a mri and a having your brain scanned will be the best thing you could do. Upon you getting that done, ask the doctor if they can look for Chiari 1 Malformation. More information on that you can find on: http://www.asap.org/index.php/disorders/chiari-malformation

You never want to assume or diagnose yourself.

Well folkes I am pushing 50 know and had this cold head for many years ,stayed away from dinning rooms that are air condintioned etc.

I wear a ball cap ever day and a bed cap every night to bed.

Been to a few Doctors.They believe I frozze my head to many times working up north. Not !

There is hope. It is mostly in the neck . Chiropractors helped some .

But what realy helped me is taking 2 Calcium pills 500mg each before bed time.

It took about 2 weeks to notice a diffence.

Must be because we have not been drinking enough milk ,more pop and beer etc.

Joints are working better ,maybe allowing more blood flow to the scalp now.

Still wear a cap in cool days,just don't need a hot shower or use of a hiar dryer in the morning.

Migraine Headaches
The Difference Between

Is Straterra effective for adults?

Yes, Straterra can be effective for adults. Not all patients react the same to this or any medication however, so results will vary among patients. Appropriate management by a physician who knows your personal medical history will be important for optimal results.

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Migraine Headaches
Ear Infection

Can braces cause you to have ear pressure problems and lose hearing in one ear?

I've had braces for almost 2 years now, and I've never had this happen to me, nor have I heard of anyone else who had ear pressure problems resulting from their braces.

here is a of a case of 11-year old Holly Ulrich of Minnesota. Holly, an apparently healthy girl, had a simple impacted bicuspid, so an orthodontist applied stainless steel braces.

On July 13 the top braces were installed. Shortly after these upper braces were installed, Holly complained of a pain behind her ear and that her "eyes watered." (Headaches are a common complaint with new braces wearers and are not considered a serious symptom of anything!)

Seven days later the lower braces were installed. Within a few days after that installation the left side of Holly's face became paralyzed. Her left eye would not close, her right eyelid closed down and her mouth was distorted into a grimace.

The family took Holly to the pediatrician. Julie Ulrich, her mother, told Search for Health that she "felt the braces had something to do with the problem." The pediatrician dismissed the braces as a cause of the facial paralysis and referred the Ulrich family to a "child" neurologist. This specialist also dismissed the mother's question about whether the braces may have had a role in this problem and referred Holly to an "adult" neurologist. This expert also ruled out the braces and referred Holly to an ear, nose and throat specialist.

The consensus of medical opinion diagnosed Holly with "Bell's Palsy." This is a facial paralysis named after Sir Charles Bell and the experts say it can be caused by trauma, injury or virus. In Holly's case they said it was a virus.

It gives one pause to think, when the medical experts admit that trauma or injury can cause Bell's Palsy, yet they give the obvious trauma of braces short shrift in this case, and likely in other cases. Millions of applications of braces clamp down on children's teeth, and some adults too, each year and the specialists are quick to point out that "nothing adverse happens" to the wearer.

Well, nothing we may notice. But I've yet to talk with the product of orthodontia who didn't complain of "headaches."

Also, has anyone questioned why so many millions have crooked teeth these days? God did not create crooked teeth. We have done something to interfere with optimum development in our children. Could it be malnutrition and pollution?

Anyway, back to Holly Ulrich.

For 10 weeks the medical specialists sought valiantly, but unsuccessfully, to isolate a virus, and at the same time young Holly was socked full of steroids, but showed no improvement.

Her mother related how terrifying it was to hear one of the doctor's tell her that a percentage of the damage to Holly appeared to be "permanent."

At about the nine-week mark, Julie Ulrich was beside herself with concern. She called her best friend's brother, who happened to be a neurologist who had served his residency at Mayo Clinic. He told her to "diligently pursue the braces" as a possible cause.

Returning to the orthodontist, who was appalled at Holly's condition, Mrs. Ulrich was told: "There is no way the braces could have caused the problem."

Intuitively, Mrs. Ulrich continued to suspect the braces despite the powerful and arrogant assurances of the various experts. Then she heard about Gary Jacobsen DDS of Minneapolis, who happens to be a disciple of Hal Huggins DDS one of the leading modern mavericks taking on the profession.

Dr. Jacobsen urged her to have the braces removed as soon as possible. To him, the girl's system was obviously incompatible with a material in the braces, or the electrical circuitry generated by the metal braces in her particular mouth caused adverse nerve reactions.

The family orthodontist agreed to remove the braces, but was not convinced it was even remotely related to the palsy. Two days after the braces were removed Holly hopefully pointed out that when she pinched her face that "it felt different."

After seven days she had movement in the paralyzed portions of her face and she was on the road to recovery.

The ear, nose and throat specialist saw her at this time. It was a different doctor, not familiar with the case. He noted that what he was seeing in Holly "did not go along with the chart."

"We had the braces removed," Mrs. Ulrich said.

The specialist did not see any reference to braces in the charts and, as Mrs. Ulrich reports, he "hemmed and hawed, but didn't have any comment."

The braces were removed October 6, 1992. By October 19 Holly was virtually back to normal. To his credit the family orthodontist planned to "write the case up and turn it in."

(I have also have problems from braces and don't know what I should do)

I have had braces for 2 years and i have had ear pressure problems so maybe but i dont know SRY

I have had braces for almost a year and a half and recently I have begun to suffer from ear pressure and jaw problems. Since I had no trouble before the braces, I have a feeling that their must be some relation.

I have had braces for almost two years and just earlier this month I've started to have problems opening and closeing my jaw. Also throbbing and slight pain near my ear. It got better when I stopped wearing my rubber bans for a few days. I just had my braces tightened and now even if I don't wear my rubber bans it's happening. If it doesn't stop soon I'm going to go to my doctor. My cousin after having her jaw stretched instead of teeth pulled developed permenant tmj problems. My father as well has permenant tmj problems after a fall. My father and cousin are not related so I'm worried that in both sides of my family we might be prone to tmj problems. If that's true I'm worried that my braces could cause me to have tmj problems. This site talks about your tmj: http://www.entnet.org/healthinfo/topics/tmj.cfm

Migraine Headaches

Can miscarriages cause severe headaches or migraines?

During and after miscarriages, your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes. That can set off migraines.

A miscarriage is also cause for acute stress, emotionally and physically, and this can trigger both tension headaches or migraines.

If during a miscarriage your blood pressure shoots extremely high or low, this can cause a headache or trigger a migraine.

Blood loss caused by the miscarriage may cause severe headaches as well, due to anemia and, once again, low blood pressure.

It is important to bring this to the attention of your doctor.

If you are pregnant and begin having severe headaches suddenly, contact your doctor immediately to check if the baby is fine, or that you aren't beginning to experience preeclampsia.

If you had a miscarriage and begin having these symptoms, contact your doctor. There are things he or she can do for you, including: a blood transfusion if necessary, steroids to help stop the headaches and reduce inflammation, migraine medication, pain medication, blood pressure medication, the recommendation of extra iron, prescribing birth control pills in the short term.

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Migraine Headaches

What is the prognosis for temporal arteritis?

The effects of temporal arteritis may range from fatal, to serious, to mild and self-limiting. Immediate treatment with corticosteroids often produces relief of symptoms and can help with temporary visual impairment. Many patients are able to slowly wean off their medication after a period of about 1-2 years. Temporal arteritis is currently thought to be the result of autoimmune disease and as such, patients may find they suffer recurrent flares of disease activity necessitating continual therapy to control their immune system. The condition may return again if treatment is discontinued. Visual impairment which is not treated immediately is often permanent. Temporal arteritis is often misdiagnosed as Migraine.

For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.

Migraine Headaches

Is there a cure for migraines?

Curing Migraine HeadachesAlthough there is not currently a permanent cure for migraine headaches, there are many various treatments, both preventative and abortive. Some people find that using vitamins and minerals they can reduce the number and severity of their migraines. The majority of migraine sufferers who seek a physician's help are put on medication. There are also some surgical treatments, such as the surgery for Patent Foramen Ovale, or the implanting of electrodes under the scalp. There is also a surgery called microvascular decompression surgery, which is akin to performing carpal tunnel surgery - but on the neck.

The point of all the above? We can reduce the number and frequency of migraine headaches. Reduce them to a bare minimum, one every five years even. But a comparison must be drawn to another neurological disorder - epilepsy. A person can have their seizures well under control for years, but the fact is their brain works differently - and there is the possibility that any day they could have a seizure. It is the same with migraine headaches. You could have them under control for years, but the possibility still lurks that you will have one - because your brain has a certain dysfunction.

More input and perspectives

I disagree there is no cure for migraines. I have a relative that suffered from migraines for 12 years. She had been to doctor to doctor all over the United States, and no-one could help her. She was on every kind of medicine that you could possibly think of for migraines. She also had to stay at many hospitals for tests. Until one day someone she read that a chropractor had helped people with migraines for fifty dollars. She went and all he had to do was have her in everyday for about two weeks, three days for another two weeks, then one day and so on. Within three months she had no more migraines. She said it was one of the best descitions she has ever made.

Chiropractic may be successful as a treatment for migraines for some people, particularly cervicogenic migraines. However, it is the same as any other treatment - doing the same as myofascial therapy, craniosacral therapy, osteopathic manipulation, microvascular decompression surgery, and the NTI appliance. It can adjust pressure and bad signaling of the nerves, as well as reducing muscle spasm (which for some is a trigger for migraines), however - the fact that you are a person who experiences the spreading cortical depression of migraine will not be altered. Also, the chiropractic treatment of neck manipulation carries a small risk of stroke due to causing clots in the carotid artery. If you do pursue chiropractic treatment for your migraine, any good chiropractor will know other methods of adjusting the cervical spine without that classic neck twist. Those that practice the Sacro Occipital Technique are especially gentle.The other chiropractic methods will give you the same benefit.

As a chronic migraine sufferer for over 15 years, I was getting as many as 22-27 migraine headaches a month. I discovered this after keeping a migraine diary. I was so used to getting them daily, I never realized how much of my life was affected. I started participating in a study. After thousands of dollars on medication and numerous efforts to relieve the pain (massage, massaging apparatuses, ice packs, eye covers, over the counter products like Biofreeze), I figured, "Why not?" I started getting Botox injections around my temples and scalp, and even down into my neck and shoulders. It was very similar to acupuncture, and actually felt relieving when I had them done since I usually had a migraine) This did improve the number and duration of migraines I was getting, but was only taking the number of migraines down to about 1/3.

I checked into a chiropractor who gives a Chiropractic Bio Physics (CBP) approach, which is essentially adding a sort of "physical therapy" into your treatment regimen. It took about 3 hours a week, being adjusted, stretched and doing excercises with my chirpractor, and following up on the excercises at home. He explained where and why I was getting the pressure on points of my nerves from my x-rays, and my treatment was catered to my specific causes. There are only a handful of chiropractors across the US that utilize this approach. Overall cost? About $1800 (without insurance). Luckily I had help from my insurance to absorb this cost, but I'd happily pay it in full to experience life as I do now - migraine free! I am happy to say that I now RARELY get migraines, about one or two days a month around my menstruation time, which my doctors all say are normal. I rarely have to use my prescription anymore, and can most of the time just use Excedrin Migraine.

Migraine Headaches

What is migraine prophylaxis?

Preventive treatment for migraine headaches is called migraine prophylaxis or prophylactic therapy. Another term is Migraine Preventive Therapy.

Migraine Headaches

What does migraine headache feel like?

The pain is usually throbbing, and may range from mild to incapacitating. It is often accompanied by nausea or vomiting , painful sensitivity to light and sound, and intolerance of food or odors.

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Can a whiplash injury cause teeth to die?

I can answer this question. The answer is yes. Whiplash can cause your to clentch down on your teeth causing an impact. This impact can be uniformed and thus the damage teeth caused by the concussion injury may not be symptomatic for years (usually within two years). The injury causes an inflammation (chronic) response and will slowly destroy the vascular bed of the pulp and then the injure tooth or teeth dies. I have seen damage of this type extend to many teeth up to 28 teeth. The accident may even be a minor care accident. Remember, humans are 90% water. Any impact is a serious multiplication of forces. Check your high school physics text. Martial artist rely on impact to stop an opponent. Impact forces are measured to be so high that it may be beyond believe. Whiplash can cause injury similar to a kick or a punch to the chin called "an upper cut" in boxing. I have been researching this subject for the last two years and I presently hold a degree in Dentistry and Medical Sciences.

Migraine Headaches

Should Straterra be taken in the morning mid-day or both?

If you are currently taking Straterra twice daily, as I am, you may need to try different times during the day. After I experimented, I found that I enjoy longer uninterrupted sleep if I take one dose at bedtime or a couple of hours before and take one dose in the morning. I tried taking a dose mid day and it would keep me focused longer, but I did not get the sleep results I desired and a good night's sleep was more important to me. After doing some research on Straterra I would say you should talk to your Dr. about increasing the mg she is taking. Check out Straterra.com and it will help you out alot. You should talk to your doctor about increasing the dose. An initial dose midday might allow her to complete her homework and be more engaged at school. My 8yrold weighs 40 pounds and takes the same 20mg dose. About the bedtime dose.. Not all children get drowsy on Straterra. A bedtime dose helps some children sleep. My son didnt sleep throught the night until he was 6. He now takes Clonidine for that.(He also has Tourettes and that takes care of both)

Migraine Headaches

Can migraine medications get you high?

Some people do find they end up with a mild euphoria or buzz-like response from certain migraine medications. This is similar to anyone taking any medication. Some people taking anti-depressants may experience a high, so might epileptics taking an anti-seizure medication. It all depends on an individuals reaction to any given medication.

Be aware, however, that if you taking migraine medications with the express desire to get high - there are certain medications out there that have no wiggle room to speak of in terms of taking more than the normal dose, especially if you are already on a medication that works with serotonin (SSRIs like Prozac, SNRIs like Cymbalta, tricyclic antidepressants like Elavil, pain medications like Tramadol and Nucynta, and an any of the triptan medications like Imitrex, Treximet, Amerge, or herbal supplements like St. John's Wort)

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Migraine Headaches

Is it normal to have a small hard lump on the gum after a tooth is removed?

What causes this depends on how long it is since the tooth was removed. Sometimes the dentist leaves behind a small piece of the tooth enamel. This will slowly work its way out, and will be felt as a lump under the surface of the gum. It will eventually come out completely (usually within 3 or 4 months) and this is usually pretty much painless. Another possibility is scar tissue. But if the tooth has been gone more than 4 months, have a check up.

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Migraine Headaches
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Could taking Depakote long term cause under-active thyroid?

There are reported incidents of abnormal thyroid lab results in patients taking valproate sodium (Depakote). Physicians often do frequent thyroid testing on patients taking valproate sodium.

For appropriate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of headache disorders, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.

---------AnswerMost likely. I have been on Depakote and Dilantin for over 30 years. I have no thyroid activity. I have to take a daily supplement.
Migraine Headaches
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What does there are small ventral impressions on the anterior thecal sac mean?

yes, u can apply water over it for few min then try to remove it .it will be less pain full.

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Migraine Headaches

What are discrete signs of early pregnancy?

slight lower abdomen pain, breast tenderness, period loss, change in mood, lack of energy, feeling tired all the time


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