Milkshakes and Malts

Milkshake is a cold beverage made from milk or ice cream. Milkshake is made by blending flavorings and sweeteners, such as syrup and fruit, with the milk or ice cream.

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Where can you buy a Blue Heaven Milkshake in Brisbane?

ShakeAway, which markets a Blue Heaven milkshake, has an outlet in Maribyrnong, Victoria but their website doesn't show a shop in Brisbane yet. ShakeAway's site is below:

What rhymes with milkshake and is a noun?

Snake Ache Lake Cake Sake (i.e. for goodness' sake) Brake Fake Jake Rake Flake Bake

Anything that ends with the sounds "ace," "ache," "ape," "[ch]afe," etc.

Is milkshake denser than water?

Yes because it has milk, sugar and other ingredients which all are denser than water.

Should you put a milkshake in the fridge or freezer?

Neither for too long, in the fridge it'll melt, in the freezer it will be solid. Your safest switching it between the two every so often or just finishing it.

What is the difference between a milkshake and a malt?

A milkshake is made with milk and ice cream, along with flavorings such as chocolate syrup for chocolate, etc. A malt is basically the same thing, but with a sweet, liquid malt syrup added. The malt gives the shake a distinctive flavor, which is actually quite good, and can be added to any flavor milk shake. Malts are not as common as they used to be; many places that serve milk shakes don't even offer malts anymore.

How can you make fat free milkshakes?

To make a fat free milkshake, just use any healthy foods. Any fruit is very healthy & also very beneficial for your skin. When it comes to ice cream & being healthy, you can get fat free ice cream of something to that effect. Some people like veggies in their milk shake but in my opinion, fruits are way better.

Where can you buy lime milkshake?

You can buy lime milkshake at waitrose. The product is a limited addition though

Can getting a milkshake in the eye cause an eye infection or bleeding behind the eyes?

probably not. Our eyes are pretty well designed to deal with that kind of stuff. The problems listed are probably from another cause.

How do you make a milkshake?

How to make a milkshake.


  • Any flavor of ice cream you like.
  • Milk
  • a glass

1. Get a blender out. Put about 4 scoops of your ice cream into the blender. poor about 1 cup of milk and blend intill smooth!

2. Poor into glass.


Milkshakes can be made in a variety of ways and can include an number of ingredients. Traditionally a milk shake is made by blending hand dipped ice cream with milk. Using less milk and more ice cream will result in a thicker shake, while using more milk and less ice cream will make a thinner shake. You can also add syrups, fruits, and other ingredients to change the flavor.

How do you make an oreo milkshake?

Get a blender. Get vanilla ice cream put in blender add milk. Then blend those together. Make it thicker by adding more ice cream or thinner by more milk. Then get oreos and crush them and then add the last if you like bigger chunks if not add all together

How many calories in milkshake?

A small is between 500 - 600. A large is between 700 - 800.

Is it ok to eat malt o meal in place of cream of wheat when your on a soft bland diet?

yes they are both made with farina so not much difference between the two products. They are actually competitors in the hot farina market.