Milly and Becky Rosso

Camilla "Milly" Rosso and Rebecca "Becky" Rosso were born on July 6, 1994. The twins are actresses and models. They are known for their roles as Janice (Becky) and Jessica Ellis (Milly) on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and for their roles as Annabelle "Annie" and Isabelle "Izzy" Woods in Legally Blondes.

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How were Milly and Becky Rosso discovered?

Well first they got into modeling, and from then on they tried acting, once when they were preforming, their dad recorded them, put the video on the internet, and an agent saw them and called them!

Who is Becky Rosso dating?

Me Bryan Davis And Her Twin Sister is dating My Twin Brother Ryan Davis

Who plays Izzy and Annie in Legally Blondes?

Annie was played by Camilla 'Milly' Rosso.Izzy was played by Rebecca 'Becky' Rosso.

What are Milly and Becky Rosso email?

Milly's is

Becky's is

Are milly and Becky rosso American?

No. They are English. They just LIVE in America.

They were born in Aylesbury. Look on there stardoll. there username is Milly.Becky

Does Milly and Becky has a boyfriend?

Call me and to world you I went to really import and work very busy and to thank you for cards about to my friend this year my Brithday April 30 1213 tursday he okey

Do Miley and Becky rosso have a say now number?

Yes they do and all you BITCH'ES OUT THERE NEED TO LEAVE THEM ALONE1 theres your answer. :)

How old is Becky and milly rosso?

Right now, they both are 15, but going 16 in 2010!

Who is Milly and Becky in legally blondes?

Milly and Becky Rosso play the Wood's twins. Milly plays Annie and Becky plays Izzy

What age are the Rosso sisters?

well they were born on July 6,1994 so they are seventeen

Who is older out of Milly and Becky Rosso?

Rebeca (Becky) Rosso is the older out of the two.

Is camilla rosso older than rebecca rosso?

No. Camilla and Rebecca are twin sisters, so they're the same age. On July 6th, 2010 they turned 16 years old.

Who is rebecca rosso and camilla rosso?

they are actors from London who used tobstar in the suotev loife of Zack and Cody they are called Janice and jessica.