Milwaukee Brewers

Originating as the Seattle Pilots in 1969, they became the Milwaukee Brewers the following year and moved from Seattle, WA to Milwaukee, where they now play in Miller Park. Learn more about the "Brew Crew," as they are called by their fans and sports writers, by asking and answering questions about the team, players, roster, schedule, and more here.

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How many people can miller park hold?

The estimated capacity for Miller Park is about 43,000 people.

How many baseball teams have been in Milwaukee?

The original Milwaukee Brewers from the turn of the century. The Milwaukee Braves from the 50's and early 60's, which became, of course, the Atlanta Braves. The modern Milwaukee Brewers.

Milwaukee joined the National League in the late 1870s with a team called the Milwaukee Greys. This team finished last and was shut down within a year or so after its debut.

Following this team were a series of semi-professional or minor league teams, associated with organizations like the Western Association, Western League, and American Association, first under the name Milwaukee Creams (Milwaukee was called the Cream City because of its unusual cream-colored brick), and later as the Milwaukee Brewers.

It was as the Brewers that Milwaukee became a founding franchise in the American League, with Connie Mack as the manager. they had one good year, then Mack left the team, after which the team stunk and was moved to St. Louis, where they became the Browns (proving that St. Louis had to turn to Milwaukee when they wanted Brewers - ha ha)

After that, as already indicated, Milwaukee had the Braves and the current Brewers.

Where can you get old photos of the Milwaukee Brewers?

"AllSport on National" is a store in West Allis, WI which has a lot of old AA Brewers pictures. The owner often sells them on Ebay.

In what year did Greg Landry play minor league baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Are you talking about the Greg Landry who got drafted out of the Univ. of Texas? He was a transfer and played one year for Gus. I think he was a 5th or 6th rounder. He would have played in the 1988-89 season I believe. He had some incredible raw talent. Could throw 92-93 but couldn't control it.

Who with Milwaukee Brewers most hits in one season?

Through the 2009 season, that is Cecil Cooper with 219 hits in 1980.

What is the Brewers record for the most career Stolen Bases?

Here's the all-time list as of the start of the 2008 season:




1 Paul Molitor 412

2 Robin Yount 271

3 Jim Gantner 137

4 Tommy Harper 136

5 Scott Podsednik 113

6 Pat Listach 112

7 Darryl Hamilton 109

8 Mike Felder 108

9 B.J. Surhoff 102

10 Jose Valentin 78

11 Cecil Cooper 77

12 Don Money 66

13 Greg Vaughn 62

14 Rickie Weeks 59

T15 Fernando Vina 57

T15 Marquis Grissom 57

17 Eric Young 56

18 Bill Spiers 52

T19 Alex Sanchez 51

T19 Charlie Moore 51

T21 Ben Oglivie 44

T21 Dave May 44

T23 Bill Hall 43

T23 Gary Sheffield 43

25 Jeromy Burnitz 42

T26 Brady Clark 41

T26 Glenn Braggs 41

28 George Scott 40

29 Gorman Thomas 38

30 Jeff Cirillo 37

31 Sixto Lezcano 34

T32 Pedro Garcia 33

T32 John Jaha 33

T34 Dante Bichette 32

T34 Rob Deer 32

36 Geoff Jenkins 31

37 Corey Hart 30

38 Bob Coluccio 29

39 Rick Auerbach 27

T40 Gerald Williams 26

T40 John Briggs 26

T40 Kevin Seitzer 26

T40 Jim Wohlford 26

T40 Rick Manning 26

45 Carlos Lee 25

46 Franklin Stubbs 24

T47 Mark Loretta 22

T47 Greg Brock 22

T49 Marshall Edwards 21

T49 Craig Counsell 21

T51 Von Joshua 20

T51 James Mouton 20

T53 David Hulse 19

T53 Darrell Porter 19

T53 Tommy Davis 19

T56 Juan Castillo 18

T56 Devon White 18

T56 Ron Belliard 18

T56 Wayne Comer 18

T56 Tim Johnson 18

T61 Scott Fletcher 17

T61 Mike Hegan 17

T63 Steve Hovley 15

T63 Dave Nilsson 15

T63 Sal Bando 15

T63 Turner Ward 15

T63 Ryan Braun 15

T68 Alex Ochoa 14

T68 Bobby Mitchell 14

T68 Ernest Riles 14

71 Alex Diaz 13

T72 Junior Spivey 12

T72 Larry Hisle 12

T74 Dion James 11

T74 Ted Savage 11

T74 Tony Gwynn 11

T74 Ron Theobald 11

T74 Jose Hernandez 11

T79 Dick Davis 10

T79 Jeffrey Leonard 10

T79 Don Mincher 10

T82 Jeffrey Hammonds 9

T82 Dale Sveum 9

T82 Jose Cardenal 9

T82 Keith Ginter 9

T82 Prince Fielder 9

T82 Trent Durrington 9

T88 Lou Collier 8

T88 Joe Lahoud 8

T88 Ted Simmons 8

T91 Matt Mieske 7

T91 Julio Franco 7

T91 Tom Lampkin 7

T91 Ed Romero 7

T95 Juan Bell 6

T95 Billy Bates 6

T95 John Donaldson 6

T95 Dickie Thon 6

T95 Brock Davis 6

T95 Ellie Rodriguez 6

T95 Joe Kmak 6

T95 Brian Banks 6

T95 Mike Matheny 6

T95 Bill Schroeder 6

T95 Chuck Carr 6

T106 Rich Becker 5

T106 Kevin Reimer 5

T106 Gus Gil 5

T106 Roberto Pena 5

T106 Jody Reed 5

T106 Royce Clayton 5

T106 Richie Sexson 5

T113 Bobby Darwin 4

T113 Mel Stocker 4

T113 Ned Yost 4

T113 Gabe Gross 4

T113 Santiago Perez 4

T113 Dave Parker 4

T113 Ollie Brown 4

T113 Lenny Harris 4

T113 Willie Randolph 4

T113 Vic Harris 4

T113 Danny Walton 4

T113 Ted Kubiak 4

T113 John Kennedy 4

T126 Tyler Houston 3

T126 Ken Berry 3

T126 J.J. Hardy 3

T126 Gus Polidor 3

T126 Tommy Matchick 3

T126 Henry Blanco 3

T126 Tom Brunansky 3

T126 Jimmy Wynn 3

T126 Chris Magruder 3

T126 Phil Roof 3

T126 Kevin Mench 3

T126 Dick Simpson 3

T126 Edgar Diaz 3

T126 Todd Dunn 3

T126 Andy Allanson 3

T126 Kurt Bevacqua 3

T126 Darrin Jackson 3

T126 Lyle Overbay 3

T126 Bob Heise 3

T126 Jeff Huson 3

T146 Buck Martinez 2

T146 Greg Martinez 2

T146 Brian Giles 2

T146 Steve Whitaker 2

T146 Frank Tepedino 2

T146 Bob Hansen 2

T146 David Bell 2

T146 Thad Bosley 2

T146 Jesse Levis 2

T146 John Vukovich 2

T146 Tim Unroe 2

T146 Mark Brouhard 2

T146 Paul Householder 2

T146 Tony Graffanino 2

T146 Joe Oliver 2

T146 Russ Branyan 2

T146 Rich Rollins 2

T146 Jim Gosger 2

T146 Kevin Barker 2

T146 Terry Francona 2

T146 Mark Sweeney 2

T146 Elvis Pena 2

T146 Bobby Clark 2

T146 Matt Stairs 2

T146 Lenn Sakata 2

T146 Jerry McNertney 2

T146 Bill Voss 2

T146 Randy Ready 2

T174 Russ Snyder 1

T174 Joey Meyer 1

T174 Steve Brye 1

T174 Corey Koskie 1

T174 Art Kusnyer 1

T174 Jim Paciorek 1

T174 Bob Burda 1

T174 Bill Sharp 1

T174 Lyle Mouton 1

T174 Bobby Hughes 1

T174 Al Yates 1

T174 Jack Heidemann 1

T174 Damian Miller 1

T174 Ray Oyler 1

T174 William Suero 1

T174 Raul Casanova 1

T174 Larry Haney 1

T174 Jimmy Rosario 1

T174 Billy Conigliaro 1

T174 Luis Lopez 1

T174 Candy Maldonado 1

T174 Charlie Hayes 1

T174 Tito Francona 1

T174 Vinny Rottino 1

T174 Bernie Smith 1

T174 Jose Vidal 1

T174 Gordy Lund 1

T174 Ron Clark 1

T174 Tim McIntosh 1

T174 John Vander Wal 1

T174 Danny Thomas 1

T174 Ryan Thompson 1

T174 Jack Lind 1

T174 Chris Barnwell 1

T174 Bernie Carbo 1

T174 Max Alvis 1

T174 Brad Komminsk 1

T174 Rick Cerone 1

T174 Fred Stanley 1

T174 Gary Bennett 1

T174 Andy Kosco 1

T174 Roy Howell 1

T174 Jack Voigt 1

T174 Mike Hershberger 1

T174 Billy Joe Robidoux 1

T174 Bill Doran 1

T174 Greg Goossen 1

T174 Duane Singleton 1

T174 Tony Fernandez 1

T174 Deron Johnson 1

T174 Troy O'Leary 1

T174 Jim Sundberg 1

How do you find more information on a Milwaukee Braves minor league first baseman named Donald Glover?

Try going to and typing his name in in the players section of the website. Or do the samething on the Brewers official website.

How well did the Milwaukee Brewers do in the 1950's?

The Brewers didn't exist in the 1950's. The Milwaukee Brewers didn't play in Milwaukee until 1970. The team in Milwaukee was the now-Atlanta Braves. The Milwaukee Braves reached the World Series in 1957 and 1958, beating the Yankees once, and losing to the Yankees once.

Who were the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club 1983 coaches?

The Milwaukee Brewers' 1983 Coaching Staff consists of Harvey Kuenn as the Manager as well as coaches Pat Dobson, Dave Garcia, Larry Haney and Ron Hansen.

What are the 2007 Milwaukee Brewers at-bat songs?

Corey Hart - Rodney Atkins - These Are My People Ryan Braun - Young Jezzy Ft. R. Kelly - Go Getta

What is the name of the song that plays when JJ Hardy of the Brewers is up to bat?

the song is called Flower, by Moby. its also the intro song to the movie gone in sixty seconds

What is the value of a baseball signed by the Milwaukee Brewers from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s?


Cory Hart song?

It's International Harvester, by Craig Morgan.

Who replaced Robin Yount at shortstop?

Yount moved from shortstop to the outfield in 1985 and was replaced by Ernie Riles.

Who wears number 11 for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Currently, Alex Gonzalez wears #11 for the Milwaukee Brewers.