Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse is a cartoon character, originally drawn by Ub Iwerks who worked for The Walt Disney Company. She always appears wearing red, and she is most known in her polka-dot dress and oversized pumps. At first, Minnie Mouse was voiced by Walt Disney, but today, she is voiced by Russi Taylor.

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Do mickey and Minnie Mouse have children?

it is hard to say if Mickey and Minnie had or not, but i still don't know if that's true, because i do not know very well about Mickey's children because i think they did never made their appearance in an animation at all, well maybe they did, but that's only in the christmas related.

When was Minnie Mouse created?

Minerva "Minnie" Mouse's first appearance was in the 1928cartoon "Steamboat Willie" .

When is Minnie Mouse's birthday?

Minnie Mouse's birthday is November 18th.

She debuted in 1928.

When was Minnie Mouse born?

Minnie Mouse was first DRAWN, not born, in 1928; in the debut of Steamboat Willie

Is Mickey Mouse married to Minnie Mouse?

It depends on what episode you are watching. Sometimes they are shown as married, sometimes they are dating, and other times they meet in the start of the episode, go through and adventure together and are together by the end.

What is the name of Minnie Mouse' dog?

Minnie mouses dogs name was Rover. Rover was only seen on maybe one or two episodes of the original cartoon.

How do you say 'Minnie Mouse' in Chinese?

in Chinese Traditional and simplified you would say 米妮老鼠 or mini laoshu.

How old are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse?

They were both created ... "born" if you will ... in 1928 so subtract 1928 from whatever the current year is & that's their ages.

What is Minnie Mouses favorite color?

PURPLE Duh!!!!!

Actually um no and I have actually never really have seen/or see her ever where the color so yea anyway no it is not her favorite color is red. Not pink like most people think but actually yes RED! She was based on a "flapper" girl and back then the youthful girls/children loved the color red it was modern back then today I'm not so sure about that I think it is blue today or green maybe yea no blue. Anyway yea so thanks/sorry for talking too much and I hoped that I answered your question!! :)

When was The Best of Minnie Riperton created?

The Best of Minnie Riperton was created in 1974.

How long have Mickey and Minnie Mouse been together?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been together for what seems like a lifetime. They've had their ups and downs as a couple for several decades, and they're still one of the cutest couples in Disney history.

How do you easily draw mickey and Minnie Mouse?

Maybe, I have an own skills or talent that i can draw a cartoon character.

How did Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse meet?

== == On the set of their first cartoon, Walt Disney Introduced them.