Mobile Phones

Can you imagine life without a mobile phone? From the large Motorola StarTAC of the 90s to Apple's sleek and smart iPhone, mobile phones have transformed into an absolute necessity in today's connected world. Ask questions about these ubiquitous devices here.

Does cellco partnership dba Verizon wire have sms code where you can email a person with that phone if so what is it?

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Try the 10 digit number followed by @VTEXT.COM Capitalize VTEXT.COM. Lower case didn't work for me.

Where do text msgs go after they are deleted and are they retreivable?

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Text messages all get sent through a central server and are stored before they reach the recipient. When they are deleted they are deleted and cannot be retrieved from your phone

Can a iPhone get a virus?

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Yes, like any laptop or computer, but Apple has lots of safety measures to protect it. Jailbreaking would void those measures.

What does mhm mean in slang?

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mhm is not an acronym. It simply is a shorter way to write "mmhmm" It basically means "yes"