Monster Energy Drinks

Monster Energy Drinks have a high caffeine content and are intended to give energy.

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Is there bull sperm in Monster energy drinks?

There is no evidence of bull sperm in Monster energy drinks.

Is Monster Energy Drink bad for you?

Monster Energy Drink is one of the newer breed of soft drink that evolved after the colas, Pepsi and Coke, took over the market in the 1940's and 1950's. Over time, Pepsi and Coke were known as energy drinks but eventually acquired the undeserved appellation of "junk food". They aren't junk food -- they're just mostly providing carbohydrates and caffeine to the daily diet, and neither of these are inherently, always, bad for human health (like mercury would be, for instance). Nor are they in short supply in most consumers.

However, in marketing terms, the damage was done and a whole new niche developed (actually a few did) -- Energy Drinks That Were Good For You. Quite a few manufacturers targeted products for this category, and for the youthful demographic. Monster Energy Drink is one of the less extreme of these.

In terms of nutrients or anything the human body metabolizes that are supplied in Monster Energy Drink, the following are roughly the list:

  • Sugars -- simple and disaccharides
  • Vitamin supplements, notably B-complex arrays of vitamins, and Vitamin C.
  • Taurine (a nonessential amino acid that may or may not have any discernible effects but is used in Red Bull too).
  • Various herbs like Ginseng.

None of the ingredients on the Monster Energy Drink List are particularly good or bad for you. While we need vitamins C and the B group in order to live, very few people with access to the Internet (e.g. in industrialized countries) are subject to diets that are deficient in C or B vitamins. Sugar is a calorie load, in the form of pure carbohydrates. You need calories to live, but you also don't need too many. Monster Energy Drink contains 27g of sugar (so 13.5g per serving -- two servings per can). Their "Low Carbohydrate" version contains only 3g of sugar per can (or 1.5g per 8oz. serving) -- not a lot at all.

Caffeine is, for most people, a "wake-up" drug. In tests, it does seem to act as a general stimulant, irritant to the urinary tract, and cardiac stimulant too. But is this a bad thing? Depends on the dosage and on your personal health. At this time, no one I know of is saying caffeine is good for you. However, I don't think anyone has made the case that a healthy person consuming moderate amounts of caffeine is in any real risk. Hansen, the manufacturers of Monster Energy Drink, note that on a per oz. basis, their drink product contains less caffeine than coffee and perhaps as little as half the caffeine of some of the more serious coffee drinks available today.

The drink does not "increase cellular regeneration" or "detoxify" you, nor does the Hansen company make any such claims. And to be honest, the term "detoxify" has no meaning in clinical health, although it has a Strong meaning in the world of marketing (and the meaning is "buy me Please").

So -- not too much sugar, if you can avoid drinking gallons of the stuff. Some vitamins that probably aren't necessary but don't hurt. Caffeine, which feels good and is pretty safe in the usual dosage. And a variety of other contents that are either biologically inactive or are herbs like Ginseng, the effects of which depend on the plant, the plant's age, when it was harvested, where it was grown, and maybe 200 other factors that aren't tracked -- and are thus beyond the scope of this article.

In summary, review of the contents of Monster Energy Drink shows nothing that, when consumed in reasonable dosage, is neither particularly harmful or helpful. Maybe it just tastes good?

Can you have Monster energy drinks while you have braces?

Of course you can, braces don't stop you from drinking energy drinks. The orthodontists just don't recommend it because the sugar get behind your braces and then when the braces are removed there might be yellow stains.

How old do you have to be to drink monster energy drinks?

It usually depends where you buy it from, some places sell it to you if your like 10 years old but other say you have to be 16 :) hope this helps

Can monster energy drinks make a false positive drug test?

One hesitates to say it couldn't possibly happen, but off the top of my head I can't see HOW it could give a false positive.

One reputed method of giving a false NEGATIVE involves using energy drinks.

Are monster energy drinks good for kids?

Not really. People are supposed to drink them when they are 10-59 years of age.

What happens when you mix Concerta and monster energy drinks?

Well, for me anyways, I take 72mg of Concerta every other morning. The way I take it is as prescribed, two 36mg pills when I wake up. Of course, this only helps from about 5:30am until around 2:00pm. I usually drink one to two 16oz Monster energy drinks before 8:00am. I know I'm wired, because when I'm moving around I fell like running (I'm over 300 pounds, so this is unusual), but I can sit still and concentrate on school work (graduate level computer science) for hours on end.

I will give a warning; however, once the Concerta and energy drinks wear off, the crash is horrible.

Is their bull sperm in monster energy drinks?

No. Taurine is an amino acid that's found in humans, some plants like seaweed, it helps in digestion. It has nothing to do with bull semen, bull hormones or anything related to bulls and cattle.

Which monster that drink blood?

Uh, it's a vampire, even tho werewolves technically do drink blood it's not human blood. and if you're talking about all blood, wouldn't it be all?

What are the ingredients in Monster Energy Drinks?

carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, natural flavors, taurine, sodium citrate, color added, panax ginseng, root extract, L-carnitine, caffeine, sorbic acid, benzoic acid, niacinamide, sodium chloride, glucuronolactone, inositol, hydrochloride, sucralose, riboflavin, maltodextrin, cyanocobalamin,

Are Monster Energy drinks bad for you?

yes. the high levels of caffeine can actually give you a heart attack if you drink to many. they are also very sugary which will make you hyper for awhile. They are also linked to obesity.

How many monster energy drinks are drunk per day?

You should only drink one because its risky drinking 2 or more per day.