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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a PSP game released in 2008. Ask questions about game strategy here.

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What are white monoblos weaknesses on monster hunter freedom unite?

if you wanna know what element a monster is weak, kill one with raw damage (no element weapon), after you finish the mission, go to the weapon/armor dealer and look for the armor it produces, check the elements it has, the one that is negative or has the least amount of resistance is also the monster's weakness.

for the subspecies of monoblos and diablos, ice is their weakness.

If you want to know the spot where you can deal the most damage it is the tail.

How do you max your health on monster hunter freedom unite?

you can enlarge your health by,

eating at the kitchen that produces (health increases) results

drinking Mega Nutrients ( adds 50 to the max gauge but does not have your health full. you'll still need to dring Mega Potion or rather sleep at the base camp to achieve a max health)

drink Max Potion or Ancient Potion

Have an armor that has the "Health Increase" abilities.

Using the slots of your armor and weapons, accessorize them with Strenght Jewel until you activate the Health Increase ability. 10 points is to 20 health increase, 15 points is to 40.

Where do you buy a flute in monster hunter freedom unite?

Sometimes the old teller in teh village will carry flutes but I believe inside the guild there is a teller that sells them.

What is the difference between monster hunter monster hunter freedom monster hunter freedom 2 monster hunter freedom unite and monster hunter tri?

Monster hunter is on ps2. The others are all on psp mh freedom is mh on psp and mhf2 is intirely diff to mhf which is on psp and ps2 and mhfu is an expansion to mhf2 but is oinly on psp and finally mh tri is only on wii and is again in a completely separate place to mhfu

How do you kill Plesioth in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

Either get a weapon made out of the khezu materials and use sonic bombs to stun him then hit him in the head(sonic bombs only work when he is under water) or bring some bowgun and us thunder S rounds and every possible round until he dies(this takes a while so don't get frustrated).

In monster hunter freedom unite what does spirits whim mean?

whim is for the breakability of your items that you use except your weapons.

boomerang, bugnet, pickaxe, flute are some examples. look at the status by pressing start. is the whim green? (that means it's activated)

is the whim positive or negatively activated?

positive whim means breakables won't break easily

negative whim means they'll break easily

note: at your home, go to the drawer and read the info magazine about some skills if you're not sure what they do.

searching the net is easier too.

Where can you get honey in monster hunter freedom unite?

you really didn't finish the mission did you? (O.o)...

aaanywaay.... honeys come from beehives. just press "o" directly below it and you'll gather it. the Jungle, great Jungle and Great Forest maps has lots of it. about 3 beehives per each maps. find them then collect

your farm can produce it's own honey by the way... need pokke points and a specific quest cleared to unlock it. search the web for it.

Why can't i beat the tigrex in the chiefs urgent mission absolute power i have the right armor and weapon monster hunter freedom unite?

You need a thunder attributed weapon in this case it does not matter raw power.Mega potions and normal potions and hot drinks also bring more material to make more potions and hot drinks. When fighting make sure you avoid all of his attacks and when you think u see a small opening attack his rear with your weapon. But if u keep trying and learn his attacks it will get easier. Also just dodge and run when he gets angry.

Another very easy way to beat the tigrex is to use a non melee weapon, i used a sonic bow II and easily beat it on my second time, you can bring poisoned meat but it only eats it when you are not in the area, most status problems on this monster will easily wear off. Plus i also beat it by eating; mega demondrug, armor pill, hot drink, and brought along 10 mega potion and 5 herbs just in case if he runs away and you heal up. Tips: when the tigrex charges at you at area 8 go up to that flat wall and hold down R and doge as soon as it gets to you its teeth will get stuck continuously doing this will break its teeth for more rewards and a extra gathering item, using this doge attack can doge ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! So use it. When the Tigrex is in rage mode its arms will be red and you will see it is 3x faster, when it charges at you, if you dodge his charge, or even get hit too, he will do a 360 turn and take 2 seconds to recover and come back at you, he can do this 3 times in a row, in almost 30 seconds. After beating him a lot him he will start limping constantly, and when its about to die it will go to area 3 sleeping to heal. You can prepare your self climb to the top of the area then start shooting it with your arrows it will have no way to escape, if you get really frustrated because you keep missing (since your so high up) go down there should be another ledge. Alert you will be vulnerable to its snowball attack, and roar. Other physical attacks will not hit you , this mission may be better to bring you felyne to draw its attention since you have a bow, but it will constantly die if it has a defense under 200... I also made a link from a website that is very accurate for additional help.

How do you give felyne comrade well done steak on monster hunter freedom unite?

Sorry but you can't, if you think it keeps dying because of stamina, it has none, or at least it unlimited. If you want it to come back faster when it dies and the X on the cat face chose the "Speedy Recovery Skill" it will help.

Monster hunter freedom unite cwcheats download link?

The latest cwcheats cheat db (located on the cwcheat main site) includes MHFU cheats. You can also use PSP CheatUp to download updated cheat databases directly to your psp.

How do you defeat the giadrome on monster hunter freedom unite?




Anything...preferably with ice resistance


Thawing agent (just in case you turned into a walking snowball which is bad because you can't do nothing but move until they attack you,

hot drinks to resist the cold

potions, ammos, bombs are good but can do even without it, and



Up in the snowy mountain site 6,7 or 8


Fast moving,

good attack




Claw attack (weakest attack)

Bite attack

Ice spit (just dodge this and you won't need thawing agents)

Jumping attack (strongest)


Throw a paint ball to it to see it on the map

Bring a weapon type kitty for distraction

Fight it until it runs to the next site (this means its ready to be captured)

Follow it quickly.

At the next site, wait until your kitty distracts it. plant the trap behind your kitty, somewhere near you and wait for your kitty to die, when he's attention is now on you, it will either run or jump attack which can be dodge both by pressing X. Throw some Tranquilizer bombs and Viola! You got yourself a Giadrome for breakfast.

If they are in a pack, with some giapreys, use some flashbangs and other stuff to neutralize it or lure it to next site where there he has reinforcements.

Where can you find knife mackerel in monster hunter freedom unite?

You can buy them from the old lady next to the guild.

She doesn't sell them all the time so if they are not for sale do a quest and then try again

hope this helps

How do you get the firecell stone in monster hunter freedom unite?

You can only mine firecell stones in the volcano, but they are ultra rare and really hard to find. Or you can do it the harder way and fight the akantor and carve them off of him.

How do you get a pale khezu steak in monster hunter freedom unite?

You find a pale zhezu steak by doing a khezu hunting mission that is a high rank or G rank BUT you have to break its head (there should be a big scar on its head, telling you that you broke it). You can do the same with a red zhezu hunting mission, and have to break its head. As a reward for breaking it, you should get a pale khezu steak, note: Khezu's weakness is fire on its head or neck. The red khezu's weakness is water on its head or neck.

How do you increase your hr in monster hunter freedom unite?

You have to do guild quests

you can do guild quests in the building next to the old lady selling stuff

hope this helps

Can you get the game monster hunter freedom unite on the Nintendo DS?

That cant happen and will never probably happen, its meant for psp because of its amazing graphics to me the DS could never make this game good it just wouldn't work out.

How do you uninstall zwinky?

ok at the top of your screen there should be a picture of an avatar zwinky dude that says zwinky next to it and next to that there will be an arrow. click on the arrow and at the bottom it will say Remove This Button... click on that and it should work for you from there.

but i wouldn't even uninstall it...its so fun and addicting!!!

put it in your faq's start> control panel> add/remove . look for my web search (zwinky) or

mindspark (zwinky) click then click remove

I would remove it, it is connected to my web search which is abundant with adware, spyware, tracking cookies, and viruses. everytime i download it, i get about 400 of them, and there are way better and more fun things out there than zwinky, like imvu now that's fun and addicting. zwinky is so 2002 and is totally outdated and limited. I would suggest scanning your computer with superantispyware, it is free to download scan and remove. to remove the toolbar just click on the icon at the top of your screen, next to it should be an arrow to remove it

Read useful steps to uninstall zwinky here:

How do you become a g-rank on monster hunter freedom unite?

Here is a list of quests to finish in order to get to G-Rank

HR1-2 Just fight all large monsters


Master of the Giant Lake (Plesioth)

Hemitaur Sonata (Kill 20 Hemitaur)

Pincer through the Sky

Trouble in the Forest

Ioprey Leader

Urgent quest is Tigrex


Runaway Diablos

Valor In the Swamp

King's Domain

Queen's Descent

Urgent quest is Lao Shan


Poison Duo

Ultimate Dinner

Trapped By Kut-Ku

Conga Counter Attack

Urgent is Azure Lao Shan

For this one I only Know the monster


2 Blangonga

Red Khezu

Green Plesioth



Urgent is 2 Tigrex


Fierce Blackhorn

Blue, Pink

Deny Silver

Find Golden

This urgent is to get to G-Rank

Urgent #1 2 Hypnocotrice

Urgent #2 Akantor

Urgent #3 2 Shen Gaoren

These can appear in any order so expect exteme difficulty

And after you finish these you are now G-Rank

How do you get infinite health on monster hunter freedom unite?

You could use cwcheat. You do need to have custom firmware to be able to run it, though.

What is the hardest monster to kill in monster hunter freedom unite?

the hardest monster to kill is the G-rank white fatalist but the monster with the most health is the final boss monster Ukanalos