Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. Situated on Uruguay's southern coast, it is the chief port of the country.

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What continent is montevideo on?

Its the capital of Uruguay so South America.

What is the pronunciation of Montevideo?

Mon-teh-vi-DAY-oh Mon like don, te like in kitten, vi like in "it", oh like in "go"

Where is Montevideo?

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is roughly opposite Buenos Aires.

What airline flies from Sydney to Montevideo?

The airlines I could find are American Airlines and Qantas Airways.

Please try the link for additional information.

What is the weather usually like in Montevideo Uruguay?

It has a sub-tropical climate, with mild winters with a temperature that is rarely under 0º C (32º F) or over 33º C (91º F) in the summer. It rains all over the year with an average of 5 days of rain a month, no snow or great storms.

What river does montevideo stand?

Despite its name it's an estuary, it's named "Río de la Plata" (River Plate).

What continent is Montevideo located in?

Montevideo is located in the South American country of Uruguay, serving as both the capital and largest city in the country. The city was founded in 1724 by the Spanish and served as a strategic port and base for the Spanish Crown in South America. Since 1828 the city has been under the control of an independent Uruguay.

When is summer in montevideo?

From the end of December until the end of March.

Which airlines fly to Montevideo?

Right now u can fly TAM, LanChile, Iberia in combination with the Uruguayan Pluna

When is Montevideo founded?

Montevideo was founded in 1726 by Bruno Mauricio de Zabala, governor of Buenos Aires.

Who is the mayor in Montevideo?

Ana Olivera is the intendent of Montevideo. However there are many alcaldes inside Montevideo, under her government.

What airline flies from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro?

Some airlines who fly from Montevideo, Uruguay to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil,

are: Aerolineas Argentinas, American Airlines, British Airways, Pluna, TAM Meridional, and Varig.

Montevideo is the capital city of what South American country?

It is the capital of Uruguay.

The city's name is Latin for 'I see the mountain.'

How many city's are there in Montevideo?

Montevideo is a city itself so it has neighborhoods inside.

Is Montevideo the capital of Puerto Rico?

No. Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay.

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.

What airline flies from Montevideo to US?

American Airlines (direct flight to Miami, FL), Copa, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Lan, Tam, Delta and Tam MERCOSUR.

Is it OK to have a Montevideo license plate on front of vehicle and Florida license plate on the back?

No, in Uruguay is obligatory to have the legal licence plate in the back. You can use the other legal licence plate they give you in the front also or put whatever you want.

Where did montevideo get its name?

Tradition tells that upon sighting the mountain that overlooks the bay, Magellan told his pilot, in Latin, "Monte Videm", signaling an ample and secure port, guarded by the hill, originating there the name of the Uruguyan capital.