Morse Code

Although cellphones and SMS have pretty much made Morse Code moribund - its most popular current use is probably by amateur radio operators - this is a sub-category dedicated to the dots 'n dashes of the code that was invented by Samuel F.B. Morse in 1838. Find out "What is the most famous distress signal in Morse Code?" or "How do you communicate using Morse Code?

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How is Morse code similar to computer technology?

Both are systems for data/signal transmissions. Morse code uses dashes and dots (long and short pulses), while computers use ones and zeros (on and off/something and nothing) to transmit data. Both are binary.

How do you use Morse Code with a pencil?

you eat the pencil

^this person obviusley is a smart-ass

you just draw out the dots and dashes

.... . .-.. .-.. --- Hello

.... . -.-- Hey

Why is Morse capitalized?

Morse is capitalized because it is the name of the system. Also, Morse is the name of the person who invented the system.

What was written in Morse Code on the the Green Monster?

the yawkeys initials is the answer that was posted, but it is wrong.

It was meant to be the Yawkeys' ' initials but they made a mistake and it has never been corrected.

On the left vertical side of the American League section, they correctly spell out in morse code the initials of Tom Yawkey which are TAY. In morse code that is dash (space) dot dash (space) dash dot dash dash.

But on the right side (reading down) they meant to spell out JRY for Jeans intials but they made a spacing error. It should have read dot dash dash dash (space) dot dash dot (space) dash dot dash dash. However, they incorrectly inserted a space in what should have been the second letter, R. What should have read dot dash dot with a space after it, was incorrectly written as dot dash (then the incorrect space) and then a single dot (which is the letter E. The last letter, Y, was correct as dash dot dash dash.

This resulted in changing the R to two letters, namely A and E, so the whole thing reads JAEY.

Why this has never been caught for all these years is a mystery.

Update: The initials have now been corrected! This happened sometime between 2006 and 2012 (I have compared a photo from 2006 which has the error and 2012 which has it corrected).

Link to photo from 2012 with the correct code

How do you spell Morse in Morse code?

-- --- .-. ... .

And I guess you would say it like;

dah dah, dah dah dah, dit dah dit, dit dit dit, dit.


Actually, you would say it, dash dash space dash dash dash space dot dash dot space dot dot dot space dot!!!

Mention any 2 code languages used by Hitler with proper meaning?

to eliminate inferior races Hitler used code language. mention any two such words with proper meaning

What does a dot in an equation mean?

A dot stands for multiplication.

Ways to show multiplication:


10 x a


10 *dot* a

What are the morse codes cj gives you on shrink ray?

the first Morse code is "flush the drive" the second is "Mr. Silva"

Which letter is represented by a single dot in morse code?

The letter E is represented by a single dot when using Morse Code.

What is Poop in Morse code?


Who wrote the first words about the Morse code?

Samuel Morse, in 1844. He wrote: What hath God wrought? It sent from Washington to Baltimore.

How many symbols are their in Morse code?

there are two different symbols in Morse code: dots and dashes

for example Morse code would be (in international Morse code):

-- --- .-. ... . -.-. --- -.. .

What does SOS stand for?

Emergency Signal


SOS has been suggested to mean "Save Our Souls" or "Suspend Other Services". In Morse code, it is 3 dots followed by 3 dashes and then another 3 dots like this :

... --- ...

SOS actually did not stand for anything, originally; "Save Our Souls" (or "Save Our Ships" or "Stop Other Signals") is just a "backronym", or acronym created after the word was properly defined. It just "stands" for the Morse Code pattern of dots and dashes.


The so called SOS signal is not SOS, it is one single 9 pulse character meaning Distress Call or Emergency.

The letters SOS are di-di-dit dah-dah-dah di-di-dit (with spacing every 3 pulses)

Distress Call is di-di-di-dah-dah-dah-di-di-dit (continuous without spacing)

How do you say yes in Morse code?

The word "yes" is translated as "-.-- . ..." in Morse.

For advanced Morse users, the short version is simply the letter C, which depending on context means either "yes" or "correct". The letter C is translated as "-.-." in Morse.

Short versions exist because during wartime (World War 2) the Allies needed to send messages quickly, so they came up with short abbreviations and such, which would also confuse any Germans or Italians who were listening in.

Who uses Morse code?

People in World War 1. They used it to keep plans away from enemy solders.


When Morse, Henry and Vail invented the telegraph in 1836 it produced a mechanically punched tape with "the Code" as a method of long distance communication with a recorded record. It was the primary communications system for the financial institutions and strategic communications such as railroad control.

Actually, Morse Code, and the similar International Code (sometimes also referred to as Morse Code) via wire transmission were in use long before the civil war and decades after World War II. And the reason it was called a code was not to conceal information, as one person (a potential enemy) with the proper equipment could hear it the same as an ally. Like the binary code of today its dots and dashes represented a shorthand of the English language solely for electronic communication.

Morse Code was invented long before voice radio came into existence in 1906. Even after voice radio was around, Morse or International Code was still transmitted over longer distances with simpler and cheaper equipment, and also more easily heard through static interference than voice. There are few amateur radio operators (Hams) that do not have equipment to produce Morse signals and for those that are not trained to read it, there are auxiliary computer devices that can translate what is transmitted when received. It still takes a practiced hand to send it; and, a practiced mind to translate it, particularly if computer chips are disabled by an EMF pulse.

In order to keep plans away from an enemy, you would need to encrypt the message first, then transmit the encrypted version. The enemy and the friend could both take down the encryption, but the friend would have the key to decrypt it.

What does Dico Tibi Verum Libertas Optima rerum Nunquam servili Sub nexu vivito fili mean translated to English?

William Wallace

My Son, Freedom is best, I tell thee true, of all things to be won. Then never live within the Bond of Slavery.

What is a slash in Morse code?

Morse Code is sometimes written with a slash between letters to avoid getting the letters confused. A double slash means a space between words.