A mosque is the building where Muslims worship. There are very strict building requirements for a place of worship to be called a mosque.

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What is the place of worship in Islam?

The temple of Muslims is called Masjid (or Mosque in English). Muslims are encouraged to go to Masjid for praying five times a day if they can afford it. However, on Friday, it is required for Muslims to go to masjid for Friday praying including listening to the Friday sermon.

As a hint on answer above: No saints per Islam religion and praying to saints or getting saints as mediators when praying to God is strictly forbidden.

Muslims; or followers of Islam per Qur'an revelation to prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him); are allowed to perform the praying ritual worship in any dry clean place including homes, offices, open air areas, or ships/flights during travel.

However, the official and formal worship place is called masjid in Arabic (or mosque in English). Some people may say the Islamic church which is absolutely wrong. The church is for Christian worship while mosque (or masjid) is for Muslim worship. Muslims may practice their ritual worship of praying; on friendly and voluntary basis; in the church and vice versa.

In the mosque. Muslims pray in a gathering led by who is called imam or Sheikh as the religious leader. During Friday noon prayer, Muslims are required to pray in the mosque and to listen to a religious sermon before praying.

In addition to the above, Mosques are distributed in different cities, towns, and villages allover the world where there are reasonable number of Muslim; living closely; to pray.


  • For Muslims, Sunnis can pray in Shiites Mosques and Shiites can pray in Sunni mosques. All mosques are available for all Muslim praying.
  • Islam does not believe in Muslim saints. They recognize only religious Muslim leaders.

A place of worship for Muslims is called a mosque. A religious leader called an imam leads congregants in prayer at a mosque. Muslims pray five times a day.


The Islam place of worship is called the Mosque


The correct term for a Muslim house of worship is called a Mosque.

The place of worship for Muslims is called mosque in English and Masjid in Arabic. In this place or building, Muslims gather for praying five times a day. There is a weekly gathering of Muslims in the Mosque (or Masjid) at noon on Friday where they listen to the Friday Sermon and then they do the Friday praying (that replaces the noon praying for other days).

Although Muslims go for ritual praying to mosque (or called Masjid), they can also practice their ritual praying anywhere: at home, office, open air, during flying, on a ship, or at any dry clean place on the ground. Ritual prayers are to be performed as a gathering with one leading the prayer. However, if praying in a gathering is not available then it can be done individually.

What makes a mosque different from a church?


  • worship place for christians


  • Worship place for Muslims

okay since that is said, since i am Muslim, i will say some of the less obvious differences

mosque is the English word for where a Muslim worships, most, if not all, Muslims call it a Masjid. This is an Arabic word that means a place where prostration (you know when ur touching your head on the floor) takes place. This is one thing that is different, i have never heard of people in a church prostrating, and i don't know what other kinds of differences you are looking for but these are very basic things

In addition to the above, that I fully agree upon:

The mosque (or masjid) does not include any icons or prophet pictures or statues as the church.

What is a mosque official called?

The person who leads the prayer in a mosque is called an Imam.

How many mosque's names are written in Holy Quran?

Two Masjids (Mosques) are explicitly mentioned in the holy Quran. The Sacred Mosque in Makkah & the Farthest Mosque in Jerusalem.

(Glory to ((Allah)) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque....)

Holy Quran,(17:1)

What is a Mihrah in a mosque?

Mihrah is a holy place of Islams where god lives.They believe it as the house of god,like Hindu takes temple as house of god,christian takes church as house of god,Sikhs takes gurudwaras as his god's home, the Islams takes Mihrah as his god's home.Mosque is the place for people in god's area.

A Mihrah, also known as Mihrab, is the area where the Imam stands and conducts the congregational prayer. In some Masjid there is a raised platform or a raised structure where the Imam stands. This is therefore an area, a niche in the Masjid and not a holy place where God lives as mentioned above, for God is everywhere and not in the Mihrab of the Masjid.

Why are mosques always lit up in green?


It is not a requirement, but since Masjid Al Nabbawi (the Prophet's a.s.w.s. mosque in Al Madina) was and is painted that color, they tend to be that color. Shia, an Islamic sect, especially tend to use the color green. But there is no other religious reason as far as I know and Allahu A'laam.

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How do Muslims decorate their mosques?

Islamic calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy, arches, domes, geometric designs, and other amazing details and decorations.

Why do only men Muslims pray at the mosque?

It is not true. Both Muslim men and women pray in the mosque. However, separation between them during praying is provided.

How many mosques in Salt Lake City?

There is only one mosque in Salt Lake City boundaries, Masjid Al-Noor at 740 south 700 east. There are three others in the surrounding suburbs.

Khadeeja Islamic Center is the largest, it also operates Iqra Acadamy, a private Muslim school. It is located at 1019 west Parkway Avenue in West Valley.

Layton Islamic Center is located at 568 west 2400 north in Layton.

Utah Islamic Center is located at 9000 south 225 west in Sandy.

Is there a mosque that performs Friday prayer in Ploiesti Romania?

Not mentioned at:

Where do Muslims worship?

God worshiping by Muslims include:

  • ritual worshiping, and
  • all good deeds done in obedience to God and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and following Islam religion teachings and g

Ritual worships include:

  • Prayers,
  • paying zakat (Alms giving),
  • sawm (fasting), and
  • hajj (pilgrimage).

Regarding prayers, Muslims go for ritual praying to mosque (or called Masjid). However, ritual praying can be done at home, office, garden, open air, during flying, on a ship, or any dry clean place on the ground. Ritual prayers are to be performed as a gathering with one leading the prayer. However, if praying in a gathering is not available then it can be done individually. In addition, Muslims are required to attend Friday prayers and holiday (Eid) prayers at the mosque; they theoretically can do the rest at home. A dedicated mosque is not even required to do those prayers. Other large facilities, such as convention centers, are often rented out for the purpose of hosting large holiday prayers. Friday prayers can also be done in congregation at workplaces, schools, and other areas where a group of Muslims (it does not have to be large) can gather.

Regarding hajj (pilgrimage), worship is done in certain places in Saudi Arabia including Makkah (or Mecca) and its vicinities.

The remaining ritual worships; namely Zakat and Sawm, no specific places are relevant.

for more information, refer to related question below.

Muslims can worship literally, everywhere, excluding dirty places. It is however preferred, to pray and worship in a mosque.

In a mosque or at Mecca.

They pray at mosques five times per day.

A mosque is where Muslims worship. It is very similar to a church

Why do men pray at the mosque on Fridays?

Friday, for Muslims, is a holiday. All Islamic countries (at least the Middle Eastern ones) take Friday off. Every Friday there is a Jumaa. The Imam gives a Khutba and anyone who attends it from the beginning is attending salat duhr. After the Khutba, they pray 2 rakaas for the duhr.Also, the Prophet pbuh prayed at the mosque on Fridays. Truthfully, a man should be praying all his prayers at the Masjid. That is including the Fajr.

Can a house be used as a mosque?

Of course, provided it is clean and free of distractions.

What is a function of the minaret on an Islamic mosque?

It is a tower where a crier calls Muslims to pray five times a day.

It is an essential part of the mosque structure that allows the announcement for prayer from a high location above ground to be heard by a wide surrounding. However, with the current availability of electricity and loud speakers, the practical use of minarets is confined to be just as mosque symbol, exactly as that of the church.

Was there a mosque in one of the Twin Towers?

Wat the heck is a mosque i think u meant mosquito i dont know Wat are you talking about but i think that the mosque was on the right one.

Who built al aqsa mosque?

The al-Aqsa Mosque was at first a small prayer house built by the Rashidun caliph Umar. It was rebuilt and expanded by the Ummayad caliph Abd al-Malik and finished by his son al-Walid in 705 CE.

What is the advantage of living near a Mosque?

-You can go and pray.

-there wont be a long walk.

-you can hear the Adhaan in you home.

Who built jahangiri mosque in thatta?

Shah Jahan built this mosque as a gesture of gratitude to the people of Thatta for sheltering him during his youth after his father, Emperor Jahangir banished him from Delhi.