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Movies are a dramatized representation of reality. They often have many literary elements, and usually are very entertaining. Ask questions here related to feature films and cinematic history.

Asked in Movies

What are the moral lesson of in time the movie?

The "working for infinity and rich prospering" system might represent Capitalism, how one social class benefits over the other. It might be based on the works of Karl Marx, who looked at social inequality. Of course it's a lot more extreme than that but it may be implying that it will happen in the future. The line "no one should live forever if only one more person has to die" pretty much sums up the morality the system ignores. It can...
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What is the name of the dwarf in the Wizard of Oz?

There were a number of midget actors who portrayed the characters known as (Munchkins) who were midget people but not called dwarfs oddly a character doll of a Munckin Boy made some years ago bty MMe Alexander somewhat resembled the costume of an Africa Corps or similar soldier in jungle-warfare gear. ...
Asked in Movies, Elvis Presley

What are the names of Elvis's movies?

Elvis Presley made approximately 31 movies during his lifetime. A few of his movies were Love Me Tender, Loving You, and Jailhouse Rock. ...
Asked in Movies, Foreshadowing

Where did foreshadowing occur in the movie The dead Poet Society?

Type your answer here... In the movie foreshadowing occured when Neil put the wrath over his head as Puck in the foreshadowed his death which also characterized him as a Christ-like figure.. Hulya Akgun ...
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What was the real name of the wilkinson home for boys as described in Sleepers-the book and movie?

The Wilkinson Home for Boys was, in fact a real place, but that was not the name of it. ...
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What is central idea of the Tanging yaman movie?

he centra idea of tanging yaman
Asked in Movies

What is the duration of Front Page Challenge?

The duration of Front Page Challenge is 3600.0 seconds.
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Who is the girl with big breasts in the movie Inside Man?

The busty robber is Kim Director and the busty hostage is Samantha Ivers.
Asked in Movies, The Avengers

How many Avengers movies are there?

There are so far, Four planned Avengers movies. The Avengers [2012] Avengers Age of Ultron [2015] Avengers Infinity War [2018] Avengers 4 - 2nd part of Infinity War [title to be announced] [2019] ...
Asked in Movies, Movie Genres, Spider-Man, The Avengers

Is spiderman in the avengers?

Yes he's in The New Avengers Yes, Spider-Man is currently a member of the Avengers and Future Foundation. Spidey will not be in the Avengers movie. ...
Asked in Movies, Books and Literature

Who are the main characters in 'Dr. Zhivago'?

Zhivago, Lara, Tonya and Yevgraf.
Asked in Movies

What is the theme in hairspray?

Are you refuring to the Movie? if so it is that everyone should be excepted ...
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When was Akeelah and the Bee released?

Akeelah and the Bee was released on 04/28/2006.
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Who said Yesterday is History Tomorrow is a Mystery and Today is a Gift?

Albert Melvin Meltzer Said Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift. What famous person said this? On his death bed in March 1959. To me his 10 year old son. I remember it but didn't quite know what it meant for a few years. I also don't know if he made it up or got it from someone else! Sumited By: Douglas Howard Meltzer ...
Asked in Movies

Where was cool runnings filmed?

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What are 3 historical inaccuracies to Aladdin?

The fez did not emerge until 19th century. The carpet ride shows Egyptians working on spynx when the movie is set after that time period. Emergence of grand vizier was under ottomans ...
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How long is the movie The Blind Side?

The Blind Side lasts 126 minutes.
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Why is the movie the blind side called the blind side?

It was called "The Blind Side" because it is about coming over your "blind side" and never giving up on anything. ...
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How do you email Clint Eastwood?

The short answer is: you can't email Mr. Eastwood directly. He doesn't maintain a publicly accessible email address. However you can write to him by regular mail: Clint Eastwood C/O Malpaso Productions, Warner Bros. 4000 Warner Blvd, Burbank CA, 91505 ...
Asked in Movies, Animated and Children's Movies

What is the conflict in Coraline?

the conflict is that her fake mother has her real parents an shes trying to get them back ...