Mr. Bean

Mr Bean is a television comedy series. Mr. Bean is the main character, played by Rowen Atkinson. There have been a few movies based off of the character from the show.

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Where was the t.v. show Mr Bean produced?

I'm guessing you mean filmed? The tv show was filmed around various places in the south east of England, notably the Clarence Pier fun fair near southsea in 'Mind The baby Mr Bean'

Who was Johnny Galecki in Mr Bean?

Johnny Galecki was Stingo Wheeliein Mr. Bean

When does mr bean play on Mario kart wii?

you could make a mii character that looks like Mr bean

How did Mr. bean dead?

vadu chachipote neekeme ra poi thongo po dengai

What colour eyes does Mr bean have?

I'd say Mr Bean has hazel eyes. A mixture of brown and green.

Who played Mr Bean?

Rowan Atkinson. He also plays Jonny English

What does Mr Bean do after becoming famous?

He didn't to anything, just playing around.

Quelle est la nationalitΓ© de mr bean?

M. Bean est de nationalité britannique.

Is Mr Bean An Alien?

By all means, i thought everyone knew that.

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he is an alien

Is Mr Bean really dead?

If by "Mr. Bean" you are referring to the actor Rowan Atkinson, then no. He is still alive.

What is the real name for Mr Bean?

Rowan Atkinson is the name of the actor who played Bean but there are many conspiracy's and groups who are woking to find out what Bean's first name is

I personally think it is Baked

What makes Mr. Bean funny?

Well, how he talks(you've got to admit, it is funny), the mole on his face actually makes him more of a comedian, and the expressions he pulls.

Does Mr. bean have a girlfriend?

Did Mr Bean die?

Well, I am actually sort of a fan of his movies, but his TV shows on Netflix aren't that funny. Watch the movies of Mr. Bean then, if you have Netflix, watch the TV shows and tell me which one is funnier. I guarantee it will be the movies. ( If you don't know what Netflix is, look it up ya dimwit! Also if you don't HAVE Netflix, GET IT!) By the way this is the answer to the question," Is Mr. Bean funny?"

What Mr. Bean movies are there?

Mr. Bean's holiday(2007) and BEAN: The Ultimate Disaster Movie.

Who is more famous mr bean or Hector from trojian war?

To answer your question, I have never even heard of Mr. Bean, whoever you're talking about. However, I have heard of Hector, so I suppose the answer is Hector. Since I have no idea who Mr. Bean is, then Hector must be famouser (if that is a word).