Located at the foot of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the second biggest city in the Indian state of Karnataka. This 50-sq-mi city was rated as the state’s cleanest city in 2010 and the second cleanest in the country.

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Information of the ruler hyder Ali?

Hyder Ali was born in Mysore in 1722. From early childhood he received thorough training in the art of warfare. He started his career as an ordinary soldier, but later by dint of hard work became Commander-in-Chief of the Mysore forces. The ruler of the State of Mysore was so pleased with Hyder Ali's conduct and performance that he entrusted him all the important affairs of the State. Hyder Ali worked day and night to set right the political and financial affairs of the State. He recognized his army on the pattern of the British and French forces. His son Tipu was born in 1750. this addition in the family proved auspicious. By the time Tipu was eleven years old, Hyder Ali had became the ruler of Mysore.

What is the URL for the New Indian Express e-paper Bangalore edition?

Please see the related links section for the URL of New Indian Express e-paper Bangalore edition.

Mysore university exam timetable for BA?

Hello sir, please I Want to B.A final Year 6th Semister timetable details



What is Khandwa to mundi distance in kms?

mahesh bawniya coral printing press khandwa

36 km khandwa to mundi distance

How did banks begin?

Where the actual name came from is Venice, where money lenders in the 1300 and 1400s used to work at benches, the word for benches was banchi. They gatrhered together investors in order to support the big business ventures of the time which was international trade and shipping.

Weight of sword of tipu sultan?

The Exact Weight of Tipu Sulthan's Sword is 1 Kilo 786 Grams. Means 1.7.Kgs. All the Swords used by Tipu had a Symbol of Tiger in its Handle. Some of the left out weapons including hand made pistols, daggers, small, medium and heavy sized swords, used by Tipu sulthan till 1799, are kept secured at Dariya Daulat, a Summer palace constructed by Tipu himself. Unfortunately, after the death of Tiger of Mysore, the British officers looted the majority of Tipu's belongingness for two reasons. One to show the Britain how brave they are, Second to cover the glory of braveness of Tipu in the History of World.

Is there a list of all IT companies in mysore?

Software Paradigms India,



Raman Infotech,

Infosys Technologies,

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COMAT Infoscribe


, Acusis

, PK Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

, Technovations Ind. Pvt. Ltd.

, Hinduja TMT Ltd

, E-Bench India Pvt. Ltd.

, Catalyst, Brigade Groups

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Is mangalapuram and mangalore is same?

Mangalore derives its name from the local Hindu deity Mangaladevi. This city generally called as kudla in tulu, since tulu is most widely spoken language over here. Its is also called as kodial(konkani), mikaal(beary langauage), mangaluru(kannada) and mangalapuram(malayalam).

You want blue prints for 2nd puc pcmb subjects?

Should such things be publicly available then you should contact your tutor, the institutes' administrator or any website the institute has.

Is tipu sultan's photo there in the NASA headquaters?

Yes its true Tipu Sultan's photo in the NASA headquarters.

Why are haider ali and tipu sultan considered heroes?

They are considered heroes because they opposed foreign rule in their country are seen among the first freedom-fighter of the sub-continent.

Does telaga caste comes under obc category?

No., Telaga community always forward community.

Mysore university exam time table for 1 sem BBM?

time table of bbm of first sem third sem and five sem

What is the length of a fencing sword?

Varied you can get many sizes but most usual in 44 inches.

OR: The length of a fencing sword varies, and depends on your age and size.

It also depending on a sword type. Katana is about 40 inches, rapier 40-44 inches, longsword 42-50 inches , one handed medieval sword: 32-39 inches, duelling sabres 37-40 inches. These meassurements are approximate and depending on your own size.