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The Nashville Predators are a professional ice hockey team and members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they play their home games at Bridgestone Arena.

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Nashville Predators

How many times did the nashville predators make the playoffs?

The Nashville Predators have made the NHL playoffs six times since 2004.

Nashville Predators

Where is the Nashville Predators player Geoffrion from?

He was born in Plantation, FL, USA but grew up in Brentwood, TN, USA until going to college at University of Wisconsin.

Nashville Predators

How many Nashville predators are Canadians?

As of the 2011-2012 season: 11.

Jordin Tootoo

Gabriel Bourque

Mike Fisher

Matt Halischuk

Brian McGrattan

Nick Spaling

Brandon Yip

Ryan Ellis

Kevin Klein

Shea Weber

Chet Pickard (who admittedly was 'barely' on the team for this season... but he was on the roster none the less)

Vancouver Canucks
Nashville Predators

Will canucks beat Nashville in the playoffs?

They already did

Nashville Predators

Who is the team doctor for the Nashville Predators?

Dr. Michael Pagnani was the team doctor for many years. He recently left the team to focus on his private practice when the team switched to Vanderbilt for financial reasons. Now I think it is "doctor by committee" with the Vandy folks.

Nashville Predators

What year did the Nashville Predators enter the NHL?

The Predators first season in the NHL was 1998-99.

Nashville Predators

What is Jordan Tootoo's child's name?

he does not have a child. I eat thanksgiving with him every year.

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Nashville Predators

Have the Nashville Predators ever defeated the Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena?

Yes...They have won more than a couple times....They actually won there 3 times this season

Nashville Predators
Newtons Laws of Motion

How are inertia and mass related?

inertia is directly proportion to the mass.

Nashville Predators

When is predators coming out on TV?


Nashville Predators

Why are PIM a good thing in hockey?

In general, I would say that PIMs are not a good thing. The majority of PIMs (not going to take the time to find an exact percentage) are from tripping, hooking, and high-sticking. Such penalties are a result of lack of discipline and result in the offenders team skating shorthanded. Fighting is about the only potentially positive penalty to take, as both players go to the box and often fights can change the momentum of a game. But, instigator penalties, match penalties (10 min.), and game misconducts (10 min.) are also counted as PIMs and in no way are those "positive" penalties. For some reason fantasy hockey leagues incorporate PIMs as a positive stat, likely because without this stat the enforcers and grinders in the NHL would be worthless fantasy players.

Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey History
Stanley Cup

Where did the Nashville NHL team transfer from?

The Nashville Predators were added as an expansion team in 1998.

Nashville Predators

What are the names and jersey numbers of the players on the Nashville Predators NHL team?

2 Teemu Laakso

5 Blake Geoffrion

6 Shea Weber

7 Jonathon Blum

8 Kevin Klein

10 Martin Erat

11 David Legwand

12 Mike Fisher

13 Nick Spaling

15 Craig Smith

16 Cal O'Reilly

17 Chris Mueller

18 Niclas Bergfors

18 Brandon Yip

20 Ryan Suter

21 Zack Stortini

22 Jordin Tootoo

23 Brian McGrattan

24 Matt Halischuk

25 Jerred Smithson

27 Patric Hornqvist

28 Paul Gaustad

28 Kyle Wilson

33 Colin Wilson

35 Pekka Rinne

38 Jack Hillen

39 Anders Lindback

42 Mattias Ekholm

46 Andrei Kostitsyn

47 Alexander Radulov

49 Ryan Ellis

51 Francis Bouillon

57 Gabriel Bourque

59 Roman Josi

65 Ryan Thang

74 Sergei Kostitsyn

75 Hal Gill

Nashville Predators

Who are the local television announcers for the Nashville Predators?

Play-by-play: Pete Weber

Color Analyst: Terry Crisp

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Nashville Predators

Do the Nashville Predators fly commercial or charter?

The predators own their own plane.

Nashville Predators

Where did the Nashville predators get their name?

because Nashville is full of predators.

Nashville Predators

What is Mike Fisher's number on the Nashville Predators?

Mike Fisher is number 12 on the Nashville Predators.

Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey History

Have the Nashville Predators ever won a championship?

No. The Nashville Predators have never won a Stanley Cup championship.

Ice Hockey
Nashville Predators

Who is behind the Nashville predators?

It depends on where they are standing

Nashville Predators

Who is on the Nashville Predators first line?


Nashville Predators

Why did mike fisher move to Nashville Predators?

because he is stupid

Nashville Predators

How many times have the nashville predators been in playoffs?

As of the 2011-2012 season, 7 times. They have made every playoff season from 2003-2004 season to current with the sole exception of the 2008-2009 season.

Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey History

Who was the youngest player to score a hat trick in Nashville Predator history?

Blake Geofrion who is 23 years old and was born in Brentwood Tennessee scored one against Ryan Miller of the Buffalo sabres.To put the game into overtime from a 3-1 comeback and they ended up winning in overtime with a goal by Martin Erat.

Nashville Predators

Who is oldest player on Nashville Predators?

As of the 2011-2012 season, it would be Hal Gil. His DOB is 4/6/1975. Just behind him is Francis (Frankie) Bouillion (i.e. The Cube) who was born on 10/17/1975.

Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey History
Stanley Cup

Have the nashville predators ever won a stanley cup playoff series?

2011: Defeated Anaheim Ducks in 6 games

2012: Defeated Detroit Red Wings in 5 games

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