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The Nashville Predators are a professional ice hockey team and members of the Central Division of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, they play their home games at Bridgestone Arena.

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Nashville Predators

What is the name of the Nashville Predators farm team?

Milwaukee Admirals

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Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey Rules and Regulations

In hockey what does PIM mean?

Penalty minutes The statistic used to track penalties was traditionally called Penalty Infraction Minutes(PIM), although the alternate term Penalties in Minutes has become common in recent years.

Nashville Predators

How did the Nashville Predators get their name?

In May of 1971, during construction of the First American Center, the fossils of Pliestocene animals were discovered... among them was the notorious Smilodon fatalis (i.e. saber-toothed tiger). The fossil find actually started with the fang of a saber-tooth. The history of this is what inspired the logo. The NAME of the team was done the "proper Southern way" - by fan vote.

Nashville Predators
Celebrity Relationships
Emma Roberts

Who is Jordan Tootoo dating?

Kellie Pickler

Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey History
Louisiana State University

Who is the winningest coach in Nashville Predators history?

Since the Predators have had only one coach in their history, the answer is Barry Trotz.

Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey

How long would it take to go 45 miles at 70 miles an hour?

Time=distance over time (t=d/s). So, 45 / 70 = 0.643 hours. To get this into minute's, multiply the 0.643 hours by 60 (60 minutes in an hour). Which equals 38.57 minutes.

Nashville Predators
Stanley Cup

Have the Nashville Predators ever won the Stanley Cup?

No, Nashville has never won the Stanley Cup.

Nashville Predators

What Is The Nashville Predators Mascot?

G-Nash. He is a sabertooth tiger

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Nashville Predators
Ice Hockey History

How many times have the Nashville Predators won the Stanley Cup?

To date they have never won the Stanley Cup.

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Nashville Predators
National Hockey League (NHL)

Who is the Nashville Predators all time leading goal scorer?

David Legwand is the Nashville Predators all-time leading goal scorer, with 151 regular season goals through games of January 8, 2010.

Nashville Predators
Saltwater Fish

Where does the electric eel live?

freshwater basin of south America

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Nashville Predators
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

How old is Brian Hall?

Brian Hall is now 65 years old.

Nashville Predators

Do the Nashville predators have a mascot?

Yes, his name is Gnash. He's a sabre-tooth tiger.

Nashville Predators

What was the first name of the Nashville predators?

Uhh...The Nashville Predators.

Nashville Predators
Newtons Laws of Motion
The Difference Between

Difference between mass and moment of inertia?

one is momentum the other is weight

Nashville Predators
American Hockey League (AHL)

What is the name of AHL affiliate of the Nashville Predators?

The Milwaukee Admirals.

Nashville Predators

Did Ryan kesler play for the Nashville predators?

Yes yes a million times yes!!

Nashville Predators

What do the fans chant after the predators score a goal?

After Predators goal during "Rock"n"Roll Part Two,"also known as "The HEY Song,":


After the third round of "hey" yell out on the beat:


After the goal is announced and the Saber Tooth Tiger roars the number of goals scored:

(After first Saber Tooth roar)


(After second Saber Tooth roar)


(After third Saber Tooth roar)




Nashville Predators

Who are the local tv announcers for the Nashville predators?

Pete Weber and Terry Crisp.

Nashville Predators

What is the official television for Nashville Predators?

Fox Sports Tennessee

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Nashville Predators

What conference are the Nashville Predators in?

The Western Conference.

Nashville Predators

Where did the Nashville Predators get their name from?

When the builders were digging the hole they found a Sabertooth Tiger skull. And this animal was a predator so they name the hockey team the Predators. Also that is why in their clips they show a sabertooth tiger as the mascot. If you want to see the skull they found it is in the lobby.

Nashville Predators

Where do the Nashville Predators practice?

Sportsplex at Centennial.

Nashville Predators

Who owns the Nashville Predators?


In November 2007 Craig Leipold sold the Nashville Predators and the operating lease to the Sommet Center to a group of investors for $174 million. The principal owner of Predators Holdings LLC, which has six investors is David Freeman. The NHL hoped that the sale would put the Predators, who have been losing a lot of money, on solid ice. But in October the franchise defaulted on a $40 million loan, reportedly as the result of one of its former minority partners, William Del Biaggio, going into bankruptcy. Predators Holdings LLC was forced to come up with $28 million to cover Del Biaggio's portion of a lease guarantee with the city of Nashville, which owns the Sommet Center.

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