National Rifle Association (NRA)

The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871. They are advocates for the right to bear arms. They also sponsor many firearms safety courses. Although the NRA is considered controversial by some, they are thought of as being a very influential lobby group by many lawmakers and members of Congress.

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Do you need a NRA membership to join a gun club?

== == Depends on the club. Some clubs do require it, some do not.

Many clubs require a NRA Range Safety Officer certification to insure safety at the cub, but it is possible to be certified by NRA without being a member.

Should an NRA member ever vote for a Democrat?

GREAT QUESTION---Believe it or not, there are some pro-gun Democrats as there are some anti-gun Republicans. Just make sure you do your homework before you vote.

Conservative Democrats such as in West Virginia generally support the 2nd Amendment.

What is the value of a Western Field Model 128 FR 12 gauge bolt action?

Westernfield was the brand name sold by Montgomery Wards Department Stores but made by contract from other gun makers. Your model was made by Kessler who offered their own model 128FR. It is probably the same gun.

Depending on condition, one can be had for about $100.00

What is the value of a Winchester model 20 shotgun?

if your 20 is in good shape,i hear about $700.00.i have one in bad shape but it is my favorite.

What was the goal of NRA?

I think is to prevent laws that reduce their right to bear amrs :)

What year was the Glenfield Model 25 made?

Made by Marlin from the early 1970's to present. There are distinct variations and submodels.

Why did the national rifle association begin?

Originated in early 1870s by former Union Army Officers to promote civilian marksman ship training. Many line soldiers during the American Civil War were either poorly trained or had no training with the individual weapons they were issued. Note that at that time, there was no great general hubbub about private firearms ownership by civilians - except in certain locales where race often entered into the equation. The NRA grew to become a Civil Rights promoter and champion of the 2nd Ammendment as well as promoting civilian marksmanship and firearms ownership.

How old do you have to be to join the NRA?

The NRA has many membership plans, depending on what a person is looking for. The minimum age requirement to join is 18.

What is the value of a Winchester NRA Centennial?

Blue book gives $425 in 100% condition, 21,000 made. Value may rise a little with Winchester's closure.

Value of Winchester model 101 serial number k304840?

There are a lot of variables that would go into answering that question; like--grade (trap, skeet, field, pigeon, etc), barrel length, choke, and overall condition. Based on the serial no. I would assume that it is a relatively new one (late 80's maybe.) Trap models still bring great money on the secondary market, sometimes up to $2000. Pigeon Grade and other fancy grades like Presentation or Diomond can bring more than that. Field Grades, depending on choke and condition (and who's interested in buying) can bring anywhere from $500 to $1500. I recently purchased a Field Grade 101 circa 1969 with 26" barrels choked IC and M in good condition for around $700--a pretty good buy, really.

How much is a national rifle association coin made in 1871 worth?

It's one of the many medals produced for the N.R.A. It's not a coin. 1871 is the date the N.R.A. was incorporated, not the date this piece was made. After a brief web search, values seem to be $1.00-$15.00 depending in the type of medal it is.

What is the NRA ideology?

The NRA is a highly conservative and republican group.

The NRA is somewhat libertarian in it's ideology, and is a non-partisan organization that is committed to preserving the Bill of Rights of the U.S.Constitution, with a special emphasis on amendment number two, but is also interested in other civil rights when they intersect with the civil rights to keep arms, and to bear arms. The First and Fourth and Fourteenth amendments frequently come up at the present time while advocating for the Second. It is true that there are more Republican than Democrat candidates supported by the NRA at present, but that is simply due to the fact that the NRA finds more Republicans than Democrats interested in this particular civil rights issue. The NRA is more libertarian than conservative, and also has a policy of supporting friendly incumbents against their challengers regardless of the political party affiliation of either.

Is the NRA a liberal organization?


The NRA is a constitutional org that focuses on preserving the 2nd Amendment and teaching the proper uses for firearms. It's generally supported by conservatives and other constitutionalists and generally opposed by liberals and other anti-constitutional persons.

Which republican presidential candidate is the NRA endorsing?

The NRA usually does not endorse a candidate until after the nominations at the conventions. The NRA has yet to endorse a particular candidate in the 2008 Presidential election.


What is National Rifle Association?

They do things like advocate each and every person be allowed to own a gun. They believe that the person not the gun kills and that guns make things safer.

What is the value of a 12gauge model 120 Ranger Winchester?

the price of the 12 gauge model 120 ranger Winchester goes for around $300.00 somewhere though i recently heard production was stopped which would raise the price for rarety

Due to the closing of the plant in New Haven the Winchester Rifles and Shotguns made inside the United States are in demand like never before and have gone up in value. Americans just due not want shotguns made in Japan with the Winchester name on them. Also the Model 120 which was a cheaper version of the 1300 model was a limited production of only 5000 shotguns. This has made collectors start to take notice of them. Recent sells on the sites such as Guns of America show that the 120 starts at around $250.00 in decent shape and several have sold for over $1000.00. One that was new in the box in a 20 ga. version recently sold for $1800.00 in October of 2008.

What is the approximate value of double barrel Ithaca shotgun 393627 in NRA condition good?

It's not quite that easy. That serial number makes it a Flues Model, named after Emil Flues, who invented the lock mechanism. There are 11 grades and several factory options including a single trigger and automatic ejectors that affect value and the smaller gauges command a price premium of 50% for a 20 gauge and 100% for a 28 gauge. An expert appraisal is recommended for higher grades and small gauges.

For NRA Good:

Field Grade $300

Grade 1 $400

Grade 1 Special $400

1-1/2 $400

2 $400

3 $800

4 $1200

5 $1500

6 $2500

7 $2000

Sousa $6000