Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines were designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994. They are a series of line art figures etched into the desert floor. The figures are typically animals, such as monkeys, fish, and llamas. It is believed that the Nazca people created the lines to be viewed by their gods. Deforestation if increasing the erosion in the Nazca Desert area, and there is concern that the lines may be in danger of being destroyed.

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What are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca Lines are a series of geoglyphs and biomorphs located in the Nazca Desert of Peru.

How were the Nazca lines built?

The rock on the top was removed so you could see the sand and they were removed in the shape of the design. Possibly, a heavy object is continuously dragged on the ground or some simply tools to dig slightly on the ground.

Who made the monkey Nazca Lines?

There are two kinds of lines. One set of lines have animals and other figures. They are called geoglyphs. The other lines are trapezoids and rectangular joined by canals.

This history dates back over 2,500 years, when, for reasons that will be matter of discussion at a later chapters, people who enjoyed the vital liquid was stripped gradually until there was no other option but to migrate to areas where water still exists today. The Nasca is ancient pre-Inca culture, in Perú, excellent hydraulic engineers, who solved problems in the driest desert of the Peruvian coast, which did not let to their collapse until definitely the fluid stopped flowing through their valleys.

How many nazca lines are there?

There are approximately 25 Nazca line figures.

Why were the Nazca Lines built?

The Nazca Lines were built becuz the ancient people were trying to look for a signal

Which Nazca line figure is the biggest?

- The Spider, approximately 46m long,

- The Monkey, 55m long,

- The Guanay (guano bird), 280m long,

- The Lizzard 180m,

- The Hummingbird, 50m long,

- The Killer Whale, 65m long or

- The Pelican(a type of bird) - the largest of them all - at 285m long.

How big is the largest nazca line?

The largest Nazca lines are over 200 metres (660 ft) across, but I dunno the height. ^_^:: sorry

Where did the Nazca live?

The nazcas were located on the coastal plain of southern Peru, from Chincha to Acari valleys.

When were the nazca lines made?

The Nazca lines were said to be built about 200 years ago by the Inca . They were built for the gods to see. other people say it was an " air port for the god's" but the Inca people had not developed flight. Others think it was for the birds to know when the rain seson was.

The Nazca Lines were thought to have be made between 200BC to 700 AD, that makes them between 2,200 to 1300 years old.

Are Nazca Lines a hoax?

No, they are not.

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Why are the Nazca plains so unique?

because it is like that only it is the creation of god

Why were the nazca lines created?

No one knows why were the Nazca lines created. Some believe that it was an astronomical calendar, landing signals for aliens or area for rituals and sacrifices.

Where is the Nazca Lines?

pretty sure it is in columbia, newzealand

How big are the Nazca lines?

The Nazca lines are huge. Some of the straight lines run up to 30 miles, while the biomorphs range from 50 to 1200 feet in length.

How lomg does it take to get from Virginia to Nazca Lines?

Well it depends on arilines and weather but approximate time is 34.83290 hours.

How do the people keep the Nazca lines preserved?

It is a national park. It is prohibited to walk in that area. If you would like to see the Nazca or Nasca Lines, you should take a samal plane from Lia, Ica or Nazca to fly over. It is because those lines, built on the ground by an ancient culture before Inca Empire con not be seen from the surface, only by air.

Some people speculate that were made by alien from the space. The only an antropomophous figure is called Astronaut because the form of the head, the body and an strange cord in one of the sides of the figure...

Intringuied? yeah, it is fascinating.

Where would you find the nazca lines?



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