New York Mets

Created in 1962, the Mets are a New York baseball team who play in the National League's Eastern Division. Here you can ask questions about the players, the coaches, the records and anything else about the team.

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What song is played at New York Rangers games?

They play the goal song when they score. The victory song when they win. And when they are winning at the bottom of the third they play sweet Caroline-Neil Diamond. But lately, they've been playing sweet Caroline instead of the victory song.

How do you get in touch with a baseball player?

You can get in touch with any baseball player simply by writing to them care of their home ballfield. Example, to get in touch with Derek Jeter, you would write to: Derek Jeter c/o New York Yankees 161 Street and River Avenue Bronx, NY

How did the New York Mets get their team name?

The Mets name is short for Metropolitans ... New York is part of the Metropolitan area or better known as the Tri- State this region of the United States has the denies population and encompasses three States New York ,Northern New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The name "Mets" was selected for several reasons (all a shortened version of Metropolitans):

  1. At the time of expansion, the team's already existing name corporate name was "New York Metropolitan Baseball Club, Inc."
  2. It recalled the name ("Metropolitans") of an earlier New York baseball team in the American Association that played from 1880 to 1887
  3. Reflected one of the commonly used terms used to describe New York City residents
  4. Mets was a natural fit for newspaper headlines - the main news distribution vehicle in the late 50's/early 60's
  5. Name had enormous approval from fans and the press

When did Duke Snider hit his 400th home run?

Duke Snider hit his 400th career home run on June 14, 1963 as the Mets ripped the Reds 10-3 in Cincinnati.

How do you contact a Mets player?

You can write to them at: Shea Stadium 123-01 Roosevelt Avenue Flushing, NY 11368

What player holds the single season record for most times hit by a pitch?

Hughie Jennings was hit 51 times in 1896 for the National League/Major League record for a single season (he was also hit 46 times in each of the next two seasons). Only Ron Hunt for the 1971 Montreal Expos comes close - 50!! Don Baylor, in 1986, set the American League record by being plunked 35 times while with the Boston Red Sox. The following year he set the AL's number two mark with 28 while playing with the Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

How do you rent Mr Met?

Call this number (718) 559-3093 Mr. Met does do public appearances at Birthday Parties, Etc.

What year did the New York Mets win one game of the regular season inter-league series from the New York Yankees?

The New York Mets won one game in interleague play against the New York Yankee during the 1997, 1998, 2009 and 2012 seasons. During the 2003 season, the Yankees swept every game.

What number was darryl strawberry on the mets?

Darryl Strawberry wore number 18 with the Mets.

Is N.Y. Met Angel Pagan related to Jose Pagan former MLB player?

Met Angel Pagan has a father also named Angel. Former SF Giant Jose Pagan had a brother named Angel. All three were born in Puerto Rico. Jose and the young Angel had/have big league baseball skills.

Which New York Mets player wore number 13?

Neil Allen, Billy Wagner, and Lee Mazzilli (in 1986, when Dwight Gooden had Mazzilli's old #16) wore #13 for the New York Mets.

Whom is directly responsible for scouting new talent for the New York Mets?

Sandy Johnson in the Mets front office is the Vice President in charge of scouting. The switchboard number is 718-507-METS

How old is David Wright?

Mets third baseman David Wright is 35 years old (birthdate: December 20, 1982).

Can a 13-year-old be an umpire for a kid's baseball team?

Depending on who runs the league and hires the umps. 14 and up are the most common ages to be selected.

What is David Wright's fan mail address?

David Wright mailing address

David Wright

New York Mets

Citi Field

123-01 Roosevelt Ave

Flushing, NY 11368-1699


To request an autograph if you are in the US, send a self-addressed envelope (at least 8.5" x 4" in size) with sufficient postage with your request letter and a photo. You may include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending during shipping and also write "Do Not Bend" on the envelope. There is typically over a 3 month wait for a response.

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David Wright e-mail address

Who were the starting pitchers for the 1969 New York Mets?

Tom Seaver and Gary Gentry had 35 starts, Jerry Koosman had 32, Jim McAndrew and Don Cardwell had 21, Nolan Ryan had 10, Jack DiLauro and Tug McGraw had 4.

What team is the AAA affiliate of the New York Mets?

The buffalo Bison'sThe buffalo bison's are the AAA affiliates of the New York Mets, located in buffalo new york.

When was the last time the Mets won a World Series?

1986 was the last time against the Boston, Red Sox. They also won in 1969. They also appeared in the 1973 and 2000 world series.

What players for the Mets have worn the number 22?

The following are some players that wore #22 for the Mets:

1962 - Bob Moorhead, P

1967 - Jack Fisher, P

1972 - Hank Webb, P

1977 - Doc Medich, P

1982 - Mike Jorgensen, 1B

1987 - Kevin McReynolds, OF

1992 - Charlie O'Brien, C

1997 - Alex Ochoa, OF

2002 - Al Leiter, P

2006 - Xavier Nady - OF

Who are david wright's family members?

Rhon Wright-Dad, Elisa Wright-Mom, Stephen, Matthew and Daniel are brothers.