Nintendo Game Boy

The Nintendo Game Boy is the second generation of handheld consoles created by Nintendo in 1989.The Game Boy was extremely successful so the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced was released in 1998 and 2001, respectively.

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Do they still make Game Boy advance?

It's very rare to find them in stores but yes they do.

How do you reset Pokemon fire red for Game Boy advance?

It's easier than you would expect. When the start screen opens up, select NEW GAME instead of your own game. Then fill in your name etc etc. If you save, it will completely overwrite your old game, thus resetting it.

just selcect new game

How many Game Boy games have been published?

According to the official resource(*/ 611 games was published.

How do you get bounce in Pokemon Sapphire for GBA?

the move bounce can only be learned in later versions of Pokemon like diamond and pearl, platinum; etc. after migrating them to those games.

Where can you buy GBA games in Australia?

The only place you can get gba games these days is at Gametraders, but rememberbe very careful and test it as soon as you get them as some may be fakes so i would recommend bringing your ds or gba with you so u can exchange

Can you play Nintendo ds Game Boy Advance sp games on a Game Boy Advance?

Nintendo DS games are not playable on the Game Boy Advance. The Game Boy Advance is compatible with Game Boy Advance and original Game Boy cartridges. If you have a Nintendo DS, it will play Nintendo DS games or Game Boy Advance games. It is NOT compatible with the original Game Boy game cartridges.

How many years are there on harvest moon Game Boy ADVANCE?

The game will go on forever. It never ends. If you would like any more Harvest Moon please visit this website.

Hope this helps.

Does anyone know any cheats for the Game-Boy game Conker's Pocket Tails?

There are no direct input cheat codes. Search gamewinners into google it should work

Can you play Game Boy color games in Game Boy Advance SP?

yes, you can play game boy color games in a gameboy advance SP.

Where do you enter Game Shark codes on a Game Boy Advance?

you buy a gameshark and turn it on. i know this sounds too easy, but that's all you really do...

What is an AR Game Boy Advance cheat?

Technically speaking, AR stands for Action Replay which uses special hex codes and an embedded TSR "terminal stay resident" program in memory working behind the game to mess around with the memory values in ram. It can give you 99 lives or whatever you want it to do. If you learn how to make the hex codes for AR, you can do possibly whatever you want.

How do you beat the third level in book 1 where Fiona says you haven't moved in an hour and Shrek and Donkey go to see what's going on on Shrek 2 for Gameboy Advance?

Here the game becomes a bit more interesting, you get to use both Shrek and

Donkey, you can change who you control using L and R, move them both at the

same time by holding L and R. Select Donkey and break down the barrier, then

select Shrek to pick up the mushroom and place it on the ledge, move them both

to the 2 stone and press L and R together so that they can both push it forward

Pick up the mushroom and place it beside the 2 stone, put Donkey ontop of it

and leave him bouncing, use Shrek to lift it up, switch back to Donkey who

should have reached a branch and jump to the branches and head left across the

green to get 10 coins and the leprochaun to play a mini. Head back the way you

came and use the mushroom to clear the ledge on the right of the 2 stone,

normal jump will get both up. Use Donkey to break the barrier. Move in, fall

down and put both of them on the weight measure to open the barrier, pick up

the key and open the door to the right. Kill the pumpkins and carry on, use

Donkey and jump across the platforms, killing the pumpkin, jump up to the

platform with the fairy and equip her, keep going left to get lots of coins use

the hover to get them and kill the pumpkin to get his coin. Go back to the

first platform and give Shrek the fairy so that he can clear the jump, then use

Shrek to butt stomp the barrier. Pick up the apple and then use it by holding

down B to quickly rid of the peasants. Use Donkey to jump on the ledge and kick

down the mushroom, place it down under the branch and use Shrek to jump up and

pick up the coins, use hover to reach the ones floating to the left. Use the

mushroom so that Shrek can clear the ledge and carry on to the left, push the 2

stone forward and avoid falling into the roses, reach the sign to finish the


How do you enter codes into a GBA Gameshark?

It is easy. Just add new game and enter the master code or (M) and go to add new cheat. But it will only work if the master code or (M) is correct.

Does a GBA have L and R buttons?

Yes, it does, they are the GBA's 'shoulder' buttons.

Can gameboy advance SP play Pokemon soulsilver?

No, you need any model of the DS/DSi. You cannot play DS games on a GBA.

What would a Game-Boy Colour with three games cost?

As of 2011, a Gameboy color can run you from anywhere in $10 - $100.

The higher quality, usually the more expensive.

A single Gameboy color and three games might cost around $60 depending on quality, game titles, and seller.