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Is it ok when having a nose bleed for blood clots to come out?

  • First, the fact that you are having nosebleeds may not be a very good indication to begin with. Nosebleeds are often caused due to damaged mucus membranes. The problem with having your mucus membranes damaged is that there is a possibility that you can develop nasal polyps. This is not a nice condition, as nasal polyps are growths inside your nose that can cause a lot of pain and, in the more severe cases, even change the shape of your face in that nasal area.

    The blood clots simply mean that your blood is drying within the nasal passage or even in the sinus cavity.

  • I would like to know the answer to this question also. I had a very large blood clot that I pulled from my left nostril. Only one nostril was bleeding and stopped soon after.
  • My kids have the same problem. I don't see any answers posted, but this must be fairly common if there are multiple posts.
  • When your nose bleeds, the blood clotting is what eventually stops the bleeding. I am not a doctor, but it seems logical that you would see blood clots if you didn't allow the clot to stabilize and harden before blowing/picking your nose.
    • your right the blood clots are just the blood stopping the flow it is ok to see them but if you do see them stop blowing or it wont clot and it will keep bleeding
  • This can be caused by the blood congealing in your nasal carriageway and coming out in clots. But see your doctor if you are concerned.

Can Straterra cause nose bleeds?

I am a 23 year old female. I used to have heavy nosebleeds almost daily as a pre-teen, but they stopped completely by the time I was 12. I've been on 40mg of Strattera daily for four months and experienced my first nosebleed in over 10 years about two weeks ago. I've noticed that Strattera leaves my nose and sinuses feeling really dry. In fact, Strattera doubled as a cold medicine for me when I was sick last month. It completely knocked out my sinus drainage and runny nose.

My son is 12 and has been on strattera since mid February 2003. He has also experienced frequent and often heavy nosebleeds within the last 9 months, at one point I had to take him to the emergency room because I could not get it stopped. I called Ely-Lilly to see if they had any info. There clinical studies show a slight increase in both systolic and distolyc blood pressure but nothing about bleeding disorders. I was beginning to think he may be an isolated case but I happened upon this while I was researching my son's nosebleeds. I found in other websites that vitamin K deficiency can also cause nosebleeds. I wonder if the nosebleeds are a side effect or if the Strattera could be causing a vitamin K deficiency.

I recently started taking Strattera and coincidently am struggling with painful/dry tissue inside my nose. I can't even breath through my nose without stinging that is severe enough that my eyes water. A bloody nose can't be far behind. It's definitely not allergies, Strattera is the only thing that's has been added to the equation. If I find anything out I'll add it here and would appreciate any additional thoughts.

contact Lilly or the FDA and report these effects. It is no coincidence that you all are experiencing the same problems.

I have been taking 60mg for 2 weeks and my nose is numb, dry, stinging and bleeding. My doctor reduced my dose to 40mg and I have not noticed any change in symptoms.

My son has been on 40mg of Staterra for 1 year. Lately he has experienced nose bleeds quite frequently. He has never had them before, so I'm sure that the drug has something to do with it. It is something to keep an eye on. Lilly is not going to tell people about all side effects, it is too new of a drug.

This is a great question. My daughter has been on Strattera for about a year now, 25mg. and she has had many nose bleeds. So much that I took her to the doctor out of concern. He thought it was due to the winter weather but after reading some of these postings,I am convinced that Straterra is the link for these bleeds. I had a feeling that the drug was the cause but could not find anything that noted "nosebleeds" as a side effect. I hope that more people will report this to Lily and their physicians so that maybe they will do some research and eventually list it as a side effect, or perhaps that Straterra may cause some sort of Vitamin K deficiency.

Our son is 5 years old and has taken Strattera for about 3 weeks and ,yes, the nosebleeds have begun to occure on a regular basis. I must say it has worked very well to control his behavior problems but it is definitely the source of the nosebleeds. He never had them before.

My 15yr old son started taking Stratera in 2/04. He's had nose bleeds off and on most of his life, but since February, they have gotten really bad. Last night he even had a giant blood clot come out of his nose, which is why I'm on the internet today reading about nose bleeds. He's even had up to 3 nose bleeds in one day. A recent blood test also showed that he is now slightly enemic.

Currently I am answering this question with a tissue shoved up my nose to try to stop the bleeding. I've had nosebleeds before, but it's been at least a year since the last one. I started out 3 weeks ago taking 25mg of Strattera for a week and tomorrow is the last day of 2 weeks taking 40mg. I will report this to my physician and Lilly.

My 8 year old son started taking Strattera less than 2 months ago and has had a nose bleed every day this week. After reading this, I am stopping the Strattera immediately and getting him back on the Concerta next week.

i never thought i would stumble across this topic. ive been taking strattera for a month now and i have experienceed an increase in nose bleeds, howeveer i didnt put the two together i figured it was just from being outside in the dry air. now that im not the only one it makes me wonder what else that is happeneing is a side effect.

My nephew has been on straterra for 1 week and has had nose bleeds 3 days in a row. Seeing all these entries on here makes me sure that there is a link. All of us need to pettion the FDA to make Eli-Lilly include this information on the label of straterra.

My 7yr old son has been on Straterra for a month and half now, for ADHD. He's up to 40mg/day now, but we're still not quite there yet. Compared to previous medications, I have been getting very optimistic with Strattera. My son is starting to eat again, and he's controllable in the morning and evening now, whereas the previous meds left him waiting every morning to start taking affect. This morning I dropped him off at school and suddenly realized he had had a brief nosebleed in the car on the way. I came home and immediately checked the web, and found this site. When I was young I had chronic nosebleeds, on no medication. After a few months they had to cauterize a blood vessel in my nose to stop the bleeds. The information that came with my sons Strattera did say that it may cause constipation, so perhaps it is causing his body to become a little more dehydrated than usual. I certainly will be checking this out with his doctor, but I remain hopefull that perhaps this is also something that my son my have been predisposed to. I think the fact that my son "Bounces" around so much while getting dressed for school may have something to do with elevated blood pressure as well. The bottom line is, I'd much rather combat a nosebleed then have our lives go back to the chaos that existed before he started on Strattera. I'm not trying to minimise anyones concerns, as it does look like nosebleeds may be an undisclosed symptom of the medication, but for me I'd be very happy if that is the worst symptom I'm going to have to deal with.

Why does your nose bleed all the time?

Dried mucus scrapes you lining of your nose.

How do you cure a child's bad case of nose bleeds?

This is actually quite a problem, with about 9% of 11-14 year olds experiencing recurrent nosebleeds for no apparent reason. Most will grow out of this before puberty.

In the mean time, it can be quite distressing both for the child and those looking after them. Drugs such as tranexamic acid are used to control heavy bleeding, especially with menstrual problems, but are not ideal for children. Another option is to regularly apply antiseptic cream. Particular creams for this purpose are available (Naseptin), or steroid sprays like Betnesol-N. Sadly, these treatments are rather unpredictable in their success.

The other option is, as you mentioned, cauterisation. This is often done with silver nitrate, but sometimes with a heat probe, and basically involves burning off the ends of the blood vessles to prevent them bleeding. Its quite successful but unfortunately can be really rather unpleasant.

The best thing is to see your family doctor and explain that this is still a problem. Obviously in severe bleeding, which does not stop, do not hesitate to get medical help.

I had severe nose bleeds when I was a child and they contiued up until a year ago. My 19 year old daughter was having them too!

I finally have them under control. Instead of a pediatrian, go visit an allergist. Have an allergy test kit done and see what is the real cause, instead of giving her any meds or trying the things that are not working. An allergist will TELL YOU WHY, and then you can have those under control in NO time.


I am 19 and have been experiencing persistent nosebleeds on and off for around 5 years. Usually it starts after I have had a cold and have been blowing my nose a lot and then I will have nosebleeds every day for the next few weeks! Although I have quite bad hayfever as well and sometimes just sneezing will bring it on.

I've had the cauterisation done 3 times on the same nostril... it seems to work for around 3 months but then the nosebleeds start again. The cauterisation is just sealing off the problem blood vessel, not getting rid of it completely. So the same vessel keeps becoming inflamed again and again! I am now considering surgery to get the bugger taken care of once and for all :)

Also look at any medications the child is on, though the doctor should have made note and avised you on this.

I had nosebleeds throughout my childhood. Turns out they were caused by the aspirin that was in Alka Seltzer I was taking because of chronic stomach problems.

Aspirin or any other blood-thinning medications can cause this. Also, make sure the child is not picking her nose behind your back. That can damage the lining of the nose, causing them to be more susceptible to bleeding.

hi it's the same with my girls.They have nose bleeds when the season changes and to stop the blood nose when it happens, is to put there or your head forwards and put an ice pack on the back of your neck as well as one on your forehead. Try NOT to put your head back because the blood goes in your throte and you will vomit.

See your doctor. As a child I was treated with Vitamin K pills and injections, and eventually a cauterization when I had my tonsils out. Maybe this was overkill and kids just outgrow them, I don't know. My mom used to put her silver butter knives in the freezer and put one alongside my nose and ice on the back of my neck while I laid flat.

My sister had really bad nose bleeds and so does my husband, my sister went to the doctor and he told her use a little bit of vaseline, it is because her skin inside her nose was so dry it cracked causing it to bleed, the vaseline helped keep her nose moisturized and it pretty much stopped the nose bleeds, helps my husband to...

I have heard that adding green vegetables to your diet will curtail the nose bleeds.

ANSWER: If your child has chronic nosebleeds you should have blood work done. They should check for bleeding disorders such as Von Willibrands Disease, if basic bloodwork


I'm an R.N. with two kids that had chronic nosebleeds as kids. My daughters went away by around age 5, but my son continued to have them (less frequently now at 15 years old). Being a nurse, and knowing their dad had nosebleeds as a kid too, I would not have been surprised to find they had the Von Willibrand Factor. Neither did, but I surprisingly found out that my son had the Lupus Anticoagulant. (NOT lupus, sadly the name is somewhat of a misnomer, since people who do NOT have Lupus have this). It's a CLOTTING factor, but ironically in my son, causes nosebleeds.

So again, I would STRONGLY suggest anyone with chronic nosebleeds have bloodwork done, to rule out bleeding disorders, and or other medical causes.


Is it normal to notice large blood clots when you experience a nose bleed?

I would like to know the answer to this question also. I had a very large blood clot that I pulled from my left nostril. Only one nostril was bleeding and stopped soon after.

my kids have the same problem. i don't see any answers posted. this must be fairly common if there are multiple posts.

When your nose bleeds, The blood cloting is what eventually stops the bleeding. I am not a doctor but It seems logical that you would see blood clots if you did'nt allow the clot to stabalize and harden before blowing/picking your nose.


This can be caused by the blood congealing in your nasal carriageway and coming out in clots. But see your doctor if its concerning you.

What could a small flat hard lump on the neck just under the ear associated with pressure in nose and tingling in nose and sore gums be if not cancer?

Probably an infected lymph node. ANOTHER ANSWER It could be caused by a sinus infection. If it does not go away and you still have sinus pressure, you should see a doctor, preferably an ENT (ear, nose & throat) doctor for an antibiotic. Sinus infections that are left untreated can lead to worse and more serious problems.

Can eating chocolate cause a nose bleed?

chocolate contains tyramine which can cause a mild increase in blood pressure(among other more pleasurable results). Because the blood vessels in the nose are extremely thin to begin with this heightened BP *could* be causing them to rupture, if for some reason you're one of those unlucky few born with abnormally thin blood vessels in your nose.

What causes constant headaches with nose bleeds weight loss and dizziness and tired all the time?

Hi there Anemia could be the cause and you need more iron, but there are so many things that can mimick this that it is best to go in and see your doctor. Don't be afraid of some dreaded disease. People get run-down and although you may eat well you can still become anemic and your doctor can help you out with this. Good luck Marcy

Can Afrin nasal spray be used as an aid to stop a nose bleed?

Nosebleeds will stop with pressure. Nasal sprays can help as they constrict the blood vessels. It is prescribed for people with problematic nosebleeds. You must be careful if you have high blood pressure or other health problems as specificed on the back of the bottle.

Decongestant nasal sprays work very well on even very bad nose bleeds. You should make sure, however, to purchase the "Pump Mist" type bottles vs the traditional type. Both will deliver the decongestant and stop the nose bleed, but the regular bottle can easily collect blood back inside if you're not careful.

Why would you get headaches and feel sick after a nose bleed?

If you are losing lots of blood, then you may be light-headed simply because of the decreased blood volume. This is similar to people feeling light-headed when they donate blood.

I would definitely see a doctor for these repeated nosebleeds. They could be a symptom of a more severe problem or cause another problem such as anemia.

I also swallow alot of blood, and will continue to bring it up almost a week later. In fact last time I brought up three blood clots the size of toonies. Is this safe. Should I worry about getting blood clots through my blood stream.

What causes a scab under my 3 year olds nose?

it could be an old rash or cut . has s/he had a cold recently because i know it sounds horrible but s/he might have picked there nose and the bogie might have gone hard so as she picked it it has cut it was this any help if so post back thanks joes

Does a baby's nose bleed after he has died from SIDS?

No a baby's nose does no bleed after dying from SIDS. It is as if they just drifted off to sleep. For the most part this is true, but there are times when, after death, blood does come out of the ears and nose.

What causes a nose bleed after having wisdom teeth removed?

Could be from the novicane shots, or shock to sinuses.

A good essential oil to stop nose bleeds?

To stop a nose bleed soak a flannel in one pint or six hundred mls of very cold water to which you have added six drops of frankincense oil fold it in half and place over the bridge of your nose and the bleeding will stop very quickly

What to expect after nasal cauterization?

Here are some answers from people who have the procedure done:

I had nasal cauterization last week. I had 3 blood vessels in my right nostril that kept bleeding very easily (even if I ate spicy food!). So, I met the doctor and got it cauterized in the same first appointment. The silver nitrate is so painful. It felt like I broke my nose and my right front tooth was killing me too. Not to mention I couldn't breath out of that nostril due to some type of dried discharge attached to the burnt area. I didn't want to mess the procedure up so I just left all that junk in there alone. 6 days after the cauterization I pulled all the crusty junk out and yanked off the burnt patch of nasal skin. Um, just to worn you the burnt nasal skin will be gray and you will see old very tiny blood vessels in it. It will be a weird texture. It has been 6 days since I had the lovely experience of nasal cauterization and now have no pain! Just hang in there it gets better with each day. It is VERY painful for the first 4 days.

I can agree with the pain mentioned. I was only 5 years old when I had this procedure done and I remember the pain very well. This was back in 1986 so I am sure medicine and methods have improved greatly but I would caution you to make sure to ask questions - a lot of questions. I ended up with permanent damage to my olfactory bulbs resulting in a loss of smell. It wasn't total loss - a doctor I saw recently told me it was probably around 75% (other things that have happened to me since have contributed to most of the rest of my loss of smell). This is not reverseable. Just make sure you ask questions.

i had nose bleeds since i was 4yrs.old, i am now 14 years old. At first, they would scare the heck out of me but with age i soon got used to them. Though, it scared the living crap out of my grandmother she would always have a fear that i would, one day lose too much blood , or become anemic. In the spring and winter i would get them as much as 2 times a day, though in other seasons i would get them every, lets say once or twice a month. It would bleed ,if i ate spicy food, if i had a runny nose, and just randomly and bizaarely without any motion at all, i could be standing completely still and it would bleed! Though, with age i found different ways to deal with it, i would always wonder why it would bleed. It would bleed for up to 30-45 minutes long and it would be quite a gush of blood, it would make me feel weak and tired. So one day i said enough when i was taking a bath and decided to wash my face and it bled! My mother did some research and found this procedure call cauterization. It was described as a painless, short, but effective procedure. I went to ENT and the day of consultation, i had the procedure done. First they immediately prepped for numbing, by placing tampons in my nose covered in numbing medicine. They then sprayed my nose with another time nasal spray. They then gave me a numbing shot in the nose. After that, they burned the blood vessel and i went home completely numbed out of mind numb! After the numbing wore off my nose began too run, but i am not allowed to blow my nose for a week, so it will continue to run. This procedure was done today! Then they cauterized nostril began to burn, it will burn more and get better each day the worst part is today. I have had headaches on and off, and have been in much PAIN! Though it will stop th nosebleeds. It was said i could not get my period until, my nose bleeds ceased because i lost too much blood through my nose and now i should have a period by June. If you choose to have this procedure it is effective but much PAIN is involved. I would recommend Advil for the head aches and ask for over the counter or perscriptionpain pills for the pain in the cauterized nostril.

I had this done 5 days ago and I never felt any pain at all. The Dr. put some numbing solution on a cotton ball and let it sit in my nostril for a few minutes and they he did his job and I never felt a thing! I have no pain. The only thing that bothers me is that I can't blow my nose for a week after the procedure is done.

Is it common for one to get nose bleeds after a concussion?

It is not common and may be a sign of a skull fracture. Go to the ER immediately. ____________________________________________________________________ Well I had a concussion today and about 10 minutes after had a pretty bad nose bleed. Now, later the same night im fine. I doubt I have any skull fractures, I think I would feel that..

Why would you continuously get sporadic nose bleeds?

High blood pressure can cause sporadic nosebleeds - a trip to the doctor will rule out this possibility. As well dry air or an injured nasal membrane can cause repeated nosebleeds. Applying petroleum jelly inside the nostrils will ease this condition.

Why do mountaineers suffer from nose bleeds at high altitudes?

At high altitudes, the atmospheric pressure is low, and as altitude increases pressure decreases. So if the pressure of atmosphere changes suddenly, the blood vessels on our body will burst due to pressure of the blood and other fluids inside.

What can cause severe nose bleeds with large blood clots?

I have the same problem (i.e. nosebleeds that last for 10-15 minutes and produce large, dark red clots). I saw an ENT at age 12 and he prescribed Allegra-D. If i follow the dosing schedule (1 pill twice a day) I have absolutely no nosebleeds. However, if I forget to take me medication, I can have a nosebleeds that will only end by blowing out all of the blood clot. To treat them, follow the normal remedy for nosebleeds first (sit down and tilt your head forward for about 5 minutes while pinching your cartilage) then attempt to blow out the clot. Make sure you use a paper towel or multiple tissues when blowing out the clot because they can be very large (my largest was as long as my middle finger) Causes can include a large blood vessel in close proximity to the inner nostril, a deviated septum, a clotting disorder, or hypertension. Another option that I'm currently exploring is nasal cautery, which can destroy the culprit blood vessel in the nose or at least reduce its size.

How do you stop a nose bleed?

Never tilt your head back, it can damage the lining of your stomach and throat. Okay next, lean slightly forward over a sink, yes it will drip out..for now. Next, use your index finger, and press hard below the boney part of your nose. Make sure you cut off the blood flow, hold this for about a minute. It should have stopped by now.

DO NOT blow your nose yet, as this will clear out the clot and cause the bleeding to start again. If this doesn't work, try the same procedure with ice applied to the ridge of your nose.

If all these fail, please call a GP or Local Hospital, especially if you are beginning to feel Dizzy or Faint, as these are signs off mass blood loss, and you may enter into the state of shock.