Oakley is a company which makes sunglasses, sports visors and ski goggles. Their sunglasses are considered among many to be some of the highest quality sunglasses on the market. Many Olympic athletes wear Oakley products while competing. Ask your question about Oakley Inc. and their products here.

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Will fake oakleys work with real oakley lens?

Sometimes yes but you should realize that Oakley frames are about 1/4-1/3 the cost of a pair of Oakleys. The lens is where the initial focus was, the frame is of course designed to be part of the work of art, but the lens itself is the essentially the art.

Is it legal to sell oakley lookalike sunglasses?

Yes, in any country that recognizes oakley's patents. Oakley pays ALOT of money for teams of lawyers to protect their investments and research. They constantly hunt down and prosecute any retailer who damages their reputation by selling poor-quality knock-offs.

What is Asian fit oakley sunglasses?

A smaller size and shorter lenses.(just a guess) also maybe a lens thats less vertical more horizontal. I wouldn't buy Asian fit because regular oakleys are fine.

How do you remove stripped T6 screws from Oakley sunglasses?

Hopefully you stopped once you realized it was stripped.

If you did then your best option is to use a T7 driver and first tighten it (turn it clockwise) so that it can grab onto the un-stripped portion of the head.

Then turn it (anti-clockwise) to loosen. Hope this helps.

I tried this on my stripped screw on the Juliets and it worked.

If it is stripped real bad and you went at it a few times then ideal would be to walk into an optical store and see if they can do it for you.


Where is the oakley factory at?

It is Located in FootHill Ranch California, specifically, One Icon FootHill Ranch.

How do you change lens on Oakley A Frame goggles?

- make sure the goggles are warm - helps the frame to bend so you don't break it

- pull (hard) on the top center part first

- once the top center frame has separated from the lens, work your way around the top corners of the lens, THEN the bottom corners.

- pop out the bottom center (near nosepiece) LAST.

when putting IN a lens, do the reverse, i.e., start by putting the lens into the center bottom (nosepiece) first.

Can lenses be removed from one frame and put in another frame?

Prescription lenses are ground to fit the frames. They may or may not fit the the new frames properly. The best thing to do is take the glasses and the frames to an optomotrist.

What does 55o20 mean on Oakley sunglasses?

This is actually the size information for your sunny. 55 (in mm) says the width of each lens, while 20 for the bridge lens. Normally there should be another figure there, 55/20/135, whereas the last number 135 means the length of the temples.

Please see related link below!

How do you replace stock blinker lenses with clear corner lenses?

On the stock lenses there should be a small little square covering. Pop that off and there is a screw. Unscrew that and then the lenses is lose and pull it out. When taking the bulb off twist it and slide out. Dont take it to a dealer, they will charge you for something that can be done in 15 mins. If you are wanting the clear lights you need to go to an auto part store and buy them, the orange bulbs are stock.

Can oakley flak jacket nose pads fit on straight frames?

No, the pad-to-frame has a different interface, though, the Straight Jacket nose pads will fit with the Scalpel frame.

How can you tell if oakleys are fake?

You can contact the company through their website:

How do you spot fake zegna suits?

Fake Zegna suits have a blocked, capital letter "E" on the label (Ermenegildo Zegna); the label of genuine Zegna suits sport the look of a long-tailed serif on the "E" (sticking out to the left at the top of the letter).

Can you replace regular oakley flak jacket lenses with polarized lenses?

Yes, you can go to Oakley .com for lenses, or to a Oakley or Oakley Vault store.

Do they make replacement earsocks for oakley straight jackets?

Yes they do. Call the 800 number on the website. They don't list it them on the website but they are available throught the warrenty dept. I just bought a pair. They are $6.00

What is the difference between cheap Polaroid sunglasses and Oakley sunglasses?

1) Brand name

2) Material-Oakleys are light weight and strong.

3) Oakley takes time to align the lenses so they dont distort vision.

Would a head measured 57 fit into a helmet sized 59-60 with a good fit?

Yes, simply add extra padding at the pressure points. Instructions are included in the packaging.

Can you get new lenses to fit eyeglass frames?

Yes but only if the frame is in quite good condition. If the frame is weak or has been damaged, it may not be able to take the stress of having new lenses fitted.

It also depends on the lens type. For example, you might not be able to have a pair of reading glasses fitted with varifocal lenses. If your precription has changed dramatically or the frame previously belonged to someone with a different prescription to yours, you may also have difficuties fitting new lenses.

You Optometrist will be able to advise you further. It is impossible to give a definitive answer without knowing your precription and seeing the frame.

Are Oakley oil rig sunglasses gang related?

Not at all! However tools often wear Oil Rigs.