Old Navy (clothing store)

Old Navy is an American clothing store with over 1,000 locations. It is owned by The Gap and was established in 1994.

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What time is old navy open until on Sundays?

Store hours vary by location. Sometimes it depends if the store is in a mall or a strip center. Some store hours recently changed. The store I work at had hours changed from 9am opening to 9:30am opening Mon-Sat, and new Sunday hours are 10a-6:30pm (formerly 10am-6pm). There are some stores that open fewer on Sundays, such as 12-5 or 12-6.

Call your local store for their hours. Some stores have a recording when you call and you can listen to the option for listening to store hours, or just ask the associate who answers.

What time does Old Navy open on December 26 2010?

Check the website , and look for locations and store times .

How are old navy boxers?

If you mean pugilists, it is known Gene Tunney served in the U.S.M.C.

Can you buy blank T-shirts from Old Navy then make your own creations with transfers and embellishments and then put your tag on it in place of Old Navy's?

Earlier answers have asserted that "If you buy it, then it is yours. However, if you plan to re-sell it, then you have to get permission from Old Navy. You can buy blank t-shirts from a wholesaler and all rights are yours." Also that, "It is perfectly legal to resell a T-shirt that has been altered or not. What the consumer may not do is manufacture "knock-offs" and present them as originals. If it were not legal to resell Old Navy or any other clothing or trademarked product, garage sales, thrift shops and so forth would not exist. The Disney Corporation has attempted to sue persons for copyright infringement for the using of fabrics printed with Disney characters on articles sold at craft shows. Needless to say they have yet to be successful, nor will they ever be. The law presumes once the person has purchased the item, it is theirs to do as they choose including reselling, dyeing, altering, or whatever." Nobody is saying you can't resell an Old Navy shirt, as long as it still says "Old Navy" on it, or has no label. The foregoing examples ignore the question's central issue of re-branding the T-shirts as your own. Could I purchase a high-quality product, repackage it under my own prestigious label, and simply sell quantities of it in competition with the original manufacturer, perhaps in markets they have not yet penetrated? It would certainly save my company time and expense in engineering and manufacturing! This is known as "reverse passing off." Instead of trying to make cheap knock-offs and "pass them off" as Old Navy (which would be a clear trademark violation), you are taking Old Navy shirts and trying to pass them off as yours. Even if it were somehow profitable, it would not be legal. This is called "false advertising", a type of "unfair competition," and is a violation of the federal Lanham Act, which prohibits false or misleading advertising as to origin of the product. The good news is that Old Navy probably couldn't care less; at least until they want to market their own line of T-shirts with "transfers and embellishments," and discover you're already there, taking away some of their profit. Where enough money is involved, lawyers are involved.

What time does Old Navy close on Thanksgiving?

Each store will have different hours, but they will be limited due to the fact that it is Thanksgiving. Call your local Old Navy and they will be able to tell you more.

Does Gap coupons work for old navy?

Even though these companies are owned by the same parent company, we recommend that you use coupons for the store that originally issued the coupon. We just recently added new Old Navy coupons as well as Gap Coupons.

Is Kim Kardashian in the Old Navy jean commercial?

No, that is not Kim Kardashian in the new Old Navy commercials. The actress is Melissa Molinaro (formerly known as Melissa Smith).

What time does old navy open on Christmas Eve?

According to the ad I saw tonight they are open 24 hours starting Thurs. night into Friday evening.

What time does old navy in barrie open on boxing day?

Why do you care enjoy holiday unlike the poor folks that work in retail and have no choice but to put up with the unruly customers that insist on shopping on this day.

Is Michael Bernino a male model for Old Navy and The Gap?

He looks like he is. I've only caught one commercial with him in it, but I'd say he is.

Does gap own old navy?

Yes Gap Inc. owns Old Navy. Gap opened the first Old Navy store in 1994.

Who is the male model in Old Navy?

I believe the male model, well at least one of the models is Gaspard Ulliel! :D He played Hannibal Lecher in Hannibal Rising.

Who sings the song on the most recent Old navy ad?

The Weepies The Weepies, it is called Stars

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"Stars" by The Weepies.

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Does Old Navy sell non stretch jeans?

You may occasionally find some jeans at Old Navy made from typical old-fashioned denim that is non-stretch. Stretch denim is very fashionable right now though so it may be difficult. Always check the tag or online description to be sure.

Is there an Old Navy in Kelowna BC?

no, there is not.

it's too bad, they would do wel

and it would do great in Kamloops as well

Is any Old Navy store in Europe?

No. There are "Old Navy" stores in USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. There is also a large store in Tokyo, Japan

Old navy employment application?

All applications to work at Old Navy are handled online at under Careers.

Job applications for old navy?

Old Navy handles all applications online at Typically, seasonal hiring happens 2-3 times a year depending on each store. For Holiday season hiring, that typically starts in October.