Olympics Boxing

Boxing has been played in the Summer Olympics since 1904. However, it was not played during the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm due to a Swedish law, which banned the sport at the time.

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Olympics Boxing
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Which animal waddles?

Ducks and geese

Olympics Boxing
Muhammad Ali

What were some of the hardships and struggles Muhammad Ali had to overcome?

he was black

Muhammad Ali may be the most controversial and prominent boxers of all time. His life was filled with both struggle and adversity, but in the face of it all he managed to rise above each challenge one by one despite the odds against him. As a young black man growing up in rural America you can imagine already that it was tough. His life in boxing began fighting the bullies who taunted him and that ultimately gave him the drive he needed to become one of, if not, the greatest boxer of all time. When he was only 12 his bike was stolen while he was with a friend at a thret He was boiling with rage when he got the news, he encountered Joe Martin afterwards, a police office who told him to learn boxing before he thought of fighting anyone, especially in revenge. He eventually developed Parkinson's disease and Hernia, when asked in an interview if he had any regrets he replied "My children, I never got to raise them because I was always boxing and because of divorce,". He was always on the road with his boxing career, so his time with his children was quite limited. He said this when asked if he regretted ever getting in the ring "If I wasn't a boxer, I wouldn't be famous. If I wasn't famous, I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing now."

Olympics Boxing

What is an example of malleability?

Malleability is the property of a substance that can be deformed or shaped without shearing or breaking.

Some example are;



Play doh and clay.


Olympics Boxing

How do you get dream boxing on Mario and sonic Olympics?

It is possible to unlock it.

You need to do all unlocked events and you will unlock it on DS anyway!

Olympics Boxing

Who was the first boxer to win 5 world titles at different weights?

tommy hearns

Olympics Boxing

How many medals did Indian boxing team win in the Doha boxing tournament?

four gold, one silver and two bronze medals .


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