Olympics Table Tennis

Table tennis has been played in the Summer Olympics since 1988, with singles and doubles competitions for men and women. Players from China have dominated the events and won a total of 41 medals in 24 competitions.

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How popular is Ping Pong in the world?

Table tennis, also known as Ping Pong (a trademarked name), is one of the most popular sports in the world in terms of player numbers, as well as being one of the newest of the major sports. Primarily a recreational sport in the United States, table tennis is a major competitive sport in Asia and parts of Europe. In 1971 the sport achieved a great measure of publicity when, while touring Japan, a U.S. table tennis team was invited to play in China, thereby initiating the first officially sanctioned Sino-American cultural exchange in almost twenty years. Table tennis took its place on the Olympic program in 1988. Ping-pong is the most popular in China and some countries in Europe. Table Tennis is the second most popular participation short in the world next to Soccer. Definitively determining what sport is most popular is next to impossible. In many countries, people like several sports. For example, in the US, if you ask what the most popular sport is to a given person, they may say football or basketball. How do partition their preference? Do you count each as equal, or say count 70% of a vote for football, 30% for soccer? If you argue that you take only their most favorite, then some interesting consequences arise. For example: The population of China is over 1.3 billion people, or 1300 million. As noted in other answers, ping-pong is the most popular sport in this nation. If you make the assumption that in ALL of Europe, soccer is the most popular, then you could attribute about 700 million people to that sport. If you make the same assumption for South America, the other large soccer hub, then another 350 million soccer fans can be counted. Added together, this is about 1.1 billion or 1100 million fans….less than the population of China. This disparity only gets smaller when you survey other Asian countries, which rank among the most populous by far, since they either also chose ping pong, or other sports entirely (baseball, cricket). When viewed analytically, it is very hard to justify the often used statement that soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It is in fact ping-pong! This statement is made is generally unchallenged since the echoes of European imperialism still haunt us all, and many still take a very Euro-centric view of the world. To them, if it is not the rage in England, France, or Germany, it is not happening. However, the world is more than Europe, and Asia does matter, which is becoming increasingly more pronounced as we move into the twenty-first century.

Where can you find rules about tennis?

There are so many rules to tennis that you definitely won't be able to memorize them all. Plus, people constantly debate about certain rules because they have learned the rule incorrectly. You can find rules about tennis from a wide variety of sources. You can check out the rules online from the International Tennis Federation. Check out their website at You can find out the ins and outs for every rule in tennis. This can be very helpful especially if you play in tennis leagues. Tennis league players can be very competitive and will be concerned that they are following each rule to a tee. You can also consult a local tennis club and/or tennis pro for help on rules. It is great to speak with a live person because they will explain the rules if you don't understand them. Sometimes you think you understand the rule correctly when in fact you don't! Also read "Tennis" magazine. They usually have a section that goes over tennis rules that are commonly debated among tennis players.

How do you return a topspin shot in tennis?

the way you return a topspin shot is to make sure that you take the ball as early as possible. Usually just as its about to rise.

Who plays table tennis?

Everyone can play the game table tennis. In this game there is no age and gender restriction.

This sport is originate in Britain and played among the upper class as an after dinning parlour game.

The main motive of table tennis game is to hit the ball with the sticks with some kind of rules.

Who are the most famous lacrosse players?

Matt Ogalsby is very famous!! #88!!!!!

Jim Brown, the famous NFL running back from the 60's, was an excellent lax-er at Syracuse University

Jay Silverheels (Tonto for the Lone Ranger) was a professional Canadian box lacrosser

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In addition to Jim Brown, Wayne Gretzky was an accomplished lacrosse player, he credits lacrosse for his excellent passing ability. In fact, many NHL players played lacrosse. Brendan Shanahan, Doug Gilmour, Cliff Ronning, Joe Sakic, Steve Larmer, Collin Patterson, Tim Hunter, Paul Kariya, Don Cherry, Gary Roberts, Adam Oates, Paul Coffey, and Joe Nieuwendyk are just a few examples.

The most famous players without fame in other sports are probably the Gait brothers, Paul and Gary. They played at Syracuse and won a couple of NCAA titles, then played in the pro American pro box leagues, winning titles there with Philadelphia and a couple of other teams.

The Powell brothers, who also attended Syracuse, are also famous. Mike, Ryan and Casey were all notable players.

There are others who are famous in certain regional areas.


Where did table tennis originate?

Table tennis has its origins in England as an after dinner amusement for upper class Victorians in the 1880s. Mimicking the game of tennis in an indoor environment, everyday objects were originally enlisted to act as the equipment. A line of books would be the net, a rounded top of a Champagne cork or knot of string as the ball, and a cigar box lid as the paddle. The popularity of the game led game manufacturers to sell the equipment commercially. Early paddles were often pieces of parchment stretched upon a frame, and the sound generated in play gave the game its first nicknames of "whiff whaff" and "Ping pong". A number of sources indicate that the game was first brought to the attention of Hamley

What is the best quality table tennis ball?

The Nittaku 3 star ball was generally considered the best ball in the world until ball size increased in the year 2001. Since then quality of balls has been generally lower.

Nittaku Butterfly and Stiga 3 star balls all have good repuations.

Over 2/3rds of the worlds table tennis balls are made in the DHS factory in China and DHS 3 star balls are also high quality.


What do the table officials do?

Officials at the table are responsible for keeping track of points, fouls, and time.

In netball fouls are called contact and these are not kept recorded. It is up to the umpire to penalise a player if they believe they are contacting too much. This means that the table officials only keep track of the score, time and sometimes even who's centre pass it is.

What is the best way to remove stuck foam residue from a foam-backed table pad on a wooden dining table?

Try using a little denatured alcohol that can be bought at paint store hardware store, but try it out on an inconspicuous spot on the table, first, because alcohol is the solvent for some finishes, particularly shellac. You may be able to carefully remove the residue with an all-pupose scraper and sticker remover. Make sure you use a brand-new blade, and work very slowly and carefully so as not to mar the finish. You may find that lemon oil will act as a solvent of the residue while not affecting the finish. (The lemon oil may actually improve the finish in that area and impel you to apply it to the whole surface.)

The winner of the first olympic table tennis games?

Table tennis was introduced to the Olympics in 1988. Gold medals were won by:

Men's Singles: Yoo Nam-Kyu, South Korea

Men's Doubles: Chen Longcan and Wei Qingguang, China

Women's Singles: Chen Jing, China

Women's Doubles: Hyun Jung-Hwa and Yang Young-Ja, South Korea

Are you allowed to wear white in table tennis?

I don't think it really matters what colour you wear in table tennis.

Can you lose game point on a serve in Ping Pong?

If I say yes then there will be no claim in that. This is a very complicated topic which many of the players don’t understand. However, if the service is illegal the player deserves the warning and also the subsequent point loss.

Why is table tennis an Olympic sport?

Have you ever tried playing an Olympian in Table Tennis? It's an Olympic sport because it takes skill to play it.

What are table tennis tables made of of?

A table tennis table playing surface must be made of any continuous material.

Table tennis tables are available with tops made of plywood, particle-board, plastics, metals, concrete or fibre-glass.

However, for major tournaments, only wood or wooden derivates may be used for the playing surface.

Who are the officials in the game table tennis?

Table tennis officials are as follows: 1) Tournament Referee 2) Match Umpire 3) Assistant Umpire 4) Line Judge (optional)

Do you have any sample oath of sportsmanship for billiards?

just remember there is a shooters respect.if someone is over a ball,dont walk in front of him,or if you are in line of the pocket,stay still...and call a foul on yourself when you make them,win right and keep playin.

What three sports that uses a racquet?

The three sports that use a racket or racquet are: # Badminton # Table Tennis # Tennis

Who was a famous tennis champion?

Roger Federer won Olympic Gold in the Men's Tennis Doubles

What are the rules in tennis?

The rules of tennis are quite simple. The game itself is complex.

Rule 1. Opponents stand on opposite sides of the court. The player who delivers the ball to start the point is called the server. The player who stands opposite and cross-court from the server is the receiver.

Rule 2. The right to serve, receive, choose your side, or give the opponent these choices is decided by a toss of a coin or racket. If the choice of service or receiver is chosen, the opponent chooses which side to start.

Rule 3. The server shall stand behind the baseline on the deuce court within the boundaries of the singles court when playing singles and within the doubles sideline when playing doubles. See court dimensions. All even points are played from the deuce court and odd number points played from the advantage court. The server shall not serve until the receiver is ready. Serves are made from the deuce court to the opponents service box on the deuce court. Advantage court to advantage box. If the server misses his target twice, he loses the point. If the ball hits the net and goes in the correct service box, another serve is granted. If the server steps on the baseline before contact is made, the serve is deemed a fault.

Rule 4. The server always calls his score first. If the server wins the first point, he gets a score of 15. Scoring is done like a clock. See example below. Love means zero in tennis. The second point is called 30. The third point is called 45 (now-a-days known as 40) and game is won when the score goes back to love. If the score is 40-40, also known as deuce, one side must win by two points. Advantage-In means if the server wins the next point, he wins the game. Advantage-Out means the receiver has a chance to win the game on the next point.

LOVE 15-30-40

Rule 5. After the game, the opponents serve. Game equals 1. The first to win 6 games, by two, wins the set. The first to win 2 sets wins the match. If the score is 6-6, a tie-breaker is played. This is scored by one's. The first team to score 7 points winning by two wins the set. The tiebreaker continues until one side wins by two. Hence, Game-Set-Match.

Rule 6. If the ball goes into the net, or outside the boundaries of the court, the player who hit that ball loses the point. If the ball hits the net during the point and goes into the opponents court, the ball is in play. A player loses the point if he touches the net, drops his racquet while hitting the ball, bounces the ball over the net, hits a part of the surroundings such as the roof, or a tree, the ball touches him or his partner, he deliberately tries to distract the opponent.

Rule 7. A let is called during the point if a ball rolls on the court or there is a distraction from someone besides the players on the court.

Rule 8. A ball that lands on the line is good.

Rule 9. If players serve out of turn or serve to the wrong person or court, the point or game will stand and order will be resumed following the point or game.
The tennis rules are easy. * The main thing about tennis rules is hit the ball over the net by not letting the ball out. Usually tennis court are covered in green, so don't hit it on the other color. * The second thing you will know is serve, in tennis, you can only serve in the box on the court. The box start to count around the single line and the middle line, go find a picture and you will know what I'm talking about. You have two chance for serving, if you hit the net and get in the box, that is called let. And that doesn't count as a service. * And next on, always stand behind the baseline when serving or it counts as a fault. If you touch the net the point goes to the oppent. Don't wear clothing that has a big logo picture on. Don't talk in the middle off a point.

Who is considered the world's best tennis player?

Serena Williams for the womens. And Rafael Nadal for the mens. As of right now. But if they were both to be put in a match to see who the best tennis player is..., boy it would be a showdown, but Serena Williams would come out on top. Some may say that it is a opinion, and "no, we will never know for sure." I say. But you can go and look up the facts for yourself, and I will watch you fail to find anyone better than the two of these LEGENDARY TENNIS PLAYERS.

-By the way, this wasnt answered by crystal, it was answered by me, Dan Hunter