One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a popular teen drama on the WB that first premiered in 2003. The show follows high schoolers in a fictional town in North Carolina.

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One Tree Hill - how many siblings does Hailey have?

It is said that Haley has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. But only sisters Taylor and Quinn have been seen on the show, and they were the only ones present when their mother died.

Is Karen Roe going to die in 'One Tree Hill'?

No, Karen Roe is not going to die. She is currently travelling.

What kind of car does peggy hill drive on king of the hill?

AnswerPeggy Hill drives a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne

No, it's a Buick. I'm not sure what model or year because they don't mention it in the show but there is an episode where Hank says that Peggy's car is a Buick.

Let's put it this way, The car is clearly a General Motors product from the mid-80's. There was a time when Hank clearly referred to Peggy's vehicle as a Buick, but, in the episode where Peggy is discouraged about not being able to find shoes that fit, a woman walks up to her car, when Peggy turns to look at her, you can clearly see the Pontiac logo in the center of the steering wheel. So this, like many other continuing themes in King of the Hill, is a matter of dispute.


Peggy Hill drives a 1982-87 Buick Regal 4dr sedan G-body. That is NOT a Pontiac logo you supposedly say, you saw... it is a Buick symbol. The car could also be a 1980-81 Buick Century 4dr sedan G-body... But the Regal took over that bodystyle, when the Century went FWD in 1982. One episode, Peggy says something about the BUICK, I think when she comes inside while Hank is in the house.

In the later episodes, Peggy trades her Buick in on a black Chrysler Sebring JXI convertible. That's the episode, where Hank pays full sticker price for the car... and he thinks the salesman he knows, is always giving him a good deal... when actually, the guy charges him full price. lol

Who played Dante on One Tree Hill?

Paul Johansson I think?

no Paul Johansson plays Dan Scott.

He has also directed a few episodes..

Rick Fox played Daunte

Does Peyton die on One Tree Hill?

No, Peyton doesn't die. She has her baby, Sawyer, at the end of season 6. Her, Lucas and Sawyer then drive off in the comet, and don't come back in season 7 or 8.

Does Jamie die on One Tree Hill?

No. Jamie Scott did not die on "One Tree Hill" he was in a serious accident tho. but no he did not die.

How many children does Haley Scott have in One Tree Hill?

She has one but is pregnant with her second child.

The actress is pregnant in real life but doesn't have any other children.

What channel is One Tree Hill on in Australia?

In Australia they only play One tree hill on Austar on the Arena Channel.

Why does Jonah Hill have a scar on his arm?

**Per an article in Rolling Stone via The Huffington Post**

He received the scar when going through a rebellious teenage stage (his mom was diagnosed with cancer and he began to act out) by joyriding with his friends. He hung his arm out a car door while his friend was driving reckless and they both got into a terrible accident. The injury to his arm was so bad, the doctors almost considered amputating his arm. Since the accident, Jonah says he completely changed his outlook on life and vowed to succeed, even when teachers told him he wouldn't amount to anything. He never wanted to put his parents through anything that would cause them grief ever again. His mom's cancer has since been in remission.

In One Tree Hill season 4 will Brooke and Lucas be together if not explain to you why?

They will not be together because they go to the high school's basketball dinner together. And Whitey gives a speech about his first love. And how you can never forget your first love. After the dinner Lucas takes Brooke home and they realise that they are not each first love and just should be friends. But Brucas still rules.