Otto Von Bismarck

Otto Von Bismarck was the first Chancellor of Germany after uniting several Germanic states into one unified country. Under King Wilhelm the First, he brought the first welfare system to the modern world. His statesmanship and political prowess remained much admired into the twentieth century.

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What are the similarities and dissimilarities between the methods adopted by Otto Von Bismarck and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?

As regards similarities between Bismarck and Patel, I have no specialized knowledge. Both of them used a 3-stage system for uniting their countries; 1) Invite Union, pointing out the advantages. 2) Take advantage of the fact of human nature that people who will not unite FOR anything will unite AGAINST something - Austria/France, or Britain/Pakistan. 3) By the time only a few states are left outside the Union, the Union will be strong enough to incorporate the rest by force.

Who was Otto von Bismarck?

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) was Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince von Bismarck, Count von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke von Lauenburg.

Bismarck was a Prussian statesman who in 1871 founded the German Empire and served as its first chancellor for 19 years.

Through German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's (1815-1898) efforts, Germany was transformed from a loose collection of small states into the German Empire, the strongest industrialized nation in continental Europe. A unified Germany permanently changed the European balance of power. Though Bismarck dominated German and European politics for nearly 30 years, his career was a series of paradoxes. An ultraconservative, he initiated social and welfare reform. A master politician, he despised parliaments and parties. A Prussian patriot, he created a German empire.

Why does Otto von Bismarck say that they had to be careful not to upset the Austrian empire too much?

First, I must point out that it was the Austro-HUNGARIAN empire, not just Austrian.

Bismarck wanted to keep on good terms with Austria because it could be and would prove to be, a powerful ally. It also shared a long border with Bismarck's Prussia and the other German states that had already been unified, opening the possiblity of invasion as revenge. And if Bismarck wanted to isolate France to make it easy to beat, Austria-Hungary had to like Germany better than France. Destroying Vienna would not make Germany seem better than France to the Austro-Hungarians.

What methods did Otto Von Bismarck adopt to unify and integrate Germany?

Bismarck used Realpolitik, ruthless politics that puts the goals of the state ahead of any other concern (basically "ends justify the means" politics.) Specifically, in addition to ignoring Prussian law when he felt it necessary, he manipulated his way into wars--with Denmark, Austria, and France--to stir up German nationalism so he could accomplish unification. Bismarck also used the policy of Kulturkampf. This is a struggle for culture. He did so by attacking the Catholic Church, which creates a common enemy amung the North Germans. He eventually fails, but this common enemy helps to unify Germany. The Zollverein Trade and Tariff Union was an economic aid to Bismarck's unification of Germany. It brought down the barriers between states and helped to create an interdependence amung them. He emphasized a common history amung the Germans. He used Brothers Grimm, which were two brothers that wrote a collection of German fairytales including Rapunzel, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, and Snow White, to show that even though the people of Germany may be different, they were still very much the same. They had the same customs, language, and traditions. The wars that Otto von Bismarck manipulated his way into were also a way of unifying Germany. Win after win got the people of Germany stirring about their great army and navy. He removed the threat of Austria, then took land from the Danish, and beat out the French. Bismarck successfully conquered the European world and united Germany.

What are examples of Bismarck's use of realpolitik?

1. He showed the use of Realpolitik when he ignored Parliament with the passing of military budget.

2. Bismarck made an alliance with Austria, then they both seized land from Denmark. After a brief war, both countries "liberated" the two provinces and split the spoils. Then Persia found an excuse to attack Austria and was victories then he dissolved Austria led German Confederation and replaced it with a new confederation dominated by Prussia. Which shows that he used Realpolitik to make and break alliances for his countries needs at the moment.

3. France declares war on Prussia was a war that even when he is the one getting declared war on that he can use Realpolitik to get his alliances with other German countries to help defeat the French's badly organized and poorly supplied troops.

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Why is otto von Bismarck famous?

Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898) is famous because as Prussia's 'Iron' Chancellor (1862-1890), through a series of wars he united the various German states of the mid 19th century into a single unified German Empire. He made Germany a single nation for the first time in its history. That is why he's famous.

What policies did Otto von Bismarck implement domestically?

He was one of the first proponents of a stated retirement age. He chose the age of 65. Interestingly enough, the average life span during his time would not have impacted that age because people did not live that long.

Describe how otto von Bismarck contributed to German unification?

he collected taxes and stengthed the army from 1862 to 1866 ,he governed prussia without approval of the parliament

What nationality was Otto von Bismarck?

Otto Eduard Leopold, Fürst von Bismarck, was Prussian.

Who was the job of Otto Von Bismarck?

He was Chancellor of Germany during his period.

What did Otto Von Bismarck achieve?

Well, He created the modern German state in 1871. Before him there was no unified German State only princely states.

What were the role of sardar vallabhbhai patel and Otto von Bismarck in unification and integration?

the role of sardar patel is to generate the leadership among all the citizens of India

What was the the German question that faced Prussia in the middle of the nineteenth century?

The so-called "German question" that faced Prussia in the middle area of the 19th century was complicated by internal political disputes. This involved the possibility of the eventual union of the 39 German states, and by what means such a goal could be achieved. The issue divided the liberal and nationalist bourgeoisie of Prussia with the conservatives. It was also complicated by the number of German states and how that negotiation would sit with the various states not to mention the impact that would involve the Hapsburg Empire.

What was reportedly the joke created by Otto Von Bismarck concerning the British army?

No one doubted the power of the British empire in the 19th century. And it was well known that the size of British armies required to properly control the empire required much fewer military forces than what might be normally expected. At the time of Bismarck, the continental armies of the European powers were huge. Reportedly when Bismarck was asked what he would do if the British army landed on Germany's coast he replied that he would have them arrested.

Why was Otto von Bismarck important to Germany?

Because he was the main actor in the unification of the German Empire, during the second half of the 19th century.

He led a serie of war against Denmark, Austria and France in order to unify, under the Prussian control, the German Empire. He will be the first Reichskanzler (imperial Chancelor) in 1871 after the German victory over France and the annexion of the Alsace and the Lorraine lands.

How did Otto von Bismarck bring about the crowning of King William of Prussia as Kaiser of the second Reich?

Otto von Bismarck created the German empire and became its first ruler. He was removed from office by King William in 1890. King William then became Kaiser of the Second Reich.

How tall was otto von Bismarck?

Otto von Bismarck was 196cm tall or 6'5".

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