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Ozzy Osbourne made his name as vocalist in pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Since then he has worked as a solo artist and become a mainstream celebrity due to the MTV show 'The Osbournes.'

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Ozzy Osbourne

What is the name of Ozzy Osbourne's group?

Ozzy Osbourne is the name of the band.


He recently reunited with his old band, Black Sabbath on 11/11/11. - Havok

Ozzy Osbourne

What Ozzy Osbourne nickname Prince of Darkness head of a what?

He bit a head of a bat on stage because he thought it was a plastic toy. Many of his fans were throwing fake and real animals onto the stage. He also bit off a Doves head during a meeting with a record company to show that no one should mess with him.

Ozzy Osbourne

When did Ozzy Osbourne divorce his first wife?

Ozzy was officially divorced by 1981. He then married his wife now Sharon Osbourne on July 4th 1982.

Ozzy Osbourne

How many movies did Ozzy Osbourne star in?

He has not stared in any movies he has only had small parts. For example in the movie Little Nicky he plays himself for 3-5 minutes of the movie. He also appeared with his wife Sharon and two of his children (Jack and Kelly) in an Austin Powers movie. It was removed from the actual film. And on Feb. 11th 2011 he is in a childress movie called Gnomeo and Juliet. He plays the voice of a deer.


He had a new movie about Ozzy that came out recently that was directed by his son, Jack. It was called God Bless Ozzy Osbourne. - Havok

Ozzy Osbourne

How long has Ozzy Osbourne been famous for?

1968 - till now

Ozzy Osbourne

What is Ozzy Osbourne's favorite drink?

He liked Beer, but he does not drink anymore because he is sober now from Alcohol and Drugs.

Ozzy Osbourne

How tall is Ozzy Osbourne really?

According to both filmbug.com and how-tall.com, Ozzy is 178 cm, or 5'10" tall.

Ozzy Osbourne

How did Ozzy receive his name?

It was a childhood nickname.

Ozzy Osbourne

Why does Ozzy Osbournes hands shake?

He has a very rare desease called parkins syndrome. Its is NOT the same as parkinsons disease. They are only about 5 people known to have this condition in the world. The desease attacks your nerves. It is managable. In order for Ozzy to have gotten this disease both his mother and his father had to carry a rare gene.

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Ozzy Osbourne

About how much money would a WWF Championship foam belt made bought and played with from 1988 be worth?

I'm not sure, but if you want to sell it, put it on ebay.com and find out. Depends on the condition it is in, how many are still floating around out there and what kind of demand there might be for such an item. Having the original packaging would probably increase the value a bit. If it was still in its original package and unused it would be worth more. eBay might be your best bet as the previous poster suggested. Or maybe a toy/collectible/sports memorabilia convention?

Ozzy Osbourne

Is Ozzy Osbourne Jewish?


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Who is the girl in Ozzy Osbourne no more tears video?

His daughter kelly.

The girl the question asks about IS Kelly Osbourne... she's at the very end of the video. As far as the children and their ages, Elliot Kingsley born in 1966 (this son is adopted,) then came Jessica in 1972 and Louis in 1975. After that came Aimee in 1983, Kelly in 1984, and followed up by Jack in 1985. This puts Kelly right at 7 years old when this video was released.

Ozzy Osbourne

Did Ozzy Osbourne have a drinking problem?

Ozzy Osbourne used to have both a drinking and drug problem. (However, he has overcome those boundaries.)

Ozzy Osbourne

Does Ozzy have cancer?

No. Ozzy never had cancer, but his wife Sharon Osbourne had colon cancer a while back. She has since recovered fully and they both are living healthy.

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Is Sharon Gless still married?

Yes Sharon is still married, to Barney Rosenzweig the creator of C&L.

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What was The Clash's set list from the 1983 US Festival?

set list1- London calling

2- This is radio clash

3- Somebody got murdered

4- Rock the casbah

5- Guns of Brixton

6- Know your rights

7- Koka kola

8- Hate & war

9- Armagideon time

10- Sound of sinners

11- Safe European home

12- Police on my back

13- Brand new Cadillac

14- I fought the law

15- I´m so bored with the USA

16- Train in vain

17- Magnificent seven

18- Straight to hell

19- Should I stay or should I go

20- Clampdown

Ozzy Osbourne

What is the real name of Ozzy Osbourne?

Ozzy's name at birth was John Michael Osbourne, as per allmusic.com. Technically Jonathan Michael Osbourne. He got Ozzy as a childhood nickname from Osbourne.

Ozzy Osbourne

How did Ozzy Osbourne's mother die?

His mother died from Diabetes and kidney problems.

Ozzy Osbourne

Did Ozzy osbourne bite the head off bat?

Yes, however it was blown way out of proportion and made to seem as if Ozzy sacrifices and consumes bats on a daily basis. This is ridiculous. The occurrence was a one-time thing that happened during one of Ozzy's shows. While heavily intoxicated, he bit the head of a bat which was thrown onto the stage by someone in the audience. He later stated that he had thought the bat was fake until after he had already bit into it.

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Ozzy Osbourne

How old is Ozzy Osbourne?

John "Ozzy" Osbourne is 69 years old (birthdate: December 3, 1948).

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Ozzy Osbourne

How old is Sharon Osbourne?


Ozzy Osbourne

Did Ozzy osbourne bite the head off of a bat?

Yes he did, at one of his concerts in Des Moines, Iowa. Accidentally. At certain shows Ozzy would throw raw meat at the crowd before the band started playing. Every now and again the fans would throw stuff back. They would throw raw meat and rubber animals. One fan threw a live bat on stage. The bat, stunned by the stage lights, did not move a muscle. Ozzy, thinking it was a rubber bat, bit the head off. After this he was promptly rushed to the hospital and was given multiple shots to prevent rabies. He also bit the head of a dove off during a CBS meeting, but this wasn't on accident. He bit the head off of the dove to induce a sort of shock factor, because he was getting angry with the managers and producers. He was also very intoxicated and/or under the influence at the time, as he explains in his recent autobiography; 'I AM OZZY'. Many critics believe that this helped to spark popularity when he began his solo career.

Ozzy Osbourne

What is Ozzy osbourne favorite color?


Ozzy Osbourne

What group did Ozzy osbourne sing in?

1.Rare Breed

2.Polka Tulk Blues changed to Earth changed to Black Sabbath

3.Blizzard of Ozz which is now Ozzy Osbourne(the band)


Ozzy has just recently reunited with Black Sabbath on 11/11/11.

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Who is the actress in Ozzy Osbourne's a shot in the dark video?

Pamela Anderson


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