Panfu is a safe virtual world of social networking with free and paid memberships. Panfu is geared toward children, but is open to everyone for learning in a playful atmosphere. Each member can create a panda as a personal avatar and chat with other members, making friends and playing games in different places of the Panfu island.

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What game is snake from?

It depends on what you are asking, if you are talking about the video game character Solid Snake, he is from the Konami produced game Metal Gear. If you are asking about the origins of the game Snake (that is the game where you are a snake which has to get food and not run into yourself or walls) that game was produced in 1976 by Gremlin Industries under the title Blockade.

Where is the terrace on panfu?

The terrace is in the castle, to get to it you have to go to the courtyard in the castle and then go up the stairs.

Where is the small stony plate on Panfu?

The stony object is in beauty salon in the counter. I found it

How do you logout on panfu?

well. there is a re button on the right corner and if you click on it your account will be logged out

thank you

Where is the ballroom on Panfu?

first go to the terrace at the castle, then go to the door at the right and side then there it is.

How do you change a panfu panda into a spider panda?

First you have to be on level 14.

Then you click on actions witch is a little icon at the bottom of your panda's happiness it looks like a mini panda putting up his hand

Click on it and hover over the top icon.

it looks like behind a panda is lit up green

then scroll across and there should be an icon that looks like a spider click on it an you should turn into a spider but when it weres out u cant turn your panda back for three hours

If you see me on Panfu add me or send me a card or come up to me and say you helped me turn into a spider

lots of love Alex715

How do you get a free item on panfu?

you can get it from the item machine. there is always one every week.

Is panfu a good website?

Yes! Of cours is a good website! It's not just good, it's great, it's awesome, it's fun, it's cool! You can play with your own panda, play games, talk with friends, own your own tree house, own your very own pet wobby, do exciting quests, be a gold panda, earn panfu coins to decorate your tree house and buy stylish awesome new clothes for your panda to wear. It's really really really easy to earn and get panfu coins! All you half to do is have fun playing cool exciting panfu games! There is like over 100,000,000 things to do on! The thing is, you never get board! All is you do, is have fun! I would say to be honest, is my number / # one (1) thing on the computer to be on. And there are over 100,000,000 other cool websites to be on, but I would say to be honest with you, Panfu is like the only one I am EVER EVER on! It's awesome! Join today! Click, Join, Play, Have Fun! At: You can have all the fun you want! Make a new account, enjoy it!

Panfu Rules The World!

Panfu Rocks The House Out!

Panfu Is My #1 Game I Ever Play!

Panfu, I'm Glad Ella And Max Created You!

Panfu, You Make Me Not Half To Suffer From Boring-Ness!

Panfu, Your The Best!

Those are some very, very, very, very, very, very nice things OTHER people on Panfu has told me. It's true. And, I will add one in my self...

Panfu, This World Would Be Nothing With Out You!

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Cheats for the big foot quest on panfu?

1. Go to Bigfoot in the Caribean Beach.

2. Go to the fisherman in the harbor.

3. Go to the Jungle Cave, Second Door to get the fishing rod. Then, give it back to the fisherman.

4. Do not go play a game, unless you want to. Go to some other room and go back to the fisherman. Collect your fish.

5. Go to Bigfoot. He will deny your fish.

6. Go to Chef Bruno. Talk to him or her.

7. Go to the beauty salon and get the bottle of oil on the table. (Seriously, who puts Olive Oil in a Beauty Salon?)

8. Go back to the Restraunt. Come back tommorow.

Day 2

1. Go get the Fish Fingers from the Chef.

2. Give it to Bigfoot. He should stand up.

3. Talk to Him.

4. Go to the Swimming Pool and Talk to the Lifeguard.

5. Go in the Locker.

6. Click on the flashing locker.You will need a key to open this locker.

7. Come out of the locker and talk to the Lifeguard Again.

8. Talk to Kamelia in the Castle Tower.

9. Come back tommorow.

I don't know how you're supposed to figure out to talk to the lifeguard without a hint. I just got it by luck.

Day 3

1. Go to Kamelia and collect the keys.

2. Click on the locker in the locker.

3. You will be in a hallway.Click on the Door.

4. Click on the eight puzzle pieces.

5. Talk to the lifeguard and go to the library. The ninth piece should be on a table.

6. Go back to the locker and complete the puzzle.It might take you a couple tries.

7. Once you are done, head out and click on the door again.

8. You will land in a new room.

9. In the room, you will see a arrow on the floor. Click on it.

10. Answer the Questions. Answers:

What is a Panda's Favorite Snack?


In which country do Pandas live in the wild?


What is the Latin Name for Panda?

I think it's the first one...

11. The Door should open. Go in and you will see the hair dryer!

12. Click on.the plug.

13. You should see a puzzle. Click the rows of words until you make the word "Stop."

14. Go back to Bigfoot and talk to him.

15. Grab a stick from the Pony Yard

16. Give it to Bigfoot

17. Go to Lili in the Beauty Salon.

18. Come Back Tommorow.

Day 4

1. Go to Lili in the Beauty Salon and get the Canvas.

2. Give it to Bigfoot.

3. Go to the Ice Cream Parlor, Throw a Water Balloon in the Ice Machine, and there you go! This is kind of hard to figure out is you're new.

4. Give it to Bigfoot.

5. Yay! You've Finished the Quest! Collect your Igloo Treehouse! This, im my opinion, beats EVERY SINGLE Prize Panfu ever gave us! (No offense, but I think prizes like a alarm clock, wreath, and statue are slightly lame!)

How do you finish spies in bitterland on panfu?

Just do what max says. That's all there is to it really. So have fun with the quest!

Are there any games like Panfu?

theres a really cool game called pandana dress ur panda play games go fishinf and allfree plus its a safe vertual world

Can you cheat on panfu without getting banned?

No u can cheat like ask pandas or read blogs but its not stardoll

How to make a day go faster in Panfu?

You just have to have a shorter session. Or u could plan a timetable and do it quicker than usual!

Panfu - Where is The Boat Key?

It is on the volcano with a F and duck key chain