Papa John's

Papa John's is a pizza delivery chain restaurant. Papa John's is the third largest takeout restaurant in the United States. Papa John's was founded on October 2, 1984 and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. There are over 2,600 Papa John's in the U.S., and more than 500 internationally.

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Where can you find Papa John's Pizza uniforms?

If you are not an employee of Papa Johns then I would suggest looking on Ebay for Papa Johns clothing. If you are an employee then you should be able to purchase your uniform from your employer and have the cost deducted from your paycheck.

Papa Johns frowns upon non-employees wearing Papa Johns logo clothing.

Who is the founder and spokesman of Papa John's?

"Papa" John Schnatter founded Papa John's Pizza in 1984. John sold his '71 Camaro for enough money to buy out the owner of Mick's Lounge shortly after his graduation from Ball State.

Which is better Papa John's or subway?

ive heard pappa johns is really bad, but subway isn't good either, they don't give you any meat and if u try to get a salad there they use the same lettuce as they do when they put it on the sandwiches

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Who is the actor that does the Papa John's pizza commercial?

John Schnatter founder of Papa John's, no really that's him; but those commercials where recorded 20 yrs ago

Is Papa John's pepperoni made with goat meat?

yes papa johns peperoni has goat meat in it,but it has other meats in it too.

How many calories in one slice of Papa John's pizza?

Well one I tire pizza is like 200 something calories so maybe just divide

How large is a Papa John's small pizza?

It's about 10 inches and cut into 8 slices

Does papa john serve cooked pizza?

I believe that this is all they serve... But, if you were thinking of Papa Murphy's, then, no. They only serve pizza you must bake yourself.

What is Papa John's corporate email address?

Papa John's International, Inc.
P.O. Box 99900
Louisville, KY 40269-9990
(502) 261-4000

Are there vegan options at Papa John's Pizza?

The crust and sauce is, as well as the garlic dip!

How do you complain papa johns?

Call papa johns headquarters to complain about any franchise because many frenchises hide discount offers

What is papa johns number?

All depends on where your at. Try looking it up on Google, (like "Papa Johns, Chicago or whereever your from"...

How much does a Papa John's medium pizza cost?

I think it is 11 dollars because when I order one thats usually the price but if u dont belive me just chek the wedsite

How large is a Papa John's extra large pizza?

The Extra Large pizza is 16 inches and has 10 slices. The Small is 10 inches, medium is 12 inches and large is 14 inches.