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Paul McCartney is an English composer, musician, singer-songwriter and painter who achieved worldwide popularity as a member of The Beatles. He later had a successful solo career and was named by BBC News as the “greatest composer of the millennium”.

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How much is a Beatles record worth?

Like all records, the value would depend on the record's condition, how popular (and more importantly, how collectible) the artist is, and whether the record is rare (some records only had very limited pressings, for example those made before an artist became popular).

Most Beatles records aren't worth nearly as much as anticipated or hoped for by sellers, because so many copies were sold originally, and so many people saved theirs in like-new or unplayed condition, expecting them to be worth money someday. The records also stayed in print for twenty years and more; later issues are often mistaken for earlier issues by non-collectors.

Consult an expert, or rather several experts if you want to get the best price. There are websites that give that information. Just enter the name of the album in, and it should direct you to site that gives you the info you seek.

You can also look up the discography in Record Collectormagazine, or that magazine's Rare Record Price Guide book. (The prices listed are not what you will get, selling the record to a dealer; they are more a guide to what a collector can expect to pay for one.)

Any of the websites linked below may be able to provide the value of your record.

You will NOT get book value for a record that is not mint. You will NOT get book value on a record that you sell to a shop or dealer. Just keep all of that in mind if you decide to sell it.

It would depend on the condition of the album. There is a website,, that has a lot of that type of info.

Usually around 12 or 13 dollars

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Which of the Beatles are still alive and which are not?

Paul McCartney and Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) are still alive. As of November 2010, McCartney is 68 years old (although in the late sixties there were (ridiculous) rumours that he had died and been replaced in the Beatles by a doppleganger) and Starr is 70.

John Lennon and George Harrison are dead. John Lennon was murdered outside his New York home on the 8th December 1980, at age 40. George Harrison died of cancer on the 29th November 2001, at age 58.

Of their earlier pre-fame members, Stuart Sutcliffe, their original bass player, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1962 at age 21, and former drummer Pete Best is still alive at age 68.

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What does Paul of the Bible mean I die every day?

This is ok: when he said I die daily he meant he no longer lives for himself but every day he becomes closer to God by doing God's will and not his own.

This is not correct: Paul was also referring to the daily possibility of his martyrdom. 1 Corinthians 15 v31. 2 Corinthians 11 details some of the suffering he endured over a period of time.

This is the real answer:

We are all pieces of divinity playing the game of life. The purpose of any real spiritual path is to become closer to the God from which we came. In order to do this we must let go of the false misconception of ourselves. We must come to terms with things. We must come to the realization that we are not our mind, our body, or some external position. In the process of doing this it is as if the old self is dying. You may continue to exist in a certain body and do certain things, but you become unattached to them, as they are no longer you.

This is a continual process, because to exist in this world you must be something. So no sooner have you shed one identity than you have a new one that is closer to God. Unfortunately it is already obsolete and must be let go. Letting go is the reality of spiritual growth, to continually let go of the identity that binds you to this world. This is much like it feels at the moment of physical death, the realization that the person you were is gone and you must let go and face the unknown future.

On the spiritual journey it is possible to look back a week, a month, or a year and see distinct identities that you were but now no longer are. They have all died, as will the identity you wear today. In a way you do die every day.

Clarification & Commentary: I am thinking of the quote from the cartoon character POGO who said "we have seen the enemy and he is us". Ultimately, we are "all . . . [pieces]. . . of divinity" because we are not merely body and soul, but are also spirit. "God is a spirit" and is likewise referred to in Hebrews 12:9 as "the Father of spirits". The specific aspect of our experience that is to "die daily" is condensed in the term "I" when Paul said in Galatians 2:20 "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me". IMHO, the "I" that Paul referred to may be rationally understood as our acquired ego identity and development; in other words, the person you have become over a lifetime of conditioning, how you were rasied, the language you speak, enculturalization, psychological formation, emotional development, and your volitional self determination; this is what we have the proclivity to cling to. The "I" or self reflects the sum of our behavioral uniqueness; including the cognitive (mental), affective (emotional) and volitional (will) aspects of our overall humanness. So, as you "continually let go of . . . [this very] . . . identity that binds you to this world", it is more and more replaced with the indwelling Christ, our entrance into a relationship to the Spirit of God, producing the spirit of life, spiritual mindedness, the fruit of the spirit, peace, joy, discernment, etc: In terms of our spiritual growth, it's like shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear so your car will run more smoothly at a higher speed. Unfortunately, most people do not make the shift, do not die to self, remain fixated and imprisoned to only what they know and what they can grasp, to a lifestyle of self-absorption and consequently remain both in this world and a self-limiting byproduct of it. Our lives become more of an incidental reflections of our culture bound awareness instead of the growing purity of consciousness toward the new life that Christ can and will produce in us. One reason we voluntarily accept Christ is because this frees us from conformity to the world, and provides a powerful alternative; a new and transformed life.

Footnote: I do not quote scriptures to preach, but as textual references to help authenticate my viewpoint in the ongoing 2000 year old dialogue of Christian faith that has lasted since the beginning of the ancient church.

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Is Jesse McCartney related to Paul McCartney?

No, they are in no way related and Jesse has said that several times.They both just happen to be incredibly talented guys with the same last name. However the two have met in an unusual circumstance leaving Jesse completely in awe. Jesse was recording at the Henson Studios when he was working on his second album, "Right Where You Want Me" trying to write a song and Paul McCartney came down the hall singing. Jesse was amazed.

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Why isnt Paul McCartney wearing shoes on the cover of Abbey Road?

Paul has stated before that it was a hot day and he just took them off and there was no reason behind it other than that.

Many people thought that the cover of Abbey Road was a clue to the 'Paul is Dead'

urban legend. Him having no shoes on and being out of step with the rest of the band was supposed to mean he was the dead one.

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How many number one hits did the Beatles have?

20 #1's in the US

17 #1's in the UK

NOTE - The Beatles album "1" is a compilation of all Beatles songs that made it to Number 1 in either the UK or the USA, a total of 27 tracks.

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How many octaves can paul McCartney sing?

he can sing over three and a half octaves in full voice, and over four octaves with the inclusion of falsetto.

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What Paul thorn song did Paul McCartney sing?

(I Have a Good Day) Every Now and Then

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How much Money does Paul McCartney make a day?

Documented evidence says: $200,000.

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Does or did Paul McCartney smoke?

Yes, he did. He quit about 7 years ago.

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When did the Beatles break up?

As Abbey Road was coming out, John Lennon told Paul McCartney "I think you're daft" when they met to discuss future projects, but didn't declare it openly; Allen Klein was renegotiating their record contract, and it would have hurt their bargaining position. Paul McCartney announced his departure in April 1970, as he released his first solo album... and after their contract was renegotiated.

Most people remember McCartney as "quitting first"; he admitted years later that Lennon was the first to go. Lennon was bitter about McCartney's announcement: "I was a fool not to do what Paul did, which was use it to sell a record." McCartney also hated the changes Phil Spector made to "The Long And Winding Road", but could not stop the Spector version's release.

In December 1970 McCartney began legal proceedings to officially dissolve the Beatles as a legal entity. (He said later "I felt like an arse, suing my best mates and being seen to sue my best mates.") Their partnership was not legally dissolved until 1975.


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How much does Paul McCartney weigh?

Paul McCartney weighed 180 pounds when he was in the Beatles

158 pounds

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Was Hoagy Carmichael's song Linda written about Linda Eastman?

According to the All Music Guide, Hoagy Carmichael didn't write any song entitled Linda, so although Carmichael was apparently a client of Linda Eastman's father, it's doubtful the song including the lyrics "When I go sleep, I never count sheep..." by Jack Lawrence and Ann Ronell

was written about Linda Eastman.

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What was the Beatles' first number one hit?

It's either "Please Please Me" or "From Me To You." The reason for this is that until 1969, there was more than one singles chart. "Please Please Me" was number one in most charts, but not the one that's used now.

Horse Isle Answer: Please Please Me

UK = The Beatles' second single, "Please Please Me", released 11 January, 1963, hit #1 in the UK (for two weeks!) in February of 1963.

US = The Beatles' first single, "Love Me Do", released 5 October, 1962, hit #1 in America in 1964.

However! 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' was charted as Billboard's #1 for seven weeks in 1964, starting the 'British Invasion', topped the UK's charts, and became The Beatles' best-selling single world-wide...

Please access the related links below for further information:

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How many children does Paul McCartney have?

Paul adopted Heather (See), Linda Eastman's firstborn, then they had Mary in 1969, Stella in 1971 and James in 1977. Paul married Heather Mills who had Beatrice in October 2003 as well.

One of McCartney's former girlfriends in Germany claimed he fathered her daughter; he supported the girl until her teens, when they demanded more money. He belatedly asked for a paternity test and it turned out she wasn't his child.

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Did Paul McCartney have any brothers or sisters and if he did what was their kids names?

Paul McCartney had no siblings.

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Why did Paul McCartney visit Rollins college?

Rollins invited McCartney because they want him to teach a credited course at the school that has to do with the Beatles and their impact on the rock movement.

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Why did The Beatles break up?

They grew apart, like any longtime group of friends. They'd been (mostly) together since school, and were closing in on thirty years old. (Ringo and John were 29, and Paul and George were 27, though Paul was 8 months older.)

They knew each other too well, and didn't inspire each other much anymore. They also had different interests and professional goals. (The split was basically between Paul, John and George.) Many people blame John Lennon's second wife, Yoko Ono, for coming between him and the other band members. However, the actual reasons are far more complicated.

Many different factors contributed to the breakup. In 1966, the Beatles stopped touring and playing live. In 1967 their manager Brian Epstein died, and without him the Beatles found it even harder to work together. From 1967 to 1969, each of the four Beatles began working on their own private projects, and this led to conflicts of interest. Why should they work with the other band members when they could be working on their own personal careers?

George Harrison was becoming increasingly resentful of Lennon and McCartney. Harrison had become a talented songwriter in his own right with such songs as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"; however, his songs were frequently snubbed and left off the band's albums. Other musicians like Eric Clapton and Billy Preston gave him the respect Lennon and McCartney never really had.

Each individual Beatle was beginning to move in different musical directions. Lennon was interested in avant-garde and experimental music, and his artistic taste was influenced by Yoko Ono. McCartney remained interested in pop music, while George Harrison had experimented with Indian music. These differing tastes made it very hard to put together a cohesive album. This is especially noticeable on the White Album, which has a very random mix of musical styles.

The Beatles were also disappointed with the fortunes of their company, Apple Corps. Their varying goals and ideas for Apple never led to a consensus, and the company itself became a financial sinkhole, paying for many projects that never got underway, and overpaying many of its staffers to do little or nothing for the company, while its more dedicated employees (many of whom had known the Beatles long before they were famous) could not make ends meet on their meager salaries.

Perhaps the straw that broke the camel's back was the Get Back sessions. McCartney, who was the unofficial leader of The Beatles after Epstein's death, called his bandmates together to rehearse songs for their next project. Tensions came to a head, first at Twickenham Studios (where George Harrison walked after eight days, saying he'd had enough), then at Apple, where their planned recording studio turned out to be an unworkable nightmare.

In reality, Yoko Ono had little to do with the breakup, though she did encourage her new husband to go off on his own, if he wasn't satisfied as a Beatle. The British public blamed her for splitting up Lennon's marriage to Cynthia, and Lennon's letting his more artistic side show, and they let her and Lennon know this whenever possible. The other Beatles also resented her presence at recording sessions, and speaking critically of their new music. (This she came by honestly, as a classically-trained pianist.)

Linda Eastman, daughter of show-business attorney Lee Eastman and McCartney's new wife, was also blamed in part for breaking up the band, as she encouraged McCartney to follow his instincts. McCartney saw Eastman as capable of rescuing Apple, but he was turned down by his bandmates, who decided to sign with Allen Klein, an accountant turned artist business manager. Eastman and Klein each fought for control of Apple, and the Beatles's fortunes. In the end, nobody won.

McCartney has said that in retrospect it was like being army buddies; at some point you leave the army and marry and have a normal life. There is a lot to be said for this theory; its been observed that bands often split up when major members reach 28 years old. Lennon was 28 when he stopped working with Paul. Geoff Emerick noted that towards the end, how good the band sounded and that it was a pity that they hated each other!

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When did Paul McCartney form Wings?

Paul MccCartney formed the band Wings in 1971.

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Who is linda cohn married to?

linda is married to jonthon

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Is Paul McCartney a European American?

Paul McCartney is a British citizen. He is neither a citizen nor a resident of the United States, though he does own a ranch in Arizona and a house in Los Angeles.

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Where can you find anything about the Despeaux Shipbuilders in Baltimore?

There is a great deal of information available about Joseph Despeaux in the Baltimore area. The Maryland Historical Society has 2 collections of business & personal papers as well as several portraits of various family members and a model of a ship or 2. The University of Baltimore has records of the Despeaux business and the Maratime Museum in St. Michaels also has related artifacts. A nice summary of how Joseph Despeaux wound up in Baltimore and his influence on the industry was published by the MD Historical society in the 1930's and copies can still be found if you do a little digging.

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Why did paul McCartney and wings break up?

After John Lennon was murdered in 1980, Paul McCartney no longer wanted to tour. This caused Denny Laine to quit the band...which resulted in the dissolving of the band altogether.

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Who is Rumpelstiltskin?

Rumpelstiltskin is a fairy tale character, not a real person.

In the tale Rumpelstiltskin, a miller boasted to a king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. As a result, the king locked the girl up with straw and a spinning wheel, and told her that she must spin the straw into gold or die the next day. While the girl is lamenting her fate, a dwarf (Rumpelstiltskin) appears, and offers to help her. However, the price of helping her is her first born child. Out of despair, the girl agrees.

Miraculously, the dwarf spins straw into gold! The king marries the girl, and soon the new queen is pregnant and gives birth to a baby! When Rumpelstiltskin comes to take his reward, the mother doesn't want to give the baby, so he tells her that she has three days to guess his name. The first two days, she fails to guess his name correctly. In the final day a servant overhears the dwarf sing a song that contains his name, and tells the girl (who is now a queen), so she gets to keep the child. Rumpelstiltskin disappears angrily, never to be seen again.
are you asking for rumplestilki or Rumpelstiltskin. i think that's how you spell his name.

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Where is Paul McCartney's father buried?

James McCartney was cremated at Landican Cemetery, near Heswall, on 22 March 1976


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