Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is a rock band who started in 1990 and continue to present, their genres are hard rock and alternative rock. Selling over 60 million records worldwide some consider Pearl Jam the most popular rock band of the 1990s. They have been nominated and received multiple awards over the years. All questions concerning the music, members and history can be found here.

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What album is Pearl Jam's No More on?

There is a live version that was released on the album Body Of War: Songs That Inspired An Iraq War Veteran. Also it was made available on the Into the Wild Soundtrack if you purchased the deluxe version through Itunes. There are actually 2 versions with it. A live recording and a studio recording.

Is Jeremy by pearl jam about columbine?

No as Jeremy pre-dates Columbine and was written in 1991 and is about two differing true stories.

What pearl jam album is rise up on?

It is a song from the soundtrack for the film Into The Wild, written by Eddie Vedder. And it is officially titled "Rise."

How many albums has Pearl Jam sold?

they have made eight albums which are ten,vs,vitolagy,no code,yield,binuaral,riot act and pearl jam. they are the best band in the world and good charlote suck

Which is a better band green day or pearl jam?

Pearl Jam is a Grunge Band, Green Day a Punk. Punk is a very simple music style, grunge isn't. Basically Pearl Jam's music is more complex. So Pearl Jam is a better band. But in the end, it's all about taste.

What movies used the song Stand by your Man in them?

'The Crying Game',

'The Blues Brothers',


'Sleepless in Seattle',


'Hidden Palms',

Pearl Jam sang a song called?

Pearl Jam have had a number of albums, and many songs that got played on rock radio: some of their most-played songs are Daughter, Jeremy, Alive, Last Kiss, and Even Flow.

When did the band pearl jam form?

When Chris Cornell and some members of Mother Love Bone(MLB) finished Temple of the Dog, with Eddie Vedder as guest singer. Chris Cornell played in Sound Garden. Stone Gossard(MLB), Jeff Ament(MLB) and Eddie Vedder started Pearl Jam with Mike McCready.

What is a foo fighter?

An unexplained aerial phenomenon first reported during WWII that consisted of small lights or fire balls that seemed to dance around aircraft over Europe. They were thought to be some form of German secret weapon and remain unclassified or unidentified (UFO's).

What album was footsteps by pearl jam on?

It was an outtake from Ten.

It appeared as a B-side to Jeremy and is available on Lost Dogs, Rarities album.

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Which is better pearl jam or foo fighters?

foo fighters are better and pearl jam has like seven guitar players and foo fighters still makes louder music

How much does pearl jam make in a year?

i heard they make about 900,000. that's just what i heard

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What are the names of the band members of pearl jam?

Eddie Vedder

Mike McCready

Stone Gossard

Jeff Ament

Matt Cameron

What is the strumming pattern Jeremy by pearl jam?

I think Jeff Ament speaks to Jeremy's surprise hit, for it simply uses one chord/key and defies all the "standards" of song writing.

On what album was 'Kick Out the Jams' by Pearl Jam?

The song is not credited on any of their albums. They sung it on the "Vote for Change" Tour. Their doesn't seem to be any "Vote for Change" tour album. You can go to Youtube and see their live performance of the song.

What is the pearl jam song Jeremy about?

It is based on a real incident in which a boy went to school and shot himself in front of this class.

Who was the drummer for pearl jam?

Dave Krusen, Matt Chamberlain, Dave Abbruzzese, Jack Irons, Matt Cameron