Peg Kehret

Peg Kehret is a children's book author and survivor of Polio. Her popular works include Abduction and Stolen Children.

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What facts about Peg Kehret?

this my jackdaw porbject
her dad died from altimers sickness

What is Peg Kehret's official fan mail address?

Peg Kehret
P.O. Box 303
Wilkeson WA 98396

Peg Kehret is no longer able to answer every letter that she receives due to the large volume of letters she receives.

What is the summary on Stolen Children by Peg Kehret?

Fourteen-year-old Amy Nordlund desperately regrets that morning she spent with her father. Because of a stupid, completely avoidable mistake she made, her dad postpones leaving for work to lecture her on responsibilities. Not only do they have an argument, but it also turns out to be the last thing she says to him, as he dies in a car accident on his way to work.

Since her dad died in a car accident, Amy has been working hard to help her mom with expenses, and she has vowed to earn enough money by summer's end to pay for her own school clothes. Somehow, Amy and her mother wade through the grief and guilt, and try to go on with their lives. Amy is determined to make up for her mistakes and prove to her father that she can be responsible. She signs up for a babysitting class in hopes of earning a bit of money to help with some of the bills.

Then she lucks out and her babysitting class teacher recommends her for a new job. So she is happy to take a last minute babysitting job for the afternoon with the Edgerton's daughter, Kendra. Amy is hired by Mrs. Edgerton to fill in for her regular nanny. Three-year-old Kendra's parents are rich; they even keep the expensive kind of ice cream in the freezer. And Kendra is a complete doll, easy to take care of, very sweet and even goes down for her nap without any fuss. But that's when the simple part of the job ends. Unfortunately, plans have already been set in motion to make this a job that will challenge Amy in ways her babysitting course didn't prepare her for: the Edgerton's vacationing nanny, Darielle, has schemed with her small-time crook of a boyfriend, Smokey, to kidnap Kendra and hold her for ransom.

Even though the nanny broke up with Smokey, he has moved ahead with the plan and uses the duplicate house key Darielle made for him to walk in and take Kendra while she's napping. Amy discovers the attempt is also taken hostage. Two strangers burst into the scene and kidnap Amy and Kendra. Originally, Amy hadn't been part of the plan, but the kidnappers decide to take advantage of another ransom. They take the girls out to a remote cabin without any electricity or running water. Amy had to risk it all to escape the clutches of the two men with Kendra.

For nearly the next week, Amy finds herself struggling desperately to keep the toddler calm and keep them both from being harmed or even killed as two desperate, greedy men try to get money in exchange for their safe return.

Armed with misinformation and a weapon, the men take Amy and little Kendra to a remote cabin in the woods. There they make videos of the girls and mail them to Kendra's wealthy parents in an effort to get ransom money. Amy tries her best to keep Kendra clean, fed, entertained and relaxed while struggling to remain calm herself. The two kidnappers videotape them and send DVDs to the Edgerton's to convince them to pay a ransom for Kendra. Amy cleverly uses the filming to communicate clues through games she makes up to play with Kendra. As days pass, time is running out. The police are following the clues, but maybe not fast enough. Just when the kidnappers are ready to bolt, Amy makes a desperate last attempt to escape with Kendra. The abductors plan to use a series of videos to increase the parents' fear and anxiety, leading up to demanding the ransom. Amy realizes that the men have no intention of allowing her to leave.

Desperate to do something, Amy cleverly designs some clues to slip into the videos, hoping her mom and best friend will figure them out and pass them on to the police. As Amy is trying to send the clues through the video she decides to try to run and get help. They don't make it that far before the two kidnappers notice they are gone. They tried making a big arrow out of sticks and leaves to mark where the planes will notice so they can get help. After several of her escape attempts fail, Amy is forced to make one last, desperate move. She makes more clues in the videos without the kidnappers figuring out. Finally, one of her clues pays off and a break is made in the case. They are finally saved by the police and Smokey, Hugh, and Darielle are all in jail. At the end Kendra and Amy are saved with no harm to them.

How many kids has Peg Kehret had?

Peg Kehret has two children , Bob and Anne, with four grandchildren

What is the resolution in the book stolen children by Peg Kehret?

Amy and kendra escape in the new car tthat smokey stole and drove toa corner until they saw an airplane and the airplane noticed them and officer rockprrt arrested smokey and Hugh and returned Amy and kendra home safely.

Who are the characters in the book Stolen Children by Peg Kehret?

Amy,Kendra,Hugh,Smokey,Detective Rockport,Darelle , Jeff , Leeann, Jane , Freida, Mrs. Nordland , Mrs. Edgerton , Mr.Edgerton

Type of conflict is in the book stolen children by Peg Kehret?

That the girls were ungenious and got pranked so easily.

What is the setting in the book Stolen Children?

The setting is at the abandond cabing far in the back of the woods
In a cabin in the woods
The setting of Stolen Children by Peg Kehret takes place at the Edgerton's house. It also takes place at the cabin.

Who are peg kehret's kids?

Their names are Bob and Anne. They are both adopted. Anne is also the older one. They are now grown and married and they each have kids. Peg has 4 grandchildren named Brett, Chelsea, Eric , and Mark.

How does Peg Kehret come up with story ideas?

Peg Kehret does 5 min. of non stop writing. She writes about random stuff. Also, she has an idea box where she puts everything she finds interesting. She finds the ideas everywhere.

Where did Peg Kehret go to school?

Peg Kehret went to school at Ruckers.

What are some quoits from the book abduction by Peg Kehret?

That's as good as a theory as any officer Calvin said

What is peg Kehrets brothers name?

Peg Kehret's brothers name is Art its says it in the book Small Step the year i got polio