Persian Cats

Persian cats are characterized by shortened muzzle, pear-shaped face and long hairs. It is named after the former name of Iran, Persia. In Britain, Persian cats are called Persian Longhair or simply Longhair.

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How often should a Persian cat be groomed?

Most cats loved being brushed , so in case of a Persian breed every day will be a necessity because of their beautiful long coat( look at my bio page)Romeo is a long haired Tabby and His Royal Catship get brushed every day!!!)

Are Persian cats neat?


Yes. My Persian is very tidy. He doesn't make huge messes.

I had two normal Persians and a peke face and a Himalayan (half Siamese half Persian) and they're pretty clean. They love to be kept neat and tidy.

What is the life span of an ordinary house cat?

from the humane society web site:

"The estimated average life span of a free-roaming cat is less than three years-compared to 15-18 years for the average indoor-only cat."


Anywhere from birth to about 20 or 25 human years depending on the cats health, past records, and how well it is bein gtreated now!


In captivity, indoor cats typically live 14 to 20 years, though the oldest-known cat lived to age 36. Domestic cats tend to live longer if they are not permitted to go outdoors (reducing the risk of injury from fights or accidents and exposure to diseases) and if they are spayed or neutered. Neutered male cats cannot develop testicular cancer, spayed female cats cannot develop ovarian cancer and both have a reduced risk of mammary cancer.


Our cat lived to be 18 human years old. He was both inside and outside the house. He just passed this last week.

Comment: Omg! I'm so sorry about your cat!!

Comment also:My cat Toby, he had lived only 10.5 years...

he was an indoor cat...

I know how you feel!

PS: He died about 3 years ago... I wrote this on 3-3-10.

How long do Persian cats live?

Persian cats can live up to 30 years, which is almost impossible, but it is true. Usually cats live from 15 to 36 years.

How old is the oldest living Persian cat?

I have a Persian named Max, born June 1990 just turned 19 years living in Michigan.

How long can Persian cats live?

Like humans it's about genetics and animals can have health issues and live only a short time, but the average for a Persian is the same as most cats ... 15 - 16 years, but many will live to be 20 years old if they are a house cat. I had a cat who was just turning 21 when she had to be put to sleep and she was a black Persian.

Persians are also known for having kidney problems. If you have a Persian make sure to give him/her fresh water at least daily and ensure that they are hydrated to prevent accelerated kidney complications.

How treat flesh wounds on Persian cats from grooming?

bag balm. Apply a gob of bag balm to the area. It is safe for cats, if they ingest it by licking it off, it will not hurt them, and it is very thick and they have a hard time getting it all off. It also has healing and antibotic properties.

Can you be allergic to one cat and not another?

yes you can because of their hair. someone can be just allergic to long haired cats or long and short. it is gennerally just their fur, so if they got a hairless cat they wouldn't be allergic to it because it's not the cat its the fur/dandruff.

What is flat top cats?

Answer flat top

Hip teenagers of the 50s who had crew cuts hairstyles shaved flat on top. UK singer Frankie Vaughan had a song 'My Boy Flat Top'.

Where do people let Persian cats live?

Persian cats usually are home cats. They are not out door cats.

How much does a full grown Persian cat weigh?

A healthy full-grown cat of any breed should weigh in between 7 and 10 pounds. Less than that is usually considered underweight. Over that is overweight on certan cats depending on body type, although cats with a fuller body type can weigh up to 12 pounds without being considered overweight.

A Persian is usually of a rather large build, and so may weigh 12 pounds. Persians also have a lot of fur, which has its own weight. I would say typically a Persian weighs somewhere in between 10 and 14 pounds.

What does a neutered cat look like?

Like any other male cat, but without testicles.

Actually a cat usually develops more bulk along it's face giving it's head and body a fuller appearance if you don't neuter your cat until about 7 months or later. When it's neutered early it retains that kitten look to it's face and usually has a smaller head.

This is due to testosterone levels, the kind that make human boys turn into men.

Unneutered cats are usually larger because of testosterone, and they're also aggressive. Mating cycles with female cats do some really weird things to their appearance; a female in heat is a stressful time and many will all their energies in trying to attract a mate. Some do not eat or groom at this time and so become thin and unkempt. Please spay or neuter regardless.

Do Persian cats require a lot of attention?

you need to bathe them alot because if you don't, they get mats really bad. Persians sleep ALOT and don't really need that much attention.

Are cats racist towards Persian cats?


Cats do not feel such emotions as racism, and if one cat doesn't like a Persian cat there is another reason.

What is the best food for Persian cats?

A Raw diet (including muscle meat, ograns and bone) is the best food for a cat or kitten as this mimicks what a cat would eat in the wild and provides nutrients in the most natural way possible.

If a raw diet cannot be given, however, commercial cat food can be fed. In general, the best prepared cat foods are the ones with a very high, named-meat content. They should be labeled by source, such as: Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit, Lamb, Tuna, etc., as the first, or second ingredient. Reject brands with ingredients such as Grain, Corn, Wheat Gluten, Cereals and Various Sugars as these ingredients have very little or no nutritional value for cats. Wet foods are often much easier to find than dry foods with these specifications.

The amount of moisture in cat food is also very important, if not one of the most important part of a cat's diet. Dry food contains no moisture, so is quite dehydrating. Cats are notoriously bad drinkers, even when they are thirsty. This is because they have evolved to get all their needed moisture from their prey (their ancestors were cats that lived in very dry and arid environments where water was hard to come by), so therefore have a low "thirst drive" and will not often seek out water on their own. This is a trait that has been passed down over the thousands of years.

Canned or pouched food has anywhere between 60 to 80% water. Seeing as in the wild a cat's prey is around 65%-75% water, wet food provides a cat with more than enough water each day.

Many brands of dry food, including but not limited to; Purina, Friskies, Whiskas, IAMS, Science Diet, etc., regardless of price, contain high concentrations of carbohydrates, or fillers; such as corns, grains, and cereals. Cats can't digest these, and often gets stored as fat or expelled. These fillers are used instead of meat because, compared to meat, it is less costly, and helps to hold the kibble together. However, some high quality dry food brands such as Orijen, Innova and Applaws are free of grains and cereals.

Cats need meat-based protein, not plant-based protein. Cats will often overeat on lower quality foods because they are not getting all the nutrients they need, which can result in obesity and other health problems (meaning a shorter life span).

Lastly, the notion that dry food cleans a cat's teeth has not been proven. Kibble is hard and brittle, so it shatters at the tips of the teeth - providing little or no cleaning friction. Dental issues usually start at or under the gum line, so kibble is usually ineffective. Some cats don't even chew; they will just swallow the kibble whole. However, some cats will have perfect teeth while the dental health in others will deteriorate, no matter what food they eat. If a cat's teeth are to last through its lifetime, it requires regular dental care.

For high-quality Cat food there is: Blue Buffalo, Felidae, Weruva, California Natural, Instinct, Prairie, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack, Wellness, EVO, Grau, Animonda Carny, Bozita, HiLife, Feline Fayre, to name a few.

What does a Persian cat look like?

Here is a picture of one...

They are not always white, they can be amny different colors.

How often do Persian cats get sick?

A lot like 50 times a year. its super creepy cuz then they die.

Where are Persian cats from?

Persian cats come from Persia, modern day, Iran.

How often do you wash an indoor Persian cat?

As you might be knowing felines hate water. But as it has lots of fur you should groom and shampoo it regularly. Brush it at least once every day. But, as your pet is an indoor cat, it might not be getting too dirty. Therefore, I suggest you should shampoo it once a week.