Pet Adoption

Pet adoption usually refers to the process of taking guardianship of and responsibility for a pet that a previous owner has abandoned or released to a shelter or rescue organization.

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How to make pet adoption?

This depends upon where you are adopting an animal from. If you are getting the animal directly from a previous owner, unless there is an exchange of money or registration papers, you simply collect the animal from the previous owner and declare it yours.

If you are adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, you often have to fill out adoption paperwork and pay an adoption fee. However, the process is typically relatively painless (although I do know of some rescue groups that do unannounced home visits to make sure you have the proper resources to care for your prospective pet) and can usually be completed within a half hour.

How do you find an adoption center?

In the United States, you can either do an internet search or check your local phone book.

What is the procedure to adopt an animal from a shelter?


You go into your ASPCA (U.S.) or SPCA (Cdn) and let them know whether you want to look at large, medium or small dogs. They will let you know if any are available and what area you can go into to see the dogs in their cages. There is a little sign on each cage and some dogs have a name (others don't), whether they are male/female, possibly age if they know it, and if the dog has any health issues (they must tell you this as the vet checks them over.)

If you find a dog you may be interested in they will lead the dog out on the leash and accompany you outside so you can get a good look at the dog, walk around with the dog and see if the dog fits into your family.

I wish you good luck.


It depends on where you live. Contact your local shelter. Ours in Brazos county Texas, you have to fill out an application, they look it over, you pick out your pet, then you pay. A couple of days later, after they are fixed, you can pick them up and take them home.


Each shelter has their own rules. Some require a minimal application process and the animal can be taken home that same day. Others require references, and many will require a home inspection to see if the environment is suitable for a pet.

Where in Mississippi can you adopt a horse?

I would start with an internet or phone book search - there are probably several horse rescue groups that may adopt out rescued horses. Other than that, start asking around stables and watching the local classified ads - sometimes there are horses listed as "free to good home" or for very little money (sometimes just a few hundred dollars).

How much do money do you need to adopt a dog?

Most dog shelters charge 30.00 to 50.00 dollars to adopt. This includes shots and tags. Some also give a discount coupon so you can get the dog fixed if it isn't all ready.

Does pet adoption cost money?

Our rescue organization charges a $90.00 adoption fee which includes vaccinations, rabies shot and spay/neuter. Some organizations charge more, some less. Adoption fees usually depend on the cost of these services. Usually, adoption fees are still less expensive than providing these services through your personal vet.

It depends on your source. If you get it from a friend it'll probably be free, or if it's from somebody else who puts up a sign and needs to give away dogs or cats it will most likely be free. If you get a purebred it wouldn't be considered an adoption and would be very expensive. If you get it from a shelter then it varies. Some shelters might give them away free, but I think that is only if they just found it and haven't paid for anything yet. But they would probably be cheaper.

Keep in mind, however, that no pet is truly "free." While the initial fee might not be present, caring for a pet over its lifetime can be very expensive. Be prepared to spend $1000 a year or more on a healthy pet for routine vet visits, food, boarding, toys, training, etc.

What do you get in your WWF adopt an animal pack?

It all depends on how much you spend, but for >$50 you get a plush animal, a certificate, a photo, and a gift bag. You can choose to not get anything and this will give more money to the animal. Also for some species there is a $250 option that can get you more than one plush animal.

Best time to adopt a puppy?

In the summer because its easier to house break.

When is the best time to adopt a kitten?

Cats are usually calm and collective characters, but if you'd like to adopt a cat at a young age the outcome can be rather unpredictable.

Young Children

I recommend getting an older, more mature feline if you are an adult with children (specifically young children between the ages of 5-12). Adopting a kitten with children that are too young can result in a sort of emotional distancing between your/their relationship with the cat and it's future respect and personality towards you and your family. If you have your heart set on a kitten, ways to avoid raising an anti-social cat are as follows:

  • Supervise the kitten at all times when the children are home. Keeping a close eye on how it is treated will show you whether or not you can keep it alone with them.
  • Designate a certain area (closet, bathroom, etc.) that is "off-limits" for your children. This will also be the living-quarters for your kitten, so make sure you're certain this is the room you'd like.
  • Arrange a schedule for play-time, so your children get used to distancing themselves from the kitten. If possible, allow the children to feed the kitten catnip as often as possible so as to ensure that as the kitten grows it feels safe, calm, and relaxed with your children (and perhaps, if practiced well enough, even excited and playful).


Getting a kitten or a grown cat is your choice, though it ultimately depends upon how much time you are willing to spend towards caring for your pet.

Kittens - You must spend approximately 5-10 hours a day feeding, cleaning, and playing with your kitten. If you fail to show it that you are a safe, nurturing, fun owner, it will eventually distance itself from you (especially as it grows). Getting kittens, though, will also mean that you will understand what they've been through and you'll know what to expect. Sometimes getting an already-grown cat means they can do unexpected things that you can't explain, ever.

Grown Cats - Grown cats are much easier to care for. If you adopt a calm, gentle feline, you will find that all you must do to care for it is feed and love it. As long as you spend time with them in gentle, relaxing methods, you'll always have a friend at your side. Imagine being a four-legged clump of fur that was just introduced to a completely new lifestyle; you'd feel pretty nervous! Try to take things like this into account when spending time with your playmate.

Why should people adopt a dog instead of buying one?

Adoption is generally considered a better option than purchasing for several reasons. First, when you buy a dog, you are supporting ongoing breeding of dogs that is contributing to a massive over-population problem in the United States. Second, you are selecting a dog typically for superficial reasons when buying - you like a particular breed, or the puppy looks really cute, etc. Third, purchasing a dog means you are simply relocating a dog from one home to another.

In contrast, if you adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group, you are helping to give a homeless dog a new home. You are helping to control the pet population, both by not getting a newly-bred dog and by having a pet that is spayed or neutered (most shelters require this). Also, you have the ability to find a dog that really matches your personality and lifestyle. A couch potato may think Border Collies are beautiful (and I don't disagree), but the Border Collie is likely to rip the couch potato's house apart with excess energy. On the other hand, a marathon runner looking for a running partner will not be happy with an English Bulldog, no matter how charming he looks. An adopted dog has been pre-screened, if you will, for aggression and for personality - the shelter can help you see which of their animals will be the best match for you.

How do you adopt a dog from the monks of new skeet?

Go to their website and find out.

To receive information on adopting a New Skete German Shepherd, send a self-addressed, stamped, long envelope to: New Skete Monastery

c/o Brother John

P O Box 128

Cambridge, NY 12816-0128 Be advised that there is presently a 2 year wait to adopt a New Skete puppy. Adult dogs are usually not available for adoption.

Free pet adoption agencies in Brooklyn?

in indonesian don`t have free pet adoptions agencies

What is the best age to adopt a puppy?

A puppy should be at least eight weeks old and weaned before taking it to its new home.

you should take a puppy as soon as possible because if you take it when it is a full grown adult when you take it home you wont spend much time with it. if u adopt it as a puppy your able to play with it and spend time with it. it should be at least 8 weeks old and if u dont want a litter of pups u should get it treated.

Is 13 a good age for us to adopt a puppy?

Age is not as important as the ability to care for the puppy. Even young children can show great leadership and caring qualities, which are a good start when it comes to raising a puppy. However, it is the adults in the home that need to be ready to invest the real time and energy. This includes teaching the children proper leadership skills, supervising children-dog interactions, being financially responsible for the animal, all the while training and exercising a young dog. Ultimately, the adult is the one who is accountable for the welfare of the puppy.

Should i adopt a pet?

Do you have the time to devote to a pet? Can you afford the expense of a pet, such as quality pet food and vet care? Can you be a kind, loving and responsible pet owner? If you can answer yes to all of the above questions, then absolutely, yes! There are millions of pets in shelters in the US alone that need good, loving homes to keep them from being euthanized. So if you can, and will, provide a pet with a good, loving and safe home, that pet will provide you with more unconditional love than you never knew existed. Just be sure to have it spayed or neutered and never let it roam free, and always provide it with the proper food, clean, fresh water and a comfortabe place to sleep.

How do you adopt a cat or dog from petfindercom?

You don't you look at the animals at petfinder then see his/her info and see if there is a site available for availble adoption. You might see links or the location of the adoption center, try searching it on google maps.

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Can you adopt a dog in Middletown for free?

I do not know where Middletown is. However I think most shelters require a fee unless its a no kill shelter.Then they may not care.If the dog is a rescue the fee usually doesn't go over fifty bucks.