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Playfish’s Pet Society is an internet social game launched within Facebook and placed as one of the most popular applications. New players made custom-designed pets and needs to earn a certain number of paw points to level up the game.

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Pet Society

How do you put a wallpaper in pet society?

To put a wallpaper on Pet Society on facebook is first buy a wallpaper on the DIY shop or the shop near the grocery store (down). After you buy go home and then go to the room where you want to put the wallpaper on. Drag the wallpaper to the walls of the room and TADDA!! the room will now have the wallpaper you bought or wanted.

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Pet Society

How do you play pet society when facebook says its under maintenance?

u cant but its usually because there changing smth in PS like putting new stuff in shops or smth it usually goes away in a couple of hours :)

Pet Society

What does the magic forest lute do on pet society?

It unlocks a new animation when you bring your pet over it. (click the magic forest lute.)

Pet Society

What does batteries do in pet society?

they can be put in the robot nannies that play and clean ur pet for (# of days).

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Moshi Monsters
Pet Society

Why isn't my activation code for Moshi Monsters here yet?

You should check your spam/junk folder to see whether the message has been delivered there. If you are still having problems then you will need to contact the Moshi Monsters Customer Service team. Their email address is

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Pet Society

Where do you uy the animals from on pet society?

YOU CANT BUY ANIMALS ON PET SOCIETY by citlalyYou actually can buy animals on Pet Society and you get them at the 'Outdoor' store. You then look at the bottom of the screen and click 'petlings' -iamsocrazy
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Pet Society

Where is pet vile in facebook?


Pet Society

How do you delete a pet in pet party?

I don't think it's possible. But if your married, and you

want to divorce your wife/husband, you go to Maddie's Magic shop and buy the close card, and drop it in your loved one's house. :)

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Pet Society

How would you describe your pet in french?

Petit – petite = small.

Grand – grande = big, large.

Gros – grosse = big, fat.

Vieux – vieille = old. Jeune – jeune = young.

Beau – belle = beautiful, handsome.

Vilain – vilaine = ugly.

Bon – bonne = good.

Joli – jolie = pretty.

Pet Society

How do you put fish in your tank in pet society?

You should be aiming to add fish as slowly as possible. Don't add fish too fast as your filter may not be able to support the rapid rise in waste and toxins eg ammonia, nitrites, poo, food etc (Look into a tank's bio-load and nitrogen cycle for further explanation).

General rule is 1-2 avgerage size fish a fortnight, max. (this is differnet if you are adding a small schooling fish such as neons)

1 - If starting from scratch: introduce the least aggressive fish first - this will enable them to find a good hiding spot without being hassled and stressed. The most aggressive fish should be added last.

2 - If you have an existing setup and want to add more fish, rearrange the decor to remove any of the current territories. This will mean the existing fish will be occupied finding new territory and not hassling the new arrival.

Your fish should be properly acclimatised to reduce unneeded stress. Stress can kill, it lowers their defence against disease and parameter fluctuations.

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Pet Society

Where can you find cheats for Pet Society on Facebook to get paw points and money?

Below are some TIPS

You can keep trading a really expensive item with a trusted person and get PP easily. (Yes, you keep trading that item.)

Trading is hard though, because the person might not give it back but what i recommend is that if you go to the cafe and pick up some pets with flys and take care of him/her.

Tip: Feed them lots of apples, it gives you 17 paw points for each apple.

This works for me. Give it a go.

trade is good but better way 1st: make another facebook account.

2nd: add yourself to your other account

3rd: make pet society with your other account

4th: (in the start you'll have 2000 coin so you can buy something and give it to your real account) trade item with him/her

5th: trust yourself!!

yeah i made up that cheat where you give money to yourself! anyway u don't get 2000 coins u get 3500 but after u do all the tasks u have about 4000....

if u have a cheat engine

na u can do it without a cheat engine

1. kissing friends gives you 20 coins. kiss each of your friends once a day for lots of money

2. Give the brush/soap to your bet theyll brush/clean themselves

3. buy three trees. go to your garden. plant ONE tree. Tomorrow plant the NEXT one. The next day plant the THIRD one. Everyday you'll have a tree full of food because it takes three days for a tree to grow.

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Pet Society

What the website of pet society hack?

Ask someone else

Pet Society

How do you unlock the trapped pet on Happy Pets on Facebook?

Usually there are six locks on the box, for every one of your friends that joins Happy Pets, one lock disappears. You have to post Happy Pet things on your wall and on your friends walls to get them to join. And once all the locks are unlocked a special pet comes out and is yours to keep.

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Pet Society

Why is society still fascinated by fairy tales about love and marriage?

Because large numbers of society today are romanticists. Romanticism is an art style focusing on idealized situations and glorification of life. Love and marriage are the most idealized subjects, probably because true love and perfect marriage are very hard to find, also because that is the easiest thing to create a story for.

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Pet Society

How do you change gender in Pet Society?

go to the Stylist, then change it!

Pet Society

Where do you buy the pro race set in pet society?

at the boutique but only if you have play fish coins........

Pet Society

How do you get your pet on happy pets to do tricks?

First you have to train your pet to get points then after you get a certain amount of points you unlock a new trick. Then if you want your pet to do the trick click the hand icon and click your pet once or twice and sooner or later your pet will do the trick. Hope this help! :D

Pet Society
Bin Weevils

Binweevils do you know 3 bin tycoon accounts?

yes there are:


pass:who knows



user: bobo

pass: bobo

I hope these help.

Moshi Monsters
Pet Society

Where is the Moshi Monsters activation link?

When adopting a monster you are asked to provide an email address. The activation email will be sent to this address, it may be delivered to your spam/junk folder. If you do not get the activation email then you will need to contact the Moshi Monsters Customer Service team using the Contact Us link on the Moshi Monsters website.


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