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Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. He led the team to a Superbowl victory in the 2007. Ask questions about Peyton Manning's history and football statistics here.

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Did Peyton Manning and Ashley Manning divorce?

As of 01/22/2014, Ashley and Peyton are still married. On March 31st, 2011, the Manning's welcomed twins into their family. Ashley gave birth to a girl and a boy in Indianapolis. The girl is named Mosley Thompson and the boy is named Marshall Williams.

How many Super Bowls has Peyton Manning won?

As of the 2014 season, Peyton Manning has won one Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl XLI against the Chicago Bears. However, over the course of his career, he has played in three Super Bowls.

  • Super Bowl XLI Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears (29-17)
  • Super Bowl XLIV Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints (17-31)
  • Super Bowl XLVIII Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks(8-43)

How did Peyton Manning get injured in 2011?

Washington redskins game OL lineman brought him down by the top of his helmet pulling his head back as far as possible in slow mo one can really tell just how painful it was for manning, but he shook it off an went on to win the game.

How many Super Bowls has Peyton Manning played in?

Peyton Manning has played in 4 Super Bowls. Super Bowl XLI (2006 season, Super Bowl played in 2007) when he lead his Colts to a win against the Chicago Bears, 29-17 in rainy Miami, he was named Super Bowl MVP. He also played in Super Bowl XLIV against the New Orleans Saints and lost 31-17 and Super Bowl XLVIII where the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8. and again in 2015 against the Patriots, 2016 will make it 5 Superbowls.

He has only one Super Bowl Ring.

Super Bowl XLI

Indianapolis Colts - 29 (Peyton Manning, University of Tennessee)

Chicago Bears - 17 (Rex Grossman, University of Florida)

Location: Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL

Date: 2/4/2007

MVP: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis

Head Coaches:

IND - Tony Dungy

CHI - Lovie Smith

Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints - 31 (Drew Brees, Purdue)

Indianapolis Colts - 17 (Peyton Manning, University of Tennessee)

Location: Sunlife Stadium, Miami Gardens, Fl

Date: 2/7/10

MVP: Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints

Head Coaches:

NO - Sean Payton

Ind - Jim Caldwell

Super Bowl XLVIII

Seattle Seahawks - 43 (Russell Wilson, University of Wisconsin)

Denver Broncos - 8 (Peyton Manning, University of Tennessee)

Location: MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Date: 2/2/2014

MVP: Malcolm Smith, LB, Seattle Seahawks

Head Coaches:

Sea - Pete Carroll

What was Peyton Manning's record vs the Dallas Cowboys?

Peyton Manning faced the Dallas Cowboys five times during his career -- four games with the Indianapolis Colts and one with the Denver Broncos. He won three contests against Dallas:

  • October 31, 1999 -- Indianapolis 34, Dallas 24 (at RCA Dome).
  • November 17, 2002 -- Indianapolis 20, Dallas 3 (at RCA Dome).
  • November 19, 2006 -- Dallas 21, Indianapolis 14 (at Texas Stadium).
  • December 5, 2010 -- Dallas 38, Indianapolis 35 OT (at Lucas Oil Stadium).
  • October 6, 2013 -- Denver 51, Dallas 48 (at AT&T Stadium).

What is the value of a football signed by Archie Peyton Eli and Cooper Manning?

first it is Peyton

i saw a Peyton Eli archi picture signed go for 250 on e-bay so i would say on a football it prob 300.00 i don't think cooper's sig will make it go up any more

AnswerA football signed by Archie, Peyton, and Eli would be worth alot, but adding Cooper would not raise the price that much.

What are the benefits of playing high school football?


Having fun and staying in shape. But it mainly, in my terms, depends on what positions you would succeed in. i.e., if you were a skinny person and tried to play on the line, you would be crushed by the lineman.


Sports, particularly contact sports, are a great character-builder.

It takes courage to continue to 'go for the ball', for instance, when you know a defender is bearing down on you. Sports help teach teamwork and they teach sportsmanship, whether you are winning or losing. They teach stamina of body and stamina of mind and concentration. You learn how to place the body second for the accomplishment of a goal ... and, generally, they prepare you for a happier, healthier, longer life with more friends than would be otherwise.

I believe another benefit of playing sports, especially those where one moves in close proximity to others, is spatial awareness of others in one's regular daily living and in interaction with them (an awareness, and spatial consideration, of other moving people around you).


- Release Stress - Stay in Shape - Build Muscle Mass - Build Friendship - You could get a scholarship if you are very good - Fun activity - You could get chicks ;) - Gain Discipline - Learn more about the game - Entertain a Crowd

makes you more of a team player and allows you to get a good scholarship to a more advanced school

:Personally I play high school football. It's a great sense of pride, and it gets your name out there, and you make a lot more friends. All around, it makes a really great time, and is definitely worth doing.:

If the person playing high school football thinks playing football is fun, this is a benefit. This is probably the most important benefit there is to playing high school football or any sport. Is it fun? Do you enjoy playing the game?

If not, there are other benefits as well. These are somewhat less valuable if you ask me.

Becoming a great high school player can save the student money on college if he gets a scholarship. If he develops into a superstar there is a chance he can make lots of money as a professional.

Does Peyton Manning have any younger brothers?

Yes, one younger brother, Eli. He has an older named Cooper.

Did Eli Manning ever beat Peyton Manning in NFL?

Not in a game their teams played against each other in, no. but eli does have two superbowl wins now and peyton has one. peyton does have 4 mvp awards tho, which is more than eli

Is Peyton Manning bisexual?

He is married to his wife, a girl, Ashley, so i would say no. but their is always a chance. in the end it is really his business and no one else's unless he feels like letting someone know.

Where was Peyton Manning at Super Bowl XLVI?

Peyton Manning was in the box seats at Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis, Indiana to cheer on his brother at Super Bowl XLVI.

Does Peyton Manning have any children?

Yes. On March 31st of 2011 Peyton Mannings wife Ashley, gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. The boy is named Marshall Williams Manning and the girl Mosley Thompson Manning.

When did Peyton Manning suffer the initial neck injury?

It is suspected that Peyton's neck issues started when the colts played a game against the Redskins on October 22, 2006. He received a high-low hit from by defensive linemen Andre Carter and Phillip Daniels. these are among the most dangerous hits in football and manning said "he wouldn't let go of my head" after the game. The redskins defence defensive coordinator at the time was Gregg Williams, and is said to have started the bounty program, a program that paid his defensive players more money for hitting offensive players on the other team as hard as they could. although the bounty system he was proven to be involved in was while he was Defensive coordinator for the saints, it can be traced back to his time with the redskins.

Did Denzil Washington play a blind man in Book of Eli?

There are many indications in the movie that the character Eli was indeed blind.