Physics regards the physical aspects of the natural world. It includes topics that deal with forces on different bodies within the universe and phenomena that explain how the universe works.

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What force is acting on a flying ball?

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The forces acting on a flying ball are: 1. The frictional force exerted by air on the motion of the ball. 2. The gravitational force of the earth, of course.
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How are the physical properties of an orange different from those of a basketball?

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-- Basketballs are much larger in size than oranges. -- Basketballs are filled with air, but oranges are filled with juice and pulp. -- Basketballs have much higher air pressure than oranges. -- Oranges grow on trees while basketballs are manufactured. -- The density of an orange is much greater than the density of a basketball. -- An orange is juicy, easy to chew, and sweet, whereas a basketball is dry, rubbery, and tastes terrible. -- A basketball can bounce and a orange cannot bounce.
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What is the difference between bulk specific gravity and apparent specific gravity?

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Dry Bulk Specific Gravity does not take into account for anything getting into the permeable or impermeable voids of say a stone by water for instance. Saturated Surface Dry Bulk Specific Gravity takes into account for anything getting into the permeable voids only of say a stone by water. Apparent Specific gravity takes into account for the volume of the impermeable voids and not anything getting into the permeable voids of say a stone by water.