Physics regards the physical aspects of the natural world. It includes topics that deal with forces on different bodies within the universe and phenomena that explain how the universe works.

List different SI units of pressure?

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Pressure is a measure of force per area. The SI unit of pressure is a Pascal (Pa) which is equivalent to a Newton per meter squared (N/m2).

If a child ran into the road 65 to 70 feet ahead of your vehicle what is the highest speed from which you could stop with good brakes before hitting him?

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You could stop at 20 miles per hour without hitting him. --------------------- Assuming The Highway Code formula for stopping distances: stopping_distance = thinking distance + stopping time = speed + speed²/20 ft (where speed is in mph) → 65 = speed + speed²/20 → speed² + 20speed + 1300 = 0 → speed = -10 + 10√14 mph ≈ 27.4 mph (The negative square root can be ignored as it gives a negative speed which is nonsense for this problem.) However, this assumes that you observe, think and can start braking within 15/22 (≈ 0.68) seconds of the child running into the road (1ft for every 1 mph of speed), and your braking matches the Highway Code assumptions for good tyres, brakes and dry road conditions.

In which moments of act three is manhood equated with a lack of fear?

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When Macbeth meets with the two down and men is the moment in act three that manhood is equated with a lack of fear. Here is where Macbeth questions there manhood.