Pickles are foods that have been fermented in a brine of salts and vinegar. The most common pickle is made from cucumbers.

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What can kosher salt be used for?

Kosher salt is large-grain salt, so it's favored by chefs when seasoning food (as opposed to table salt).

Is it safe to eat moldy pickle juice?

no it is not if you have call 911 immediately

Why do pickles have bumps?

Some pickles have bumps because the cucumbers they were made from have bumps.

Are pickles a healthy snack?

yes yes they are.

I say they are OK once and a while, yet they are packed with salt.

Is salicylic acid safe for use in pickles?

Salycilic acid, also known as aspirin, is not recommended for use in canning or pickling because it does sufficiently acidify low-acid foods like beans and is therefore not a safe method to use.

What is a pickle castor?

The Victorian pickle castor was made primarily for serving pickles at the dining table, giving high society women a way to serve pickles without having to bring out the pickling jar.

Is Cates Pickles now Mt Olive Pickles?

No, Mt. Olive Pickles and Cates Pickles are two separate companies. Cates Pickles was bought by Dean Foods. See:

Travis DuBois

What is the address of Vlasic pickles?

415 S Blacks Corners Road Imlay City, MI 48444

How do you find information on Budlongs Pickles?

I don't know much about the history, but I can tell you that it's a single word: Budlong

On the northwest side of Chicago there is a Budlong School, named after the family; and also Budlong Woods, which I believe is part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.

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Is there still a possibilty of buying, or getting, a jar of Budlong pickles. Are they still in business? Thanks for any help. Kenn Budlong

See Bundlong's Pickles

toward end of history.

A neighbor of mine told of a nearby landing field and a pickle farm. Mather Park now stands where one of them used to be.

My name is Wendy and I am a direct descendant of the Chicago Budlong farmers. I don't have all the facts in front of me right now but my father was Lyman A. Budlong and his father was Joseph Budlong (I believe his name was Joseph) and they were all in Evanston. Joseph Budlong and his father had a farm and they produced Budlong pickles. When I was a kid we visited, in 1961 or so, and you could still find a few old jars of the pickles but by then my grandfather had sold it all to Del Monte or something. Anyway, I don't have all the facts exactly but it was definitely my family and I'd love to get my hands on any Budlong pickle memorabilia if anyone has some they'd like to pass on.

Budlong Pickle Co. also had a pickle "factory" in Mauston, Wisconsin. They bought local cucumbers, sorted them by size and made them in wooden vats. There was a large deck area that went nearly to the top of the vats. The salt was brought in by rail and stored in a building on site. A wheelbarow was used to load salt to the vats when they made a brine. A large wooden cover went over the top while the cukes "worked". As a pre-teen, I used to sell my cucumbers across the street at the pickle factory. It's no longer there but there is still one building left although it doesn't look like it used to. Under the decking was a great place to play hide & seek as a kid. Then again, most places were.

According to a brief history of Ravenswood by Tim Wittman, Budlong Brothers Pickle Factory was located at Lincoln & Berwyn Avenues & opened in 1857

According to a brief history of Ravenswood by Tim Wittman, Budlong Brothers Pickle Factory was located at Lincoln & Berwyn Avenues & opened in 1857

Is there a difference between cornichons and baby gherkin pickles?

Not really. Cornichons are spiced slightly differently, and cost more. But, they're basically the same: tiny pickled cucumbers.

AnswerContrary to popular believe, gherkins are not cucumbers. Gherkins and cucumbers are related but not the same plant race. This is a slight difference botanically, but quite a difference in taste and appearance.

Cornichons are indeed harvested before they are fullgrown. After that they are pickled according to a French recipe. This results in pickles that are slightly less salty then the average pickled gherkin.

Cornichons have more flavor, are tinier than baby gherkins. Gherkins can be substitued for Cornichons, but once you taste the real thing, it is tough to go back. They keep forever in the frige and are a tasty addition to tuna salad, devilled eggs and lots of other things.

Do pickles taste good?

That depends entirely on personal opinion. Try them yourself.

Is pickle juice good for you?

Answeryes its high in salt and has lots of vinegar wich is also high in salt


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Vinegar has no salt at all, unless salt is added to it, such as in pickle juice.

And with the insane (and increasing) amounts of salt contained in any food product that's not farm fresh, even adding a dash of salt for seasoning should be done with some mindfulness. But anything that's "high in salt" (or high in salt times two as this answer suggested) should set off alarms, not provide comfort in your dietary choice.

That said, pickles are a great food if you have one or two. They are low in calories, fat free, source of fiber and antioxidants, have all sorts of nutrients and count toward your daily veggie intake. A healthy snack, appetizer, topping, filler, or side. Made from cucumbers, they are also beneficial for digestion. They are preserved which means salt, but not highly processed.

The spices have excellent health benefits too, and the juice is infused with all their goodness. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Dill also regulates bacteria. Mustard seeds help with digestion. And vinegar, which most pickles contain, is antibacterial, helps with the immune system, regulates digestive disorders, high blood pressure, weak bones, stiff joints, and more. Excellent for older people.

Sounds like a wonder food. And maybe it is, but anything made with a variety of natural ingredients and is not processed, usually is too. My rule is "if they didn't make it this way 100 years ago, it's not food." Watch out for chemical preservatives on the label. Great pickles have simple ingredients: Cucumbers, water, vinegar, dill, garlic, salt, spices, and very little sugar, in that order.

Pickles however are one of the few preserved food items that retain many benefits without introducing bad-for-you qualities. The salt is something you should keep a tab on though. Two pickles will give you about 10% of your daily salt intake. 4 tablespoons of the juice on a salad might add another 8%. By itself it's nothing to worry about, but combined with canned/processed foods and you're pushing 130-200% of the recommended dose of sodium in a day - that is if you never add salt to season your food.

The juice, specifically, is good for you as I mentioned. Many people like to take a few sips from the jar, which is also fine. But everything in moderation. Chugging a couple of gulps of pickle juice at each visit to the fridge can be bad for you. And drinking a cup of it in one go will probably make you feel sick for an hour unless you've conditioned your body to ignore the fact it doesn't like it when you do that. Dilute it by drinking 2 times as much water to flush it out.

The healthiest foods can turn against you when consumed in excess. And consuming too much of one thing means you're not getting the benefits from other things. Spread it out, change it up. There's a biological reason we get tired of eating the same thing. If you love pickles, have 1-2 a day. Have a sip of the juice to get the taste. But don't drink the whole jar.

How many pickles can you eat on an empty stomach?

It depends on how big your stomach is and how long it takes you to feel full. Stomach capacity is not standard; it can be increased by continually eating progressively larger quantities. Also, the taller a person is the larger you would expect their stomach capacity to be. This would mean that challenging someone significantly smaller than you to a "how many pickles can you eat" contest would give you an unfair advantage.

This means that there isn't a "standard amount" of pickles that a person can eat on an empty stomach; it's impossible to estimate an amount without knowing more details about the particular person (height, weight, how much they like pickles etc...)

Will pickle juice melt ice?

It's called brine and it does. You can even mix it with water and use it as such.

Can sea salt be used in canning pickles?

Yes, sea salt can be used in place of regular table salt as there is virtually no difference between most products labelled "sea salt" and other table salt. Some more expensive and regional sea salts may have certain extra minerals in them which give them a different color, such as pink, or black. These will also have slightly different flavor contributed by the minerals. But most sea salt is pretty much the same as white table salt. Remember, all salt came from the sea, at some point, whether it is mined from salt deposits underground, or from salt flats left over from a salty lake, or from the shores of a sea.

However, most pickle recipes call for canning or pickling salt rather than regular table salt. Picking salt is made without the use of anti-caking agents or iodine. If you use regular table salt or sea salt, the anti-caking agents may make the brine cloudy, and if the salt is iodized, it may make the brine darker. Non-iodized salts are readily available, and although the brine may be a bit cloudy, the pickles should taste fine.

What the difference between kosher dill pickles and non kosher dill pickles?

Since the production of dill pickles doesn't require the use of meat or milk, probably very little in most cases. Kashrut - the set of laws that determines whether or not a food is kosher - apply only to foods derived from animals: all plants and products derived from plants (ie cucumbers and vinegar) are parve, a word meaning neutral and neither kosher nor treif (not kosher). However, many Jewish people will not buy food unless it carries a hechsher stamp guaranteeing it to be suitable for their consumption, so kosher pickles will have a stamp guaranteeing them to be parve.

In the book deadly unna is pickles a likable character?

I personally Think Pickles is not a likeable Character.

He is scruffy, feral and a tad up himself.

He isn't the type of character that i would like personally.

What is the meaning of Gherkins?

Gherkins are a kind of cucumber. Simply enough, their name comes from 'Gerk', the Dutch for cucumber.

Does pickle juice help to clean out the body?

No, this typically does not work. Some athletes drink pickle juice to help reduce muscle cramps

Your dill is ready in your garden but it isn't time to can pickles what do you do?

That depends on whether you will be wanting to use the seeds or leaves in the pickles.
If it's leaves you will be using then you could try pinching off the seed head to prevent the plant dieing.
If it's the seeds - which is the most common way they are used - then you can leave them on the plant to dry or pick the heads when almost dry and place them under cover to completely dry. Then store in an airtight container. It won't be quite the same as using fresh, but almost as good.

Do you need to refrigerate pickles?

It depends.

Certain pickles are brined and pickled using vinegar and often preservatives. Such as the one's that you find on the shelves of supermarkets. But others that are found in the refrigerated deli case may have only water, spices, garlic and not much else (the brand I purchase, Batampte, are made this way). Because there is no preserving agent, such as vinegar, these can go bad and grow bacteria of not refrigerated.

Do you need export license to export pickles?

no!! obviously you dont need a license to export pickles.....where do you come from....antartica.....

How many weight watcher points in fried pickles?

Fried pickles are less than one point per pickle. They also qualify for the "core" program. So they are a good food no matter which diet you are on.