Pinto Beans

Pinto beans, sometimes known as speckled beans, are a staple food in the southeastern parts of the United States. They are also common in Mexican cooking. Pinto beans are the bean that are most commonly used in refried beans. They are commonly spread on tortillas.

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Do cranberry beans and pinto beans taste close enough to be interchanged?

I don't think I have ever eaten cranberry beans. I've heard of them, but I've never eaten them. But, usually with cooked dry beans you can use whatever kind you like in any kind of recipe. Variety is the spice of life.

Can you substitute pinto beans for white beans in soup?

Yes, it changes the flavour a bit but it tastes really good. You should definitely try it.

How to cook pinto beans?

I put the beans in water overnight to absorb water. Rinse them and place in pot with some onion and salt to taste. Cover with about 2 inches of water and cook till tender. I use a crock pot and just let them simmer all day. Very little chance of scorching .

Would the cost of electricity to freeze your own home cooked pinto beans save over buying canned store bought?

I'm not sure about freezing pinto beans, however I can say there is no doubt that cooked pinto beans taste better. If there is room in the freezer to add the pinto beans then you're not using anymore electricity then there already was being used.

That being said, my advice is to can the beans in sterilized mason jars with new, unused caps. The energy used here is little- enough to boil water (water that can be cooled & used in the garden or the toilet tank, washing you are obviously environmentally concerned. In that same vane, the jars can be re-used countless times as well as the rings; and the caps are recyclable. Just follow manufacturer's instructiond on canning and possibly watch the pH of your food- a little extr acid will be better for canning- or just a little extra water (less beans!) per jar in order to get to temperature more quickly. Finally, don't sweat the BPAs if you practice safe home canning!


Sure you can freeze cooked pinto beans -- have done it for years, myself. Just make sure there's enough "gravy" mixed with them so they don't dry out. And if you've got room in your freezer, it shouldn't cost any additional money to freeze them.

Green Answer: As far as electricity usage, the less empty space you have to cool, the less your freezer will need to run. Freeze away.

Also, using frozen beans instead of canned beans reduces your exposure to BPA. What is BPA? BPA is a common plastic additive and is found frequently in canned foods. Bisphenol A has been getting a lot of press lately. It's a hormone disruptor that can be found in almost everybody, and animal studies have linked it to breast and prostate cancer, and infertility.

How many beans does a pinto plant produce?

enugh to make you fart. careful its deadly.

How many pounds of pinto beans will feed 20 people?

Five pounds four persons per pound for regular serving.

How much protein in a cup of pinto beans?

I don’t know how much protein n cup of pinto beans

How do you dry pinto beans?

Harvest the pods when they are dry and brown and the seeds have dried and hardened. This is about 90-100 days from planting and before the pods have split. break open the pods and you have dried beans. Freezing beans for 4 hours before storage will kill any bugs of diseases.

Are pinto field beans drought tolerant or water loving?

Somewhere in between. They are NOT water loving, as too much water can cause severe losses due to fungal attacks. With drought conditions, particularly during flowering, the yield will decrease as the water availability decreases. Generally speaking, if you can see any degree of wilt at all, you are losing yield. They do require considerably less water over the growing season than corn, but the water need tends to be later in the season.