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The pit bull is actually not one member, but several members of the Molosser family including, the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and English Bull Terrier. They are characterized by their high activity, aggressiveness toward other animals and strong builds. Questions about pit bulls, their health, behaviors and training should be placed here.

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Pit Bulls

How much are new born pitbulls?

It is not recommended to take dogs, pit-bulls no less, from their litter when they are first born. If this is done, they won't learn that biting hurts. They need to learn that biting is bad from there litter. They also learn that certain levels of aggression will not be tolerated by their family and will not be tolerated by their owners. This is called weening. My blue brindle pit-bull cost 200 dollars when she was 10 weeks. Cost also depends on breeding and color. pure breed blue pits usually cost more.

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What is the name of the cordial referred to as exotic ambrosia that Sophie succumbed to in Somerset Maugham's 'Razor's Edge'?

I've always thought it may have been absinthe, but that is only a guess at best.

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What are good foods to eat that will stimulate hair growth?

There are various reasons of hair loss. If the hair loss does not settle down in 3 months time consult a trichologist to find about the cause. You can also look for Saw Palmetto and Fo ti based supplements to help your hair loss.If you are balding try regrowSure therapy.It is a very effective therapy I can say from my personal experience.

A diet high in nutrients, cut out junk food and include more variety with fruits, vegetables, and proteins - I also take a daily multivitamin/multimineral supplement and my hair and nails now grow much faster and stronger than before.

A doctor's recommended vitamin used for treating hair loss is Biotin, a B-vitamin is found in rich foods like soy, milk, egg yolks and liver. It is a natural nutritional supplement that helps restore hair loss and keep skin and nails looking healthy.

Although Biotin is good for healthy and strong hair, some medical specialists recommend using other B-vitamins with Biotin. Other B-vitamins includes; choline, frolic acid, vitaminB-1, vitaminB-2, vitaminB6, and vitamin B-12.

The main sources of biotin are liver, kidneys, milk, cheese, butter, poultry, cauliflower, bananas, watermelon, peas, brewer's yeast, nuts, beans, oat bran, salmon, and mackerel.

To prevent hair loss, eating rich foods will give the body an average level of biotics

You can even put yogourt on your hair to make it look pretty and to make it look strong!

Pit Bulls

Is there a king fish pitbull dog blood line?

King fish was a famous pitbull not a blood line.

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How do you know if your chihuahua is full breed?

Your vet should know.

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Why do pit bulls or rottweilers kill?

In Canine homicides it has been pointed out that the dog bite epidemic as a whole involves all dogs and all dog owners, not just the breeds most likely to kill. Bad owners and people who don't really know what they're talking about like news reporters, give some breeds a bad reputation.

Bad owners is the main cause why these dogs kill.


In short - the first person to answer this was pretty much correct - pit bulls and rottweilers kill more because of their owners than because of their breed. Because they have been bred to have the physical characteristics that help them be good guard dogs (rottweilers) and fighting dogs (pit bulls) they are more frequently trained to be aggressive and attack than many other breeds. If they are not trained that way, they are not actually that likely to kill anyone. If they do attack, however, they are some of the breeds most physically adept at inflicting significant damage. A study was compiled by the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine in September 2000 (20 year study .. 1979 - 1998.) Pit Bull 'type' dogs and Rottweilers were involved in one half of approximately 300 dog bites in the U.S. Yet another study of American and Canadian dog bite fatalities from 1982 - 2006 revealed the same results and that Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes were responsible for 65% of fatal attacks. It was highly noted that Pit Bulls were high on the list for attacking adults as frequently as they attacked children. The brunt of the responsibility of the Pit Bull breeds should go towards the breeder (who should know better) and, also the owner who should know the history of the Pit Bull.

Properly trained, Pit Bulls are good pets and not prone to attack anyone. If improperly trained or neglected though, they will become aggressive and if they attack it isn't pretty because they are quick, strong, and great leapers.

The same is also somewhat true for Rotweilers but in their case, they are not normally aggressive except when defending their home and family - they tend to be quite placid and friendly around those they know (although they sometimes don't realize their own strength and can knock down a person when playing around - personal experience there). The American Kennel club describes its temperament as "...self-confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in its environment". If they commit to attack (usually in a case of perceived threat to their home or family by a stranger) they are fearless, relentless, and very strong - inflicting much more damage than the average dog, consequently being responsible for more fatal attacks.

It's also likely that because when pit bulls and rottweilers DO attack they inflict more damage than the average dog that more of their bites get reported. Let's face it, if a chihuahua nips you, you are not as likely to report it as if a rottweiler takes a pound of flesh from your leg, so the reports of dog bites are slightly skewed by that factor.

Pit Bull and Rottweiler attacks are also more likely to be reported because of their reputation as "scary dogs". When the dog is a mixed breed or the breed is unknown, it is more likely to be assumed to be one of these two - which also inflates the statistics on dog bites but less so for dog-bite related fatalities since those get more thoroughly investigated and the exact breed more accurately documented.

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How you do you know when a female pitbull is ready to mate?

You should wait until she is at least one year of age. Then when she is in heat, swelling and possibly blood spotting are signs.

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What is a razor edge pitbull?

short muscular mixed breed, selectively breed for personality traits such as loyalty, loving and calm temperament and physical traits of large muscular pitbull dogs.

Razors Edge is a blood line started by Dave Wilson in Virginia in the 1980's. The dogs "pitbulls" were selectively breed to be more of a bully companion dog rather than an athletic and agile pitbull. These dogs are very social for the most part and lack the more desirable conformation qualities that the true American Pitbull Terrier has. *For example; they do not conform to UKC show standards as they are short and compact with oversized heads. They lack the drive of a normal APBT as well. They may make an excellent pets, but care should be taken to select an ethical and quality breeder.

It should be noted that any dog classified as a "Pit Bull" may be illegal to have in many counties around the country. You should speak to your local animal control and make sure it is legal to own such a type of dog.

It should also be noted that many greedy breeders mix breeds for the physical traits only so they are not APBTs at all, and do not have the temperament of Wilson's dogs. Dave Wilson swears that the dogs are pure APBT and he selectively bred the traits (strong, short and muscular, with gentle, loyal temperament) with other's of the same build and temperament.

But many question the breed as pure APBT and believe the breed is mixed with English Bull Terries and/or other stocky build bullies. That is the reason they are not recognized as pure APBT by the top kennel clubs.

Though, Dave Wilson's breeds are very good quality, and he takes great pride in them, for the love of them, not for the money. But, many irresponsible breeders looking to fool people into believing they are getting a true Razor Edge, do mix them with other bully breeds, but neglect the temperament and this is why and how they can be dangerous to people, and cruel for the dogs/ These bad breeders are in it for the money, and charge large sums for them, over $2,000-$4000!! If they are more then 2g then you are being taken advantage of and they most likely are not true Razor Edge Bullies.

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Is the pit bull stronger than a rottweiler?

The pitbull could be a the stronger dog than most rottweilers. It means that they could be strongest that most rottweiler. Things a 125 pound rot can't do a pit will do.

a rottweiler bite is 328 and a pit bull is 235 do the math and all so the second fator is pit bull are alot small and lighter then a rottie yes they are powerful dogs but rottie are alot more powerful

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What is bull dogged determination?

A "bulldogged determination" refers to one who is adamant about something; it has to deal with the tenacious, often stubborn, dog breed known as the bulldog. There is also a book by this title, written by Rick Gettle.

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Should dogs drink milk?

Depends on your dog. Once a dog is past the puppy stage and finished feeding from it's mother or bottle fed, then milk can be eliminated from the dogs diet. Milk can cause diarrhea in many adult dogs because as the puppy grows into adulthood it looses some of it's ability to digest lactose. How much ability is lost depends on the dog. To see if or how much your dog can tolerate, give the dog milk in small quantities. Once you see your dog can't tolerate a certain quantity, back down on the amount or a better solution is to give the dog lactose free milk in place of regular milk.

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Are pit bulls stronger than humans?

A weak human? Yes. A 6ft 200lb moderately athletic male? No.

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What happen if you dont crop a pitbull dogs ears?

they look more adorable and don't get recognized as a pitty right away from my experience. tails r a different story, mine chases his a lot and has worn the hair off the last inch of it, if i could do it over i still wouldn't crop ears but may very well take a bit of tail off! just joking

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What is a bull of excommunication?

AnswerA bull of excommunication or papal bull, is an official notice from the church authorities or the pope which notifies the recipient of their excommunication from the church. It is given to people who the church see as a threat or a cause of disruption to the current system. These people lose their credibility where the local populace is strongly religious as a result of excommunication. The bull is delieved by a legate or messenger to the person in question notifying them of the churches decision and giving them an ultimatum in which to recant and apologise to the church authorities. The excommunication prevents the person from any religious sanctity, which means that when they die, they won't go to heaven. MoreExcommunication was particularly important when it came to kings and other people in authority. When a king was excommunicated, the people who swore loyalty to him were freed of that oath, other kings were often given licence to invade, and anyone who supported the excommunicated king was also excommunicated. As a political move, it was something a king wanted very much to avoid, unless he was pretty sure of where he stood. It was not possible for kings to stand up to such a thing until after the Middle Ages. Two monarchs who were excommunicated, much to their disadvantage, were King John of England, and Emperor Henry IV of the Holy Roman Empire.

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What age do your feet stop growing?

Your feet never stop growing, they carry on even after your dead. So does your hair, nose and ears.

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What do you do when your dog is molting and getting hair everywhere?

You should give it a long bath brush it and do it until the end of the week.Once you do so make sure that its got most of the molting hair off if your dog keeps shedding then take to a professional groomer than if your dog keeps shedding then don't take it to seriously just get as much hair as you can off.

You could also brush it with a brush that could hold alot of hair. I had a German Shepard and it left white fur all over the place, so I vacuumed frequently but not too frequently.

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Why do pit bulls have spots?

A trait most seen in the white parts of the pit bull.

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Can Kenton county Kentucky have pit bulls?

Kenton county approved an ordinance 25 years ago.

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What is a name for a colby red nose pitbull?

A Colby is a John Colby pit bull from the late 1800's early 1900's old family red nose pits from Ireland.

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Can pitbull dogs have Vicodin?

That is a bad call since it has acetaminophen in it which is fatal for dogs.

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Can a american pitbull terrier have spots?

good bloodlines have spots in the skin.

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Are pitbulls allowed in New Jersey?

Sen. Sharpe James has once again introduced his annual version of the Responsible Pit Bull Ownership Licensing Act (S801). Nearly identical legislation was introduced and soundly defeated in two previous sessions. S801 would allow a municipality to:

Require a special license for all "pit bulls" ($150-700)-including "American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers and any dog determined to be a pit bull type." Licenses may be denied to anyone who has been convicted of a criminal offense or animal cruelty, as well as anyone who lives with someone convicted of those crimes.

Require anyone who owns a dog to prove that it ISN'T a pit bull (municipality will visually inspect the dog to determine whether it is a pit bull). Very few municipalities have staff with any breed identification knowledge or experience.

Require confinement in a permanent enclosure (including a secure pen AND a 6-ft. fence).

Require pit bulls to be muzzled when off owner's property and leashed (3-feet long or less). Also, the leash must be approved by an animal control officer.

Send an animal control officer to inspect the enclosure and the licensee's property at least monthly.

Require liability insurance for owners.

Violators are subject to fine up to $1000/day.

Seized dogs will be placed in no-kill shelter until properly adopted or until the dog dies of natural causes.

S801 is bureaucratic, costly to enforce, and does little to protect the public from dangerous dogs. Please let New Jersey legislators know that communities are best kept safe when laws address all irresponsible owners, not just those who own a particular breed.

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What are all the American pit bull bloodlines?

Actually, "Gotti" and "RazorsEdge" are NOT pitbulls. They are bloodlines of the common mutt called the "American Bully", which are just dogs that might have pitbull IN THEM, but they are not pitbulls, and are passed off as pitbulls because they have massive heads and chests. They are mixed with a variety of other "bully breeds" (i.e. English bulldogs, olde English bulldogges, American bulldogs, etc.) The truth is that they are really mutts bred for their head and chest size. These dogs look nothing like the TRUE pitbulls and are just an insult to the breed.

Bloodlines denote the ancestry of pit bulls. For instance, as humans, we may refer to the Kennedy's or Rockefellers' as we discuss famous individuals. This is the same with pit bulls. Because of previous sports of the line (and we all know that there is much press about the sport), winners offspring were thought to possess some of the same "gameness" as their sire and dam. Therefore their offspring were a part of their bloodline. Two great bloodlines would surely produce a guaranteed winner. In later years, the sport changed to competing in weight pulling and jumping which also created champions. Thus their offspring would also bear their name in the form of a bloodline.

Razor Edge







Six Bits



Frisco (Chinaman)


Red Boy






Bullyson (Hall)

Mayfield (Tudor)





Old Family

Gambler's Virgil

Patricks (Bolio/Tombstone)

Alligator (Rufus)






Two Eyes (Fat Bill)






Homer (Mountain Man)

Ironline (Norrod)







Iron Kid

Red Devil




Skull This is not an exclusive list of the bloodlines. To my knowledge there is no detailed list of the bloodlines as it entails giving credence to the "blood sport" that created most of the bloodlines in the first place. The more famous the bloodline, the higher the cost to acquire an offspring. Thanks to the previous author of this question for the initial list and getting the conversation started.

my favorite line is the colby even dough I admire all. Dr.Q

you guys are also leaving out alot of the blue bloodlines such as razors edge, greyline, gotti,og greyline, gaff,goodfella,watchdog, also red nosed lines rufian and camelot

don't forget the Dozier blood line or the blue diamond line

^Actually to add to the person above who does not what they are talking about. The American bully is a cross between an American Pit Bull Terrier and An American Stafordshire . Which if you do the research are actually the same dog bred for a different appearance and use. When the AKC would not let the American Pit Bull Terrier register, the owners changed the name to the American staffordshire dropping the name of Pit Bull which carried a negative conotation. They are not however bred to any other breed which is commonly thought by some uneducated people. I have one question for whoever posted the comment above. If the American Bully is such a mutt how can it be registered by the United Kennel Club?

^How can you "cross" what's "actually the same dog"? It's not a "cross" unless it's two different breed of dogs. I think he's partially right though in that they were crossed; but they are NOT the same dog. In fact there are many people breeding Bordeau, Mastiff and other heavier dogs with bull dogs of every kind including the ABPT to make these bully breed "pit bulls". The original TRUE pit bull was a medium sized dog between 30-60lbs, slender, with good muscle tone and without the huge heads. They were light, fast, athletic fighters. No disrespect to what they've done though, evolution is a good thing, I like SOME of the new bully pits (if they can be called such), they look good except for the hulky, pot belly pig looking ones, or the low block headed bow legged English bull dog looking ones! Some of them are just nasty, grimlin looking rinkle faced mutts! "Rio's Pit Bull Kingdom" is one of the best examples of what a TRUE pit bull dog looks like (or what's left of them).

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