Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow is Disney’s 2D fairy meet-and-greet browser game targeted at girl audience. It is a fun, creative and safe online game, which allows girls to create a fairy and explore a magical world.

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You would like cheat codes for sparrow boys in pixie hollow. Do they exist?

Style is the only wardrobe code that works for Sparrow Men, but ingredient codes & storage item codes work for them too:




Revelry: 50 maple leaves

Rose: 5 lily petals

Lily: 5 lily petals

Daisy: 5 lily petals

Ivy: 5 lily petals

Acorn: 5 lily petals

Twig: 5 lily petals

Leaf: 5 lily petals

How do you train your animal on pixie hollow?

When you fly into pixie hollow, click on your profile, then on the animal tab.

Click on the sun

How do you get your hair long on pixie hollow?

You use to get it for free when you create a fairy, but now, you have to buy it with diamonds or membership. To buy it, go to Schelly's Shears. For a new hair front/ back is 2 diamonds. for a new hair color/highlights is 1 diamond.

How do you give gifts on pixie hollow?

The only way you can give gifts is buying something from the post office, & in return you get it also.

What are the quests you can get on pixie hollow?

There are many, many different quests to do. Whether or not you could do them depended on your talent, however these quests have been removed. If you're a member, all the quests are unlocked. Non members only get one from each fairy, and cannot do the seasonal quests.

Story Quests Are quests that follow in a series of steps, and usually are never removed. It doesn't matter what talent you are; you can do them from any of the mentors (Tinkerbell, Fawn, Rosetta, Silvermist, Iridessa) but to do most of them you need to be a member. You'll never know what you will have to do in these quests- from tailoring to ingredient-gathering to playing games- or what reward you'll get for doing the quest. They are basically just fun quests to do if you want some cool new stuff or someything to do.

Skill Quests Are quests that a used to be available. They helped you earn or practice new wilderness skills. You had to be a member to do them. You could only do skill quests from your own mentor (for example, if you were a Water talent, you'd have to do them from Silvermist.) They would let you learn skills which you will use in the wilderness. Skills, and sometimes cookies, were the only things you'd win in these quests.

Trade Quests used to be quests that you gave any mentor fairy ingredients for, and then you could pick from about two selections which ingredients you want in return. But now these quests award you a mentor fairy's signature dye, such as Iridessa Yellow or Seashell Blue. You don't only gather ingredients to get them- you also do things like play games.

Seasonal Quests They don't really have a name, but I'll just call them seasonal quests. They are always members-only, and you can only do them for a certain amount of time, during a season or holiday. Usually your award will be a badge for that season/holiday, for example, if you did Fawn's Fairy Feast quest in 2010, you got the 2010 Fairy Feast Badge.

How do you sit on pixie hollow?

You go on the Chat Bar where you type your messages and there on the left hand side is an little icon of a beautiful pixie sitting down and you click that and you instantly sit at the place that you are at. Then when you are sitting if you click that button again then you get up and can start flying or you just click the screen on to the area that you want to fly to if you want to begin flying.

How do you get Tink points?

By playing the disney fairies clickables game. You can buy it online, at ebay & amazon. By earning tink points you get to choose a butterfly to fly with you for a few days, & 3 badges.

However disney stopped using clickables. If you do buy a game, make sure that you have the clickables program downloaded onto your computer first, or you wont be able to redeem your points.

Is there any cheat codes for pixie hollow party?

There are no cheat codes to have a party on pixie hollow, nor have there ever been.

What is pixie hollow?

Pixie Hollow is a fun games for all ages, Even you can create your own Fairy and Become A Member too! Don't forget, you can buy Diamonds too!

Fly With you!

Can Indian's get membership in pixie hollow?

Yes. But cards are not sold in their area, so you'd have to pay for a monthly fee with a credit card.

What does the invisible silly sweet do to you in pixie hollow?

The Invisible Silly Sweet allows to become invisible for a while! Only your clothes will appear...

How do you sell things on pixie hollow?

You can not unfortunately. You may donate them though. To do this go to your Leaf Journal, to what you want to done (wardrobe or storage) and drag it to the bin at the top right corner.

When does Selena gomez get on Pixie Hollow?

Selena Gomez is famous, so therefore she probably doesn't even play.

How do you delete a fairy on create a fairy pixie hollow . com?

You can not delete fairies anymore, as it is not permitted.

How do you get unbanned on pixie hollow?

If you are banned for a few days you must wait until the time limit has been passes to go back on your fairy. If there is no waiting period you have been banned forever, and there is no way to get that account back.

What is in the new store in pixie hollow?

One of the newest stores is in the new Frost Forest. It is a sweets store, much like Harmony's.

How do you get a free pixie hollow membership?

Unless you win one of the contests, there is no way to get a free membership, other than Pixie Passes or other promotional codes located in Disney movies and products (mostly Disney Fairies).

What are light fairy games in pixie hollow?

The light talent games are Firefly Light-Up and Sunbeam Bend. Gem Juggle is also run by Iridessa, but has no relation to light-talent work whatsoever.

How do you get clothes for your pet in pixie hollow?

Your pet will bring it to you in a gift. You must be in a meadow.

Where is the tearoom in pixiehollow?

First go to Havendish Square, Then when you fly north, you'll see a room for the "tea room" then you just click to go in.

How do you do kit's friend quest in pixie hollow?

When you do Kit's quests, they are offline. Since the game was designed for children, they have nature things. Kit might say, "When you go offline today, go whisper to a tree! They are good secret keepers. Be sure to bring a Adult with you before you go outside." You dont have to do it. You just have to wait a day.

Where do you get the key to the ice palace in pixie hollow?

You have to be a member. If you are, then you go to Silvermist's Grotto and do a Winter quest for her. She will give you the key as a reward to one f the quests. If your not a member then you are not permitted to have access to this special event.