Plymouth Valiant

The Plymouth Valiant was a compact rear-wheel drive automobile built by Chrysler Corporation in the United States from 1960 to 1976. It was considered as β€œone of the best all-around domestic cars” by the Road & Track magazine.

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Can the VIN number tell you what size engine is in a car?

Yes. You just need to know where in the VIN number the engine code is located.

most of the time it is the eighth digit in from the left of your VIN number. you can call a dealer or parts store like CARQUEST and they should be able to tell tou what engine size you have. Techboy23

(applies if its 1981 and newer.)

How much is a 1968 Plymouth valiant 4 door worth?

4 doors aren't in great demand, it's whatever you can get out of it.

Will 1973 Dodge Dart front fenders fit a 1967?

no 73 fenders are different you can use 68 or 69 fenders but there is a small difference in 67 there was no park light is 68 there was a round one up near the body line and in 69 there was a light near the front bottom that was the only difference to use a 68 or 69 fender all you have to do is fill in the light holes

I had a 1969 Dart (2 DR HT) and replaced the left front fender with one from a 1967 (?, 2 DR GT). Besides the side light mentioned, the front surface where the headlight brackets attach was further forward. I beat the surface back with a sledgehammer and drilled holes for my headlight brackets. With the front bezel on it looked fine and the external sheet metal was the same.

73, No. 67-72 are the same as far as mounting. But 70+ had a different front end.

What causes the ballast resistor on 1972 Plymouth to get hot?

the ballast resistor is designed to turn unwanted current into heat high temperatures are normal.

Is it true that only 300 1965 Plymouth Valiants were manufactured with a V8 instead of a slant 6 engine?

well my info only went to 1966 but for that year they built 7,633 valiants with the 273 motor in 2 and 4 bbl versions . that would be quite a jump in production for one year not to mention the barracuda shared the same platform as the valiant and they had the 273 in it since 1964.

How do you replace a couple of bulbs in a 1967 Plymouth Valiant without removing the entire instrument panel?

this may sound a bit crazy but you can usually reach the dash bulbs if you can get somewhat upside down in the seat so your basically resting your head against the break pedal looking up into the the backside of the dash, not very comfortable, but if you can reach them from that position you can turn them about a half a turn and they should come right out.

You have a 1972 Plymouth Valiant that has been stored for the past 2 years What should you do to the gas before starting it?


Draining all fuel, changing the fuel filter, getting a quality fuel additive (for your fresh tank of gas) and changing the spark plugs would be the simplest, most cost effective and time saving method of being sure bad gas won't cause you any problems.

How do you wire a tachometer to a coil?

You don't have to connect it to the coil.Under the driver's seat, they is a single slot which is used for timing by the mechanic, you can just connect it to it. As for power for the light, just go under the dash and spilt connect to one of the live wires.See link below at the picture section;

What would make a 1972 Valiant not start?

There are only three possibilities: Compression, fuel delivery or spark. If all three exist and are properly adjusted, the engine will run. Your first challange is to figure out WHICH part isn't working properly. Fuel is the easiest to check. Use starting fluid to see if you can get the engine to run briefly. Once you rule out the fuel, check the spark. Is there a spark when you crank the engine? Pull one of the spark plug wires and connect it to a spare sparkplug. Lay the sparkplug on a solid metal surface and have someone try to start the engine while you watch the plug. You should see AND HEAR a bright spark while the starter is engaged. Chrysler Corporation vehicles of that year were unique in that they had an "open air" resistor that mounted on the firewall. The resistor was only used after the engine was started. If your vehicle starts then dies as soon as you let off the starter, it's probably that resistor. If it just won't start, that's probably not the problem.

Will a 1967-69 dart fender fit a 1968 valiant?

With different fender contours it would not be an exact fit

What is a good sentence for valiant?

The military advance was courageous, all the infantry made a valiant effort

Will 1969 dodge dart fenders fit a 1973?

Yes. You will need the hood, grill, bumper also. 1967 to 1076 had many parts that

interchange. I have seen late 70's with 60's front clips on them. My 70 Dart has a 72 front clip on it from a demon, looks good too.

So the answer is NO then