Pokemon Stadium

Pokémon Stadium is a series of Pokémon games available for the Nintendo 64, which allows players to import Pokémon from a Game Boy, and then pit their Pokémon in tournaments against various different gym leaders and champions in order win to cups. Also included is a Free Battle mode, where a player can battle their friends using imported or rented Pokémon.

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What is the setup password of Pokemon Stadium 2 DVD game?

you don't have to type anything in the passwor box, just click next.

How do you get Rayquaza on Pokemon Stadium 2?

You are either not keeping up with Pokemon games or you're stuck in a time warp. There was no data of Rayquaza in Pokemon Stadium 2. But If you mean Battle Revolution, then you need to transfer Rayquaza to your DS via a catridge transfer. Upload the data onto Battle Revolution and Rayquaza is at your will.

Can you trade from Pokemon crystal to Pokemon Stadium or stadium 2 thanks?

You require an N64 controller that can have the GBC games put into them. They don't sell them anymore (they haven't for AAAAAAAAGES) but you might find one on Ebay.

How do you unlock mew two on Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64?

You have to complete all 4 cups and Gym Leader Castle to unlock Round 2 mode and get Mew and Mewtwo.

Can you play Pokemon Stadium online?

No, you can't. However, you can play Pokémon Battle Revolution online (as in WI-FI). Also, you can download a simulator rom and download the game hack.

How do you download Pokemon Stadium 2 for PC?

I got it from free ROMs. Search them up. But when I played it it won't work for my Project 64 for some reason.

What legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon Stadium?

Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, and Mewtwo are the only ones you can catch "in-game".

How do you start a game in Pokemon Stadium 2 N64?

When you turn it on choose White city and you will appear on a screen with lots of stuff use the Control stick to move to Stadium or Oaks lab or Gameboy tower or minigames or free battle or gym leader castle or Rivals cave(only after beating all the stadium tournaments on all levels) Press A on free battle or minigames or gymleader castle then choose your settings 1p vs com where example in free battle, Play a minigame press A on this then Press A or start to come in then ok your settings then press A on a minigame read the directions then press Start to start the minigame, in gym leader castle choose a leader then press A on them then press A on rental Pokemon and choose 6 Pokemon ok your settings and your ready to battle! For the Game boy tower you need a N64 transfer pak inserted in your controller and a gameboy Pokemon game like RED or Blue or even Silver and gold Crystal works too. When your all set up turn on your game and choose GB tower now choose your game and you can play your GB game on your TV!

What is a good Pokemon team for Pokemon Stadium for n64?

depends who you are up agenist, but i know that farrow is good becase he knows drill peck me and my cousin beat the whole game using him:)

What 6 Pokemon should I use to beat the elite four in Pokemon Stadium 2 except Corsola?

if you ar using rentals choose a well balanced tem. dewgong, alakazam,,electrabuzz,a Pokemon that knows earthquake,machamp and umbreon

Can you clone on Pokemon Stadium 2?

No you cannot clone because once you earn a pokemon, you can use it as much as you want so there is no use of cloning anyways.

How do you pick a Pokemon in Pokemon Stadium?

First you must select the Gym Leader Castle, Stadium or Free Battle Mode. Second you must press A on Rental Pokemon the list of 149 pokemon will appear all you need to do is scroll down to any pokemon you want press A on it then press A on YES to register the pokemon depending on what stadium rule is in play you can choose up to six pokemon or even only one then compete against all six or three.

How do you unlock Lugia on Pokemon Stadium 2?

You must use a transfer pak and use a gold or silver or crystals lugia to use it on Pokemon stadium 2.