Pole Vault

Pole Vault is a running jump with the aid of a pole. The pole is to lunge you of the ground so you can gain height in an attempt to clear the bar.

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How do pole vaults break?

pole vaulting poles can break but its how it breaks that truly shows if the pole was used effectively or ineffectively

1. poles will break if a persons using the pole weighs much heavier than the weight designated on the pole and applies to much stress or improper stress

2. pole vaulters should use a pole at or around their weight and never under their weight.

3. poles that were used properly but are broken, tend to break in two pieces.

4. if a pole snaps in more than two pieces, that pole would have most likely been under the weight of the athlete and or been used improperly by the athlete.

5. play it safe and use a pole that is designated for your weight and use proper techniques when bending the pole and vaulting into the pit

6. another way to insure proper pole usage is to make sure pole is not dented or fractured in any places... poles may break due to pre-existing wear and tear... CHECK ALL POLES BEFORE PRACTICE AND USE!!!

What is the maximum pole vault height?

The world record is 6.15 meters indoors and 6.14 meters outdoor held by Sergei Bubka

What are the 5 basic skills in pole vault?

Speed -Strength -Flexibility- Body Awareness-how crazy are you

Standard plan of long jump and triple jump?

to jump the furthest??? :P not a very good question to understand what you want to know.

Why is pole used in pole vaulter?

With the possible exception of Superman who can leap tall buildings in a single bound, athletes can't quite top the nine foot mark without the pole.

What are the physical requirements for pole vaulting?

You will need strength, speed, athletic ability, body control, and a willingness to vault yourself over a bar. A gymnastics or trampoline background is always helpful to have in pole vaulting.

Do you have to be strong to pole vault?

my track coach only made us do 2 pull ups to try out for pole vault. you don't need a lot of upper arm strength because your arms will get stronger after you practice. my friend can hardly do 1 pull up and she is currently getting over the 6 foot Mark. it is mostly all about the technique you use.

What is the world record for the pole vault?

Through the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, the men's world record for the pole vault is held by Sergei Bubka of Ukraine with a vault of 6.14 meters (20 feet 1 3/4 inches). The women's world record is held by Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia with a vault of 5.05 meters (16 feet 6 3/4 inches).

What is the history of polevaulting?

Click on the 'History of Pole Vaulting' link on this page to read about the history of pole vaulting.

How long is a pole vault raceway?

Its typically 3-8 strides of the vaulter, depending on the rate the vaulter accelerates down the "runway"

How has technology improved in pole vaulting?

The biggest improvements in pole vaulting technology have been in the pole itself. New materials allow the poles to be longer, lighter, stronger, and more flexible. This allows vaulters to go run faster, go higher, and reduces the chances of pole breakage making the dangerous sport at least a little bit safer.

Circumference Of pole vault pole?

It depends on the weight limit and length of the pole.

What is the men's world record for pole vault?

recently ..SERGY BUBKA (ukrain ) 6.15 record was broken by ARMAND DUPLANTIS (swedan) with the performance of 6.18 mts on 15 feb 2020 at glasgow,england happedned after 26 years record of sergy bubka

What is a pole vault?

pole vault is a track amd feild sport in witch a vaulter runs down a runway with a fiberglass pole, puts the end into a small metal box, jumps and attempts to get over a bar set at a certan height

What is a pole vault pole made out of?

Pole Vault Poles used to made out of materials such as wood, metal and bamboo. Pole Vault Poles are now made out of bendable materials such as Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber

Who won the 2008 women's olympic gold medal vault?

That was Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia with a world record vault of 5.05 meters (16 feet, 6 and 4/5 inches).

Who holds the world record in pole vault?

The men's world record held since Februrary 15th 2014 by the french Renaud Lavilenie at 6.16 metres (20 ft 2 1⁄2 in) who beated the 21 years old world record which was held by Sergei Bubka of Ukraine with a vault of 6.14 meters (20 feet 1 3/4 inches). The women's world record is held by Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia with a vault of 5.06 meters (16 feet 7 1/4 inches).

What holds the pole-vault stick on the ground?

There is nothing that actually holds it in the ground. But there is a 'box' that the pole is planted into, this is like a hole where the pole slides into and stops.

Box: A trapezoidal indentation in the ground with a metal or fiberglass covering at the end of the runway in which vaulters "plant" their pole. The back wall of the box is nearly vertical and is approximately 8 inches in depth. The bottom of the box gradually slopes upward approximately 3-feet until it is level with the runway. The covering in the box ensures the pole will slide to the back of the box without catching on anything. The covering's lip overlaps onto the runway and ensures a smooth transition from all-weather surface so a pole being planted does not catch on the box.