Pomo Indians

The Pomo tribe originated in California, divided into three regions, the coast, the valley, and the lake regions of northern, central and southern California. There are seventy known tribes within the Pomo group.

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What weapons did the pomo tribe use?

They used bows, deer antlers, and bear claws.

How did pomos hunt?

they hunted very quiet and sneaky

What kinds of clothes did the Cherokee tribe wear?

Animal Furs


Cherokee men wore a sort of leather diaper with leggings in the summer, while the women wore dresses made from deerskin or a cloth made from animal hair. In later times the men wore a wrapped turban on their head, and adopted the ribbon shirt. Cherokee men wore chaps and breech cloths in the summer, usually along with a leather shirt, while the women wore dresses made from deerskin or a cloth made from animal hair.

In winter time, they would wear animal furs.

In later times, those in the Western tribe adopted the ribbon shirt.

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What are pomo Indians food?

acorns salmon nuts small game of rabbits

How did the Pomo peoples travel?

They wove tule reeds into boats for water travel and fishing. See link:

What type of shelter did the Pomo Indian have?

The Pomo people are indigenous to California. These fishers/hunters/gatherers lived in dome homes which were round, conical structures made from poles and thatching. The actual material and structure depended on the materials available in the specific area of need.

Where do Pomo Indians live?

The Pomo people are a linguistic branch of Native American people of Northern California. They live on the Pacific Coast in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area between Cleone and Duncan's Point, and inland to Clear Lake. A separate group speaking a language of the same family, called the Northeastern Pomo, also lived near Stonyford.

What does the pomo indian tribe eat?

They eat acorns,salmon,abalone,musels,berries,sealions,bulb plants,deer and rabbits.

How did Sioux Indians obtain their food?

The Souix, since they lived in the prarie, often hunted buffalo for food. They had many mechanisms for trapping and killing the buffalo, and then would use every last bit apart from the heart which they leaft is the same spot they killed it.

They also grew vegetables.

What did the pomo Indian women and men wear?

men wore cloths that were just like underwear and women wore skirts from their waists to their ankles and cloaks that covered their entire upper body(not their faces ) children wore little or no clothing

The Pomo were part of which Indian Culture?

The Pomo Indians were part of the California Indian culture. They lived in a small group called "bands" that were linked by marriage, geography and lineage.

What roles do men and women have in the Pomo Indian tribe?

The girl pomo indians did cleaning and decorating and the men did the hunting and fishing.

What languages were spoken by Pomo Indians?

The Pomoan languages are a small family of Native Californian languages spoken by the Pomo people who formerly occupied the valley of the Russian River and the Clear Lake basin.

The pomoan languages are theorized to be part of the Hokan family of languages.

The Pomoan languages are spoken by only a handful of elderly people. Northern Pomo and Northeastern Pomo are without known speakers and presumed to be extinct.

Today the Pomo speak English.

What type of clothing pomo Indians wore?

I am Pomo so I actually know what I'm saying- Pomos don't wear much clothes. When they'd wear clothes the women wore aprons/skirts made of buckskin, they also wore capes/blankets made of buckskin; then man didn't wear anything unless it was winter, then they'd wear clothes made of buckskin too.

What American Indian tribe is the most fierce?

the apache The apache were known to be fierce but they were by no means the only ones. The Cheyenne were known as the "Fighting Cheyenne". The Pequots were known for their warrior skills. etc. etc.

Who are the most famous people from the Pomo tribe?

Tillie Hardwick seems to be the most famous of the Pomo. She challenged an act of Congress in 1979 and won. More information at related links below.

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How were the pomo tribe homes arranged?

it depends on which band of pomo Indian group you are referring to.... there are eleven separate bands.

How did Indians store food?

They dried the meat in the sun, so the meat would last longer. They stored vegetables under ground to keep them from spoiling.