Pony Express

The Pony Express was a mail delivery service. It used horses and riders that would relay mail to and from set stations.

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How was the pony express able to move letters across the country so quickly?

The pony express was able to move letters across the country so quickly because, if you guys know this answer please write it down.THANK U

What impact did the pony express have?

It wasn't overnight delivery, but it was fast. Ten days fron St. Joseph to San Francisco was like instant messaging compared to the normal six week journey for a letter.

What pony in the pony express was famous?

Actually, there were no ponies in the Pony Express, just horses...

When did the Pony Express begin?

The Pony Express was a fast mail service crossing the North American continent from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California from 3 April 1860 until October 1861.

The Pony Express started in April 1860 and operated until October 1861 in St Joseph MO to Sacramento CA. People in the eastern US needed a fast way to send letters to people in the west.

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"So Long - farewell, Northern expression imported into Britain by soldiers serving in Malayan-speaking countries. Malayan salutation, Salang, a corruption of Arabic Salaam=peace."

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What was the Salary for a Pony Express rider?

Riders received $25 dollars per week at a time when unskilled labor was paid $1 per week. Imagine working two weeks and getting paid for a year of work.

What horse breeds were used by the us cavalry?

Mustangs, and draft horses,

The American saddlebred was greatly loved by the calvary as well as the American Morgan

What breeds of horses were used in the Pony Express?

I was always told the Missouri Foxtrotter was the primary horse used for the Pony Express?

Why did the Pony express end?

The invention and creation of the telegraph made a faster and cheaper method to send information across the nation, The Pony Express ended because of an advance in technology.

Who invented the pony express?

The Pony Express was started by William H. Russell, Alexander Majors, and William B. Waddell, who were all important men in the shipping and freight business.

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When was the Pony Express invented?

The pony express was first started in 1860 (middle of the year) and closed in 1861 when the the telegraph was invented.

What did the Pony Express connect?

It provided seven-day mail service between St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California

What was the pay for the pony express?

I actually don't think that people got paid in the pony express!

What state did they start the pony express?

The Pony Express ran from St. Joseph, Missouri to San Francisco, California.

What states were linked by the pony express?

The Pony Express linked Missouri to California and went through the states of Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska along the way.